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  1. Well, i see several things. First, the Russian tank was hull down, only turret visible. Second, the Panther was buttoned, so I suppose visibility was somewhat limited. Plus, there were trees in the middle of the LOS (only trunks are visible in the video), so that could have hindered the visibility. And, like Michael said, shock maybe?
  2. I am playing a pbem match, and on several occasions i observed that it is really hard for Russian T-34-85s to penetrate Panther armor. In the video you will see how T-34-85 hits Panther four times at a range of 400m, but never penetrates Panther's hull. I don't know much about armor penetration, so i thought maybe somebody will provide good insight, if Panther is really that hard to penetrate at such short range.
  3. You can mod demo by adding custom textures and sounds. However, you cannot add scenarios.
  4. i have zipped files that i found in the skybox/mountain folder within "Version 100.brz" file of CMSF installation. Here is the link. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ikfvzarahsjeoht/CMSF skybox mountains.zip?dl=0 If you were looking for some other files, please let me know.
  5. delete (or rename) intro.wmv file in the folder <CM Game Install Dir>/Data
  6. dragonwynn, add me to the recipient list too. thank you in advance
  7. Sorry, Steve, my intentions were not to insult you. You guys are doing a great job, no question. I enjoy your products immensely. I just wanted to say that optimizations could be done, but i also admit that it's time consuming.
  8. Fantastic example. Just remove motion blur effect. The difference in fps is very noticeable.
  9. In the provided example you might not notice big difference, however if the bouncing was much much faster, you would definitely notice a difference. Another example, if you tried to record a fast motion (in example, the motion of legs while moving on a running trainer) with your GoPro @ 30 fps and @120fps, and then would like to see clips in slow motion, you would see, that the recording @30 fps is very choppy, missing smoothness.
  10. I think this saying, that eye can not notice anything over about 30fps, came from movies industry. However, computer animation can not be compared to the way movies work (at least old ones), which had a collection of static images and you had to change them at around 30fps so that human eye does not notice the change in frame (the "blinking" effect is gone). In the computer animation, the higher the fps, the more fluid the animation is. Just a simple example. Imagine, that in a game a camera (an imaginary camera, through which the scene is rendered) is turning right. In one second (world time
  11. I like a lot this idea. The export/import could be done to/from simple XML file.
  12. The kills that the unit/vehicle incurred to the enemy could be seen a the end of any scenario. When you see AAR screen, press the button Review Map (or something like that) and then select any of your units. at the bottom left you will see a transparent window, which will list all kills for the selected unit.
  13. Dude, you sound like Wiggum. Wouldn't be surprised he is back, only under different name
  14. Fantastic news, Chris. Looking forward to new product releases. Merry Christmas to all BFC team
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