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  1. What's the best way to enter a building? In the training scenario I used the HUNT command to enter a building. 2 soldiers entered and immediately began engaging enemy infantry outside across the street. The rest of the soldiers stayed outside and never entered the building to engage the enemy. I waited a turn and still they did nothing. I finally have to use a MOVE command and the 2 soldiers who were engaging the enemy moved away from the windows stopped firing and turned around exposing their back while the other soldiers moved into the building.
  2. As I recall from a while back getting Norton to stop messing with Shock Force was not simple and even when you told it to exclude Shock Force .exe it wouldn't work and people were complaining to Norton about it. I just uninstalled it-it's free from my ISP and just used Defender that comes with Windows. Then I was able to play Shock Force. I've been playing the demo and I''m not sure, but it seems like the peek from behind corners has been implemented? I hid a infantry element behind a building and 1 of the grunts looked around a corner and shot some enemy soldiers.
  3. I own all and play lots of h2h. I'm by no means an expert, but from my observations any of the Modern era games Black Sea and Shock Force comes down to a simple fact. Anything that is seen can be killed and usually does get killed unless you move it fast. Period. The entire map is a killing zone. The WW2 stuff is lots of fun too. I find you can expose your units at long range and get away with it. This can vary depending on what you or your enemy is using. Things like vehicles and soldiers die very quickly in the modern titles. I also find that when things go downhill in the modern titles they go downhill very, very quickly-at least in h2h games.
  4. Dug up my old Shock Force files from back up drive and freeking Norton scans it and flags old Combat Mission files as Trojans! Doubly happy that the new SF2 doesn't have that issue. The old mods are working fine so that good. and yes the old scenarios are not working. I tried loading the old USMC Training range files and 3-10 to Yuma but they don't appear. The weapons carried by US Army soldiers looked a bit dark zoomed out. Zoomed in it looked good. May just be a setting on my PC though. Can't wait for the full release and the ability to load the already huge selection of stuff created is a big plus.
  5. Aside from mentioned glitches others have mentioned- So far so good for me. Runs great. Highly recommended SSD drive if you don’t already have one. Ill have to look into backup drives for mods to try in the Z drive. Is it possible to load old SF scenario into the demo until full game is released? Im on an Intel I7 CPU and 16 gigs of ram. I’m assuming if you get 32 or 64 gigs of RAM and running a 64 bit OS like Windows X this will use all available memory? This would make some of the humongous maps and battles run better I’m guessing. Some of the massive maps created for SF just wouldn’t work back then. But tbh I was on a less powerful machine and we still used non SSD hard drives and the graphics cards weren’t as powerful as today. No graphical issues on my widescreen so far. Does this support 4K? Man this is a far cry from the original Shock Force roll out. You did the right thing by taking your time AND NOT releasing too early even if there was pressure to meet the pre announced late September date. One other big notice...Norton AV doesn’t flag SF2 as a virus/malware. That was a huge PITA. This just installed and ran.
  6. I downloaded the SF2 Demo and playing the training mission. A hidden sniper in one of the building hits one of my soldiers. 2 squads pour fire on the snipers position. Then one of the soldiers fires a Javelin and blows the entire side of the facing second floor where the sniper fire was coming from. 4 or 5 Jihadis come rushing out the first floor scurrying to another building. Pretty cool to watch.
  7. Oh I can believe it. Anyway we’ve gone way OT Back to AC-130
  8. The Goldwater Defense Act of the 80's made some mandated changes to the DoD and the way the military operated. IMO it may be time for another revise. At a time when the US Navy is being challenged in the Pacific and Atlantic by China and Russia, it boggles my mind why we are operating US Navy carrier based assets and other highly expensive assets in Afghanistan which costs a fortune to operate dropping munitions on primitive insurgents when these assets could be operating in the Pacific and Atlantic and assisting an already overstretched navy operating at a high tempo. Mandate changes, allow and fund the US Army to operate armed fixed aircraft like the Textron Scorpion or a propeller attack aircraft like an updated OV-10 or Wolverine. Hold joint training exercises in the Nevada desert to work up the new units to deploy. I know it will never happen. Bureaucratic inertia is stronger than the sword.
  9. AC-130's carry quite a bit of ammo and can loiter, providing there isn't an AA threat. As mentioned I think it would greatly unbalance any battle they appear in. At this point you may as well add B1b or B-52s.. Speaking of air support. I always hear how the US Marine Corps has one of the largest air forces in the world and how they train specifically to support their troops on the ground. Is that in any way modeled in SF? I would think that the very tight integration and doctrinal emphasis on supporting fellow Marines on the battlefield has to bring some advantage. The US Army has rotary wing assets but from my understanding the US defense act that created the US Air Force has a clause that prohibits the Army from arming its fixed wing assets. Over the years many proposals have come about to take away the Marines air assets, but that has been strongly resisted. They seem to feel very strongly about this and believe its vital and brings with it distinct advantages.
  10. If SF2 misses the release date so what. I bought a game on Steam Victory at Sea Pacific. Game with tons of potential, but released too early. I'm not angry. I'll pay the $$$ and wait for them to fix it as it has tons of potential. I haven't play it much. Less than an hour. I'll wait for it to get fixed before diving in. I view it as crowdsource funding of a product I desire. These things take time. In the meantime there are plenty of other things to keep me occupied.
  11. Crazy stuff... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGAk5gRD-t0
  12. When I gave the specs-range and altitude I was putting that into the context of potential military use on the battlefield. As mentioned in the US there are restrictions placed. Other countries can vary, but you still have to be careful and know what the laws are as well as how they generally view them. Also the TSA can and does prohibit some drones on airplanes.
  13. Yes you have to register when you activate and the software that controls the drone warns you if your in a restricted area. If you're near an airport the software won't even let you fly the drone. Even though the ceiling is 16,000 feet my understanding on my local laws says no more than 400 feet. You must also keep the drone in your LOS at all times. You also have to respect no fly zones. There are apps you can download to your phone that tell you where you can fly and if you're in a no fly or restricted zone. I'm looking into getting FAA certified for drones. The smaller drones don't require FAA certification and pretty much plug and play. If you are interested in drones I would highly suggest you get the cheap ones at stores like Target and learn how to fly first. Even though the fancy ones come with all sorts of fancy features to help you fly, its best to know how to control your drone without all the fancy stuff cause you never know what can happen. Many chat rooms have frantic pleas for help...people have lost expensive drones that flew off. When asked what there level of experience is many say just beginning. Its hard to feel sorry for someone who lost a $1000 drone when they bought it and took it out immediately to try it out. Some people don't even bother to take the time to learn about their drone. There is the manual as well as YouTube where you can learn from more experienced operators. When I got my DJI it just sat doing nothing for a while till I got proficient in flying the cheap smaller ones. Even now I'm very cautious. Even though I'm very proficient with the smaller less expensive drones I'm very conservative. I used to fly gliders had things like tow ropes break on me. You don't screw around in the air.
  14. Don't know what the stuff being used in the field is like, but in the civilian sector the drone tech is rapidly expanding and moving forward. The Mavic Pro drone weighs 1.6 pounds. The removable batteries and remote are small and weigh next to nothing. The drone has folding propellers and easily fits into a cargo pocket. Flight time is 27 minutes under good conditions. 40 mph speed, 16,000 ceiling, 8 mile range. Video feed is up to 1080p and video recording is 4K. I can fit all I need into a small 9x7 inch case. That includes 2 batteries. Less than 5 pounds. Carry 4 batteries and you have over an hour flight time. I also have a tenergy universal smart charger that could easily recharge the 4 drone batteries that weights less than 1lb Some drones allow you to program in a flight path. It would not be difficult to add a port to the drone itself to be able to string out micro cable to control the drone. This would make it very difficult to jam or hack into. It wont be long before we see thermal imaging or something similar on civilian drone. Fully autonomous drones are already in existence and used for things like light shows.
  15. Just thinking about future expansions...or you can move this to Black Sea :)
  16. all of your points and concerns is 100% valid. Drones are hot "toys" these days. The demand is only going to grow. Maybe not be as pervasive as cell phones as there are gender differences to take into consideration, but then again it mostly males who fight. Look at what cell phones have been modified to do. Drones are a poor mans Luftwaffe
  17. Is there any plans to implement squad level tactical drones? I recently picked up a DJI drone and I'm blown away. HD camera that is gimble mounted. Stabilization, auto hover and other features. You can link to your smartphone, tablet or VR goggles. You can even control it with your hands and program it to follow you and do other things. The military already uses squad level drones and the tactical applications are obvious. Think of it like mortars are/ when they were referred to as your own personal artillery...now even the smallest element can have they own drones on immediate call. The drones modeled in CM are of a different type. What I'm referring to is something that can be carried and operated by 1 person and available and attached to squads. I'm hooked. I now have a squadron of these things. You can get small cheap ones that have HD cameras. They may not have a gimble for the camera, but auto hover and stabilization are included in many. Its only as matter of time before even the cheap ones have a gimble for the camera and 4K capability. Some of my drones are smaller than my hand. No camera or ability to link to smartphone/tablet or VR glasses...yet....
  18. Thanks....as the recipient of precision rounds in h2h games. I can say the American ones have been pretty effective on my Russian tanks. They will knock them out or immobilize them. As Bill H said in his AAR. You better keep them moving...
  19. I'd be interested in hearing about the Russian mortars in the game that appear to have "smart" rounds. My understanding is it must be called in by a unit with a laser designator. Do you use a point fire mission or can an area or linear fire mission be used. Can these smart round be called in by an observer unit that does not have a laser designator and used as normal rounds? Can the mortar unit just use these in direct fire mode? How effective would they be against armor? The armor is thinner on the top of tanks and IFV's. In general what is the overall utility of these rounds and what are the designed for?
  20. This is one area I wished could be simulated better. Multi level buildings should create piles of rubble that block streets. Tunnels and sewers would add an extra dimension. Assaulting a building from the top down often is the best way to go, but I don't think we'll be seeing our pixel troops fast roping from helicopters soon. One of my favorites was seeing infantry fortify buildings in the Command Conquer games-yeah not realistic, but gave the impression of come and get it...and having troops fast rope down helos was always fun. Given the small team and resources working on this you can only do so much.
  21. Is that a good thing or a bad thing or both? Networking capability is a great thing when it works, but it also adds a new vector of vulnerability. Hack or degrade it and you're back to the "stone age". Sure there is the old school way, but if you trade numbers for advanced tech and don't practice the old tech ways enough and you get degraded you're hosed. The question becomes do you have the money and resources to concentrate on both or just one at the expense of the other? As an example, before all the fancy tech of today cashiers used to be able to count change. Today the fancy networked cash machines at a store does all the work. If they go down sales stop as the operators stand around not knowing what to do, nor do the managers.
  22. You're right about that. I should not have put that in.
  23. What you are referring to is the way it was 74 years ago! By 1944 the allieds had a massive army already deployed and had sorted out numerous logistical and organizational kinks. We no longer have a large standing army in Europe and Western European countries don’t have the same military posture they did in the 80’s. You have to fight with what you have deployed and then reinforcements will then have to move and be deployed a very time intensive process. Look how long it took to build up from Desert Shield to Desert Storm-and the Kindom of Saudi Arabia was very well suited to be reinforced quickly as during the 70’s there was a massive infrastructure buildup in the Kingdom-New and modern airfields designed for military operations, highways, ports enlarged and equipped to offload heavy equipment and a Command and Control Center at KKMC. I know-I was there when this buildup took place in the 70’s. The US also had a much larger Army, Navy and combat air force and had forces still in place in Europe where they could easily deploy. Today the picture is much different. Our infrastructure is much different and heavely dependent on the high speed digital nervous system. The military and its dependency on digital technology has grown by leaps and bounds. Thats about all I have to say on this.
  24. There are very knowledgeable people who believe the Russians can overwhelm the Baltic States in 60 hours and there is little the West can do. Just do a search and decide for yourself. I agree with it on most parts that the Russians would have a good probability of over running the Baltic states should they choose to do so. I don’t think they have any intentions at the moment and don’t plan to do so in the future. As for cyberwarfare it’s quite capable of destroying things. Don’t kid yourself. Just ask the Iranians. Even if it doesn’t completely destroy things it could easily require a restore from backups and archives. Aside from the chaos and confusion it causes it forces you to take countermeasures which not only take resources it also can cause delays and serious disruptions. You can also track down and know the location of key individuals by their electronic footprint. That can be used to ones advantage. Just about everyone has a smartphone these days. It’s been sold as a way to have a window on the world. It’s also a window for others to keep tabs on you. I have no doubt the Russians-and others are collecting data on US and NATO military and other key personnel and have built a database to keep tabs on there whereabouts. We probably do the same too
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