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  1. Speaking as a long time lurker who never posts....(ooops. Dang). I’m sure there are many people around the world that play CM games and never post on here, and would love to see this game grow. And what better way for it to grow than to go the steam route. I love the fact that I can access all my steam content (and play) on any computer that I sign into steam with. I am also perfectly happy going the stand alone battlefront route, I just wish that this game could continue to grow. The updates and new content seem a tad slow in coming, and a huge expansion of the customer base could chan
  2. I Just recently discovered your work. I'm in the middle of the "Mountains of Allah Campaign" and loving it.

    I thought ( last couple of years) that the scenario depot was the only place to find new content. And now I find all of your content in the MODs forms.  I just gotta say..Great work!!  I started reading all your past posts so I saw your request to Bootie to upload.  I would love to see all your work In one place.  Keep It up my friend!!



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    2. Daveoreno


      I have all Combat Mission games and addon’s except Italy and shock force (so far).

      Just a quick question. I just started the forth mission in the Mountains of Allah Campaign (Assault on Haya-Yurt) and I don’t see an asset that can call in the Hind Gunship strikes.  Perhaps a dedicated FO is necessary. Or perhaps I’m not playing the most recent version.  Anyway I really love the immersion I get from your modded campaigns.

    3. dragonwynn


      I will check on that. I thought I had that in on the latest version but may be mistaken. Glad you are enjoying it. I have quite a few campaigns for Red Thunder and Normandy so not surte which ones you have played. Let me know what you have played and I will send you the links of the others.

    4. Daveoreno


      Thank you so much. But by reading all your posts over the years I think I have tracked  everything down. I just wish my wife would tell me to spend more time on my PC ; )


  3. Okay..... strange, I can't explain why it's working that way now. Thanks again.
  4. Found the problem. And I'm sorry to have to say that my one and only post after years of CM is an instance of PEBKC (problem exists between keyboard and chair). I realized after a reinstalling that its alt capital "Z" not lower case "z" for comm lines. My only excuse is that I had not played for a few months and I'm too damn old! Sorry Buy the way I thought that the WW2 titles rocked, and avoided Black Sea for a long time. But once I got a taste for modern battle I am very impressed. Brilliant, Brilliant truly Brilliant. Hope the title gets expanded / updated some day.
  5. Just wondered if anyone ever experienced this. Never had any issues before but suddenly the other day something happened that makes it so that the "alt z" command no longer does anything. My comm lines are visible but I can no longer seem to turn them off with "alt z". I was having some issues with my PC recently but I'm not sure how this can be related. I guess if I needed to I could reinstall my game. Not really too concerned as I usually leave com lines on a lot of the time. I'm just puzzled.
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