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  1. There is such a thing as a brilliant docudrama? A man in a grey suit and tie (maybe a blackboard and some chalk too if extravagance is needed and there are ladies present) is all that we need to understand historical events. Aunty? The password for Britishers in a foreign land. Out the window baboo.
  2. Winter War from 1989 (or Talvisota) was also originally a series cut into a film. Wish I could get my hands on the original series (with English subtitles) as the film is excellent. The US version was fairly heavily cut. I have a 3 hour version but the series was 4 hour 20 minutes (I think!).
  3. @sburke That's exactly what I did wrong. Thanks for your help. CMBN at v.4.01! Hurrah!
  4. What engine version should I be seeing on the menu screen? 4.01 after patch? Only installed patch for CMBN so far and engine version is still v4.00.
  5. I too was hit with a fraudulent transaction a few weeks after buying CMSF2. It was only $0.75, so obviously testing the card. Caught by the bank within minutes and card was cancelled. Again, probably a coincidence. The only thing of note is that I'm in the UK and the transaction was somewhere in the US.
  6. Perhaps a development diary, when things get interesting, might be something to consider rather than predictions of a release date.
  7. This looks great. I've installed ReShade no problem but unfortunately get a compiling error (C5109) on a large amount of the effects when loading on the main battlefront menu. I do get a handful of effects loading but not all of the effects in the shader folder. Any ideas how to fix this?
  8. And your anger management has come a long way since then Ollie.
  9. For CMRT you must reenter your base game code. It's a quirk specific to CMRT. I'll see what I can do about flagging this information for easier viewing. Steve The above worked for me. I've got CMBS and CMRT working now. CMBN continues to a be a problem. Activates okay but immediately get an APPCRASH error and the game crashes to desktop without progressing further.
  10. This film was bollocks! Not even close to the class of Das Boot.
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