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  1. Agree Fc3 is the place to start. I only wish they would remaster the F-15 training videos. Can you still fly the Mig-29 in FC3? I know you could in LOMAC, but I thought it was not flyable in FC3. If DCS World was available 20 years ago I would have been all over it. Back then I was playing Janes AH-64 Longbow, F-18 and WW2 Fighters. We could only dream of something like DCS World. Now there is so much other stuff to take up to take up your time, not to mention mobile devices and the old fashion stuff where you're not in front of a video screen like fishing and hunting!
  2. Thanks...I'll take a look. I was searching a place to get DCS Combined battles I could play offline, sounds like the random generated ground missions are more for online play. The tanks in DCS are simplified. If you want a more realistic modern tank simulator Steel Beasts is the way to go. You sound like someone who can afford the hefty price tag for Steel Beasts Pro. One thing DCS has going for it when it comes to ground vehicles is you can man and shoot the ground based AAA and SAM systems-at least the mobile stuff. The Tunguska is a favorite in CMBS h2h battles and in DCS, if you're willing to take the time to build offline scenarios in Combined Arms you can try it out against aircraft. The ZIPgun ZSU-23 is also playable as are many SAM systems.
  3. I have DCS world all the modules and quite a few planes as well as a Thrustmaster setup. But I haven't really gotten into DCS World. I used to really be into flight sims starting with Falcon back in the 80s and loved all the Janes stuff. When I do fire up DCS World its usually in the Combined Arms module. I like seeing the action on the map and then jumping into an airplane as a spectator. Part of the problem is you have to spend a ton of time learning all the buttons to push and with things like Combat Mission, Total War and Steel Beasts Pro-which I'm still learning it hard to sit down and learn DSC World. I know DCS has an arcade mode, but that's too dumb ed down for my taste I've made a few missions in the Combined Arms editor. I've noticed that when I created Wild Weasel flights to take out SAMs with F-16s armed with HARMS the SAMs always win. Granted the SAMs were some of the more advanced ones. Is there a place where you can download created Combined Arms battles you can play? Not so much as a pilot flying the plane, but missions where you can just jump to plances and vehicles and watch the action. A few years ago there were yotube videos posted that showed a Chinese invasion of Taiwan that was made in Combined Arms that was pretty good to watch.
  4. When I read the article about the disability claims and taking 1 dump a month I though wow that pretty serious...is that even possible? It wasn't until I read the next article about snorting coffee I figured out it was satire.
  5. "In the best traditions of the British Army, the officers eat slightly better than the men " That was hilarious... I know in Canada Poutine is popular. I wonder if they Canadian army has managed to get that in an MRE. I'm pretty sure pizza and American favorite has been put into an MRE form or is being worked on.
  6. Hows the food and MREs? I like watching youtube videos that compare MREs of different armies? IIRC the chicken fajitas distributes in US MREs had a reputation for explosive results. Don't know if that's really true. The MREs I have tried don't seem too bad to me, but a steady diet over a long period may be a different story.
  7. https://taskandpurpose.com/suppressors-marine-unit-weapons/ Apparently its already being done and "never want to go back" interesting...
  8. IIRC-I read a while back the Marine Corps did a test equipping a battalion or similar sized unit with sound suppressors and the feedback was positive. Cost was a consideration though.
  9. Money probably also had a role. The British defense budget isn't that big or generous as the US
  10. Playing the first mission. Question-wouldn't a Force Recon team on a night recon mission be equipped with suppressors on their assault rifles? I saw a Syrian soldier surrender. He had his hands up. Next turn he picks up his AK-47 and gets shot. Never seen that before.
  11. There is old Shock Force stuff all over the place. We need a single point of contact where we can upload all the old stuff so it can be shared or modified for use. I remember Green As Jades site and I supported it by paypal cause I liked it so much. Its gone now. The old stuff I have was from it.
  12. I'm looking for your mod, but can't seem to find it. On one flank I have guys in jeans and woodland camo attacking. On the other flank its guys in all black. The ANA looks like standard OD Syrian uniforms. So far aside from the skins everything else seems to be working as before. A few surprises in the mix.
  13. The Taliban may not have the proper skins, but that doesn't detract from the battle. Be great if CM Afghanistan was updated to the latest versions...
  14. Pulled out an old Shock Force battle I downloaded years ago and had lots of fun playing. Its been years but I don't recall it looking like this. The new engine appears to render hills and mountains differently? Its a Taliban Assault on an outpost set in Afghanistan. Still loads of fun to play
  15. Nice...maybe sometime in the future we'll get some Kung Pao Beef (China) and Kim Chee (Korea) on the menu from someone. I saw on the Black Sea forum a thread about a Korea mod being worked on, but no recent updates. I recall a West Africa mod that was made for the original Shock Force and another one based on a popular post apocalypse RPG game. I never down loaded either. I still have some mods from the original Shock Force as well as 3:10 to Yuma and the Forging Steel Campaign. I sent the Test Firing ranges from Shock Force to Capt Reyes to try out and the 3:10 to Yuma, Forging Steel Campaign and firing range seem to work fine in SF2. I've been looking at backups to see if I have any more stuff. May be on an old laptop. Maybe I'll get lucky and find some old bitcoins on it too!
  16. In 1 of my h2h games and in the first mission of the Task Force Thunder I’ve seen tanks get double kills with 1 shot in 1 case it was a BMP that was hit first, the sabot went through it and then hit and killed a T90. In the second case 2 T55s were killed by 1 shot. Interesting to see that when manually targeting you get that result in test cases. I would think that in general sabot rounds are generally just loaded unless specificity specified as there are generally more of them onboard and you assume you may encounter an enemy tank in which case sabot rounds are best and if not it works against lighter stuff like APCs? Regardless my understanding from playing Steel Beasts is once main gun is loaded with a specific type of round it always gets shot regardless of target so if a sabot round is in the breech and you see a target that is not the ideal target for that round you fire the main gun at the target anyway with what’s loaded. If that is the case then it would be interesting as I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sabot being shot at infantry in the game from the main gun on MBTs. If the infantry is in a building I would think a sabot round hitting the building could be effective depending on the material and construction of the building. If it’s a thick concrete building with rebar you may indeed want to use 1 or 2 sabots on it. I may be misinformed and it may be procedure to unload a round that is not appropriate for a particular target and then reload with appropriate ammunition in practice.
  17. That was 3 years ago. I can’t remember but the javelins were crucial iirc
  18. Judging from some to the responses to clearing mines thread, mine plows on M1's and other engineering vehicles would be welcome. A We've seen the widespread use of AT ditches in the Middle East and a specialized engineering vehicle to facilitate armored movement over an AT ditch could lead to some interesting scenarios. Same goes for the large berms. In the Task Force Thunder Campaign. I managed to get all my vehicles through the minefield by careful movement in a gap between the mines and berm, but I also tried to see if my breaching team could actually breach the berm, but looks like they can't. Specialized engineering vehicles that could breach the berm would also facilitate creation of interesting scenarios. I'm pretty sure some Western Armies also have specialized vehicles that can lay AT mines on the fly. Might be something to consider. BF released a vehicle pack for Normandy. I'd gladly paid for it. I'd pay for one in this case too. Maybe add some horses, donkeys, camels, civilians and embedded journalists while your at it.
  19. I use an advanced AI engine at work . What would have in the past required a team of engineers to monitor and maintain is now done by algorithms. I just fine tune the AI and monitor and analyze what’s outputted and decide if what’s outputted is valid and take appropriate action from there. Im no expert on the inner workings of a TOW vs Javelin but I’m quite sure inside a Javelin is microprocessors, lines of code, algorithms and some sort of AI rules that get processed on the fly. The current trade disputes you see is usually framed around tariffs and trade imbalances, but in one case is as much about the transfer of technology and knowledge. The fight for supremacy in AI and the technology that enables it is very real.
  20. Its starting to sound like the ATGM was the bow and arrow and the Javelin is the longbow. If true we're at the cusp of a new age in warfare. Don't get me started about AI, robotics, drones and microchips being taken to the next level.
  21. Its sounds like the Javelin is a real game changer indeed. If I were looking at it from the other side the only thing worse that a Marine with a rifle is a Marine with a Javelin and a rifle.
  22. Add some javelin like weapons to the mix and you have a real party. Those Techs could easily handle 2 more occupants and a few missile reloads.
  23. Syrian version of Arnold Schwarzenegger. At 75 pounds it can't be an easy load.
  24. "A light infantry company in strykers has enough javelin munitions to wipe out an armored battalion". That is simply incomprehensible to think of. The outcome of such a seemingly small advancement in weaponry carries huge geopolitical implications. I was watching some stuff on the latest Russian tank the T-14 and they must have taken the Javelin into account when designing the T-14.
  25. They are brutal against tanks, vehicles and bunkers. I also see them shooting at things like machine gun emplacements automatically. I can't recall that in Black Sea. Not to say its never happened, I can't recall seeing it. From the demo I've noticed TOWS on Bradleys fire more liberally and at non armored targets. I know from discussions and seeing it in action the TOWS in Black Sea are different with top attack warheads that are not as effective vs buildings. I'm now curious to how the HUMVEE mounted TOWS perform in SF2. There was discussions about their utility in Black Sea. I've seen the HUMVEE mounted TOWS fire in a test battle I setup in Black Sea When I mentioned to my h2h opponent he was shocked as he never saw a HUMVEE mounted TOW shoot in Black Sea. If the logic is different for various TOWS would it be possible at some point in the future to be able to specify what variant is loaded
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