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  1. I'll be doggone! Did I look at a previous version of the manual or did I completely miss that? Does that apply to AAA as well as SAMs?
  2. Here is a Panther I just could not kill, let alone double kill. I had a couple of hull down Shermans. I'll let you guess which ones. (Actually, one of them moved up and is just right of the big cat.) and we pounded away at this thing (prolly around 100m) until the crew finally bailed. The tank was not dead so we pounded on it some more. Brought a flamethrower up that finally killed it. But disappointingly didn't set it on fire. So I'm guessing nodes to the left front and right front of a Panther are pretty tough.
  3. I looked over the Engine 4 manual and I couldn't find a single thing about AAA and SAMs being degraded by EW. This is probably something that needs to be addressed by the developers, don't you think @BFCElvis?
  4. Ok. Makes sense. I'll try that. I'm surprised you don't get more help desk tickets with this problem.
  5. Bose QC II and Sony WH-1000XM3 Also Windows 10 on a i7 Razer laptop, i9-9900K and i7-11700K desktops.
  6. I use wireless headphones a lot when playing Combat Mission. My headphones shut off after 30min if not used. I've found that the game locks up when loading if no sound device is present. I've verified this on multiple computers, multiple sound devices and multiple versions of Combat Mission. Can this bug be fixed?
  7. Does the EW environment affect aircraft or is it solely for communications? If no EW is present in a game, do aircraft have their own EW value? Aircraft loss rates should be reduced in high EW environments (in my humble, but correct, opinion).
  8. I love AAA Gatling vehicles. They hammer everything in CM. If you were to replace the main gun on an M1 Abrams with those Gatling cannons , then let it pivot up 90+ degrees and add an armored ammo cart behind it, I think you might have a Mk. 1.0 Bolo (or maybe a Mk. 0.5). The cannons don't kill tanks, but they blind them. They chew up APCs and I won't even mention what they do to infantry, poor bastards. They are a must have for clearing out city blocks. But as was mentioned before, their Achilles heal is their ammo supply. I once used a 1/2 dozen of them to help defend a town against an attack/assault QB. I was doing great until some enemy helicopters showed up. Dang AAA shot down all the helos and used up practically all of their ammo. There went my uber-defense. Lost the battle, but did I ever make the enemy pay for it.
  9. Not to worry. Just uber-nerd knowledge from an Avionics Test Engineer
  10. I left an 'n' off of Canon. The company is ITT Cannon. Then they got bought out by AMP, then TE Connectivity.
  11. Love the circular canon plug (mil-std-38999) for power on the front!
  12. Make tea! And here I thought they were completely useless!
  13. But if I'm in a game where killing my M577s are worth extra victory points to my opponent, then I should definitely keep them in a forest away from the front or tactical bombardment zones. Right?
  14. Well thanks y'all. I was trying to find a use for them in CW, other than a shelter.
  15. As per the title, How do you use a M577 effectively in CMCW? Do you just put your spotting units inside it and you gain bonuses to sighting?
  16. I don't think it will, but I thought I'd ask anyway. Will the new PBEM system hosted by Slytherine have the ability to have, lets say, 4 players playing the same game. 2 per side for instance? I was recently in a game that occurred in the Po Valley and we had 2 per side plus 2 commanders all playing on the same map. It was a blast and we just 'round robined' the game files. It worked well but was all manually done.
  17. Lol! You would say that @Artkin, since you're the one scoring the double kills!!! Personally, I think it should be top of their list!
  18. This is a little earlier in the war and I believe it didn't get hit by anything larger than a 76.2mm AP round, but the story is incredible! Six hours of sustained fire, 252 hits, and the Tiger left the battlefield under its own power.
  19. Aren't paintballs 300 m/s... or was that ft/sec? Either way it's going to ring the bell of the tank crew inside.
  20. How do you know about all these great Ruskie War Movies @John Kettler?!?
  21. What are they gonna do when hackers take out their internet provider(s) for a couple weeks and they can't stream!
  22. I too am really enjoying this thread. I'm still way back at the Zhukov series, but this is awesome. What do you mean @LongLeftFlank? Too much propaganda? Here is one I enjoyed as a kid: The Green Berets (with John Wayne) I really remember the 'Puff the Magic Dragon' (AC-47) scene above.
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