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  1. I (53 Retired) like to play Combat Mission with my youngest (20). He has run rings around me in RTS mode. Including the first time he played. He is great at RTS games and I have never been because I play Combat Mission like a Chess game (which i've been playing since I was a 5 yr old) on steroids, being a wargamer since the 5th grade. When we switched to a middlin' battle in PBEM. He got overwhelmed with the complexity of micromanagement of each of his units. We got about 3 or 4 turns in and never finished that game. He just hated the playstyle. Had we switched the game to RTS, he would have wiped the map with me, with not a touch of being overwhelmed. So since I've grown up playing turn based games (until High School), PBEM comes naturally to me. Since he's grown up with computer games of one sort or another (since he was 2), he is a natural at the RTS style of gameplay. Let me take it one step further, I haven't been beaten in Chess since I was a Freshman in college. If you were to sit me down and make me play a game of speed chess, you'd prolly beat me the first time and almost every time thereafter. In my opinion its a different game completely. I play chess about 5 turns ahead of the current move. You just can't do that in speed chess. Lastly, like @Ultradave PBEM fits my play style perfect. I just retired in November after a 30 year career as an Air Force Civilian and internet business owner. Since I had to medically retire due to an injury, my PBEM style is sporadic right now. I had no trouble playing 13 simultaneous PBEM games when I was stuck in a hotel for a month at the Mayo Clinic. Now I'm home, I have trouble keeping up with 4 or 5. So 1 turn a day is good right now. Believe it or not, I have one cherished PBEM game that I've been playing for almost a year now. And it's a real nail biter. Something that is probably inconceivable to some of our younger friends. Battlefront is a very conservative company. I started out playing their games in 2000. Bought the first 2 and then didn't rediscover the company until last year by accident. Been playing their games ever since (with just a little bit of Kerbal Space Program thrown in, to scratch an itch ).
  2. Is there any case in which an unbuttoned AFV will be worse at spotting than a buttoned up AFV? Like an M1 Abrams or M2 Bradley for instance? If so, how can you tell?
  3. With Battlefront 'predicting' the Syrian Conflict before it happened and then 'predicting' the Ukrainian conflict before it happened, I'm suprised we didn't get an Afgahnistan module of some sort earlier this year. You are dropping the ball Battlefront! But in all seriousness, is there a reason Battlefront didn't put out content for CMSF2 that would have included Taliban, Afghan Army, US and allied forces? If the area already has active engaged forces in it, no DLC? Or were they just too busy with FR and CW? Also, how could we have handled the withdrawal more smoothly or was it just going to be a very nasty situation no matter what the US did (if this can be answered within Forum Community Guidelines)?
  4. I will PM you @DMS since this subject kinda diverges from the Barbarossa topic, but the link you sent to the Russian wikipedia article has a period drawing of a 'Kulak' being punched by a giant fist: https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Кулак_(крестьянин)
  5. He did give a definition of the "Kulak". You must have missed it. It was "Fist" because they had to be beaten back with your fists. It was in the Preface. I had never heard the term before.
  6. So below is an alternate timeline with Japan declaring war on Germany, France and Italy in August 1941 and invading Vishy French territory in Asia making Japan a de facto ally of the Soviets and the British. This alternate timeline starts about 4:45 into the video: This will stop the Lend-Lease to the Soviets and British. The scenario is most unlikely but an interesting timeline.
  7. I understand where you are coming from, and your frustration, but I would like to read (or listen) to a historian with the views you are mentioned. Can you give me some examples? The professor who taught the class I attended in the late 80s was of a totally different opinion.
  8. I think we may have an East meets West history problem here. I've read some German accounts of the Eastern Front. Does anyone know of a translated book from the Soviet soldier's perspective?
  9. Yes and no. German General Halder changed the mission of Barbarossa from Oil to Moscow. So yes, One of Barbarossa's primary objectives ended up being a drive to Moscow, but Case Blue was Hitler trying to refocus the campaign on the oil fields (a bit on the late side...). Or at least that's how I understand it. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  10. I'm gonna read it before I pass judgement on Bloodlands. Have you read it yet @DMS? Just bought it. If you have another book for me to read after this one refuting its findings, let me know. One thing that bothers me about some history books is that they are just an attempt by the author to make a name for themselves or give history a modern spin. I have 11 bookshelves of books, mostly history books, but only one of them is dedicated to war history. As of late I have been reading ancient history since I collect ancient coins. In the USA, during my school age years, we really learned very little about ancient history so I have been discovering it a new. Really fascinating. One thing I've learned about WWII over the last few weeks is how a few modern, history scholars are distorting history. That is quite troubling, but since this thread has already fell victim to non-Barbarossa discussions, I'll leave that for another thread in the future. Now if you want to read some really good Historical Fiction, Robert Harris is your man. His books have all been excellent. 5 out 5. I especially like his 3 part series set in the time of Julius Caesar. He takes all the facts we know about the time period from contemporary writings and fills in the blanks with a fictional narrative to bring the history alive.
  11. @sid_burn& @dbsapp, That's a lot to absorb. I will have to circle the wagons for now and see if I can counterpoint your arguments with some historical examples of my own.
  12. About Patton. It's an interesting conspiracy theory: Dunno how much truth there is to it, but that video might tell you more about why some folks believe he was silenced and about covers all that I know about it.
  13. Driving for the caucuses is not as crazy as you think. That was Hitler's plan. If Germany could have convinced the Ukraine that they were being liberated from Stalin, then the Ukraine is no longer a logistical nightmare that has to be defended. That puts the oil fields just a few hundred kilometers from 'friendly' territory. In the long run, after the war was won by a successful German campaign, the Nazis would still be Nazis. But to think that Hitler's gang wouldn't pull the wool over the Ukrainian's eyes is not that far out there. As for starting Barbarossa 5 weeks earlier, why do you say Yugoslavia had nothing to do with holding up troops Hitler wanted to use for Barbarossa? If they had decided to allocate a holding force instead, that would have freed up ~2/3rds of his forces in that region. 5 weeks is quite a bit of time for good weather.
  14. I'm just using defender, but I have a lot of the functions turned off. Sometimes the updates that Microsoft pushes out turn aspects of Windows Defender back on.
  15. Is the Barbarossa Campaign achievable if: If Barbarossa had started earlier (bypassing Yugoslavia for one). When Barbarossa started, German forces were actually treated like liberators in many areas. No GPO. Switched encoding methods (sounds like this one would be inconsequential). Or if Barbarossa's primary objective was to secure the Southern oil fields (along with 2) would have significantly reduced logistical problems. Sounds like Battlefront is just going to have to add some DLC to Red Thunder so we can simulate Barbarossa and an early start date. Also, @BFCElvis if we just fall into the trap of name calling or stay completely off track, please close the thread. I wanted to spark some interesting discussions, not WWIII.
  16. These all sound like great topics for new threads. Guyz let's move on to hypotheticals about the Barbarossa campaign.
  17. It was an i9-9900K with a GTX-1060 GPU on an ASUS B365-F MB.
  18. That's good to know @BFCElvis. I have been having a lot of problems on my computers with updates doing strange things. The previous update would not let my wife move the mouse to her second screen. Bizarre. The only thing that changed was the Windows Update. It seems to me like Microsoft is pushing these updates out not fully tested or not tested on legacy systems/software. They then get customer feedback to find the bugs with their update. Then push another update with the bug fixes. Pure speculation on my part. That doesn't work too well in the avionics flight software world, as was proven with Boeing's last test of the Starliner.
  19. None were run in admin mode. Yes. That is correct.
  20. I went to play CMCW this morning and it wouldn't load. In fact, none of my CM games would work. Hadn't touched a thing from last night, but I did notice my computer had rebooted. So I'd click on the CMCW shortcut and the main menu screen would flash up on the screen but then it would go back to the desktop. I knew Microsoft must have pushed an update to Windows 10 last night. Sure enough, they had. Three in fact. So I fixed this in two different ways: 1) I ran the game in compatibility mode for Windows 8. Loaded right up. 2) Uninstalled the latest windows update (Security Update for Microsoft Windows (KB5005031) to be exact). Everything started working again. Hope this helps! And if anyone has an idea on why this broke the games, please let me know.
  21. o/ Coun't me in! Some T-shirts with one (or more) of your tank models would be cool. Need a catchy phrase to go with it like Military History Visualized: https://everpress.com/cat-person-tiger-and-king
  22. I've never heard anyone suggest this strategy before. This would have really helped the Wehrmacht. Overextending your forces makes them very vulnerable, but would stopping have helped the Soviets more? Why did Germany not cross the river North (and South) of Stalingrad and just encircle the city instead of bleeding it's army dry in city combat? Wasn't their doctrine to bypass strong points and let the infantry deal with them later. I'm guessing a river crossing was not practical?
  23. We can't see your video clip @Warts 'n' all. Hopefully it was appropriate for this age group.
  24. Hi @danfrodo what you say is true, Hitler would have never gone for it. But since this is a hypothetical, The 'evil genius' Hitler recognized that if he could stir up the Soviets against Stalin by helping the Ukraine 'liberate' their lands, He would have: a whole new army at his disposal, Stalin would have one less army His supply lines would be effectively reduced by the width of the Ukraine as that would be friendly territory (1260km). When the war ends, he shuffles off the remaining Ukrainian soldiers to Siberia (or worse). They are still Nazis... If Hitler had played that game, along with fixing Enigma, starting Barbarossa earlier and possibly driving directly to the oil. Would Barbarossa have been a success? Maybe not WWII, but at least Operation Barbarossa?
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