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  1. The guy's logic for a 300% increase firepower is that now everyone can fire full auto, pretty silly statement.
  2. This link may be helpful. It is for M2TW but gives some good suggestions for which settings to tweak to obtain particular visual effects, which will also work for CM. Though it uses an older version of ReShade, most of it still applies.
  3. Would you argue the same thing about flight simulations, such as IL2, DCS, Steel Beasts etc? CM leans more towards being a simulation than others depicting tactical land combat on the same level. Sure, all of these are games and of course allowances, compromises and unrealistic elements are included and indeed necessary to make them more playable and enjoyable. But for some of us, the small details are an important, interesting and fun aspect. Witness passionate discussions on IL2 forums about topics like whether the German 20mm cannon shells are a bit underpowered, if the engine on the
  4. Greetings, I recommend everyone to take a look at this, to see how a good post-processor can improve the look of Combat Mission (and many other games): The link to ReShade: https://reshade.me/ Google 'reshade', there are many guides and tutorials available. Cheers
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