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  1. 1 hour ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

    Just started that campaign.....Didn't look quite that sexy on my rig.  :(

    My rig is nothing special but I'm using some of Worg's terrain mods and on this particular battle BarbaricCo's Advanced War Movie mod. Are you playing in version 3.0 or 4.0? I'm playing it in version 3.0 as I find it harder and more realistic.

  2. 18 hours ago, MikeyD said:

    Perhaps Charles is biased against the bell-crank Christie flat track suspension, prefers torsion bas suspension with return rollers. :mellow:

    Maybe that's it because 3 yellow bars is only one bar better than a Soviet truck although according to the manual the T34/76 and the T34 flame tank both have 5 green bars!  I have a feeling though that are going to be some angry folks on here when we start playing in the mud and the snow and all their T34/85s have bogged down.

  3. Got a situation where I have some T34/85s and some JS2 tanks. I just noticed that the T34 off road capability is only 3 yellow bars whereas the JS2 has 4 green bars! Can this be right? I always thought the T34 was legendary for being one of the best off road tanks in existence at the time and would have thought  that the heavy JS 2 was much more likely to bog.

  4. On 27/09/2017 at 6:46 PM, Josey Wales said:

    @Hilts @Erwin

    Co HQs & Bttn HQs have the same effect on a squads Morale as a Plt HQ in that being within a close C2 link (Close Visual/Voice) does provide resistance to the impact on Morale caused by Combat Shock provided that the squad is in the same Company for a Co HQ or the same Battalion for a Bttn HQ.

    Co XO's and Bttn Ops do not share a C2 link with squads and therefore provide no benefit under normal conditions.

    However should the Co Commander be incapacitated, then the XO steps into that role and can then provide the C2 link and provide resistance to the impact on Morale caused by Combat Shock to subordinate units within close C2 link.

    In the testing that I undertook, Bttn Ops do not seem to step into the Bttn Commanders role should he become incapacitated.

    Excellent!.......Thanks for the heads up.

  5. 4 hours ago, IanL said:

    Very cool work, thanks for doing this. I look forward to your small arms test. My request would be to also include the scenario file and a saved turn with the orders you gave for the video recording set. Being able to see the turn execute and repeat it is helpful.

    I have some FI saved turns from a PBEM battle that perfectly illustrate the currently absurd situation of good quality troops fleeing foxholes and trenches due to enemy small arms fire. Let me know where you want 'em sent.

  6. This is a good test and illustrates perfectly the problems most of us are encountering. What is the point of entrenchments at all if troops abandon them so easily? In the other post on the FI forum Steve comments about the effects of panic on troops. I think we can all agree that if troops panic, no matter what their skill level they will become unpredictable. The problem is that troops are vacating buildings and entrenchments before they get to a panicked state as was aptly shown by the fleeing of the MG team in the video. I have seen this many times in my own battles. I think it needs more than just tweaking. Personally I would be for re-setting things back to version 3.0 at the very least. 

  7. 2 hours ago, Holman said:

    There has been a change (I'd say a dramatic change) in game behavior, and it seems to involve units fleeing where before they would merely cower in place for a short time.  Units in good cover (a heavy building, a trench) coming under fire will now get up and run into the open rather than hunkering down in place as they used to.  This is as true of Elite British paras as it is of Italian conscripts.

    Agreed...... I have seen a lot of this lately. It doesn't take much to make good quality troops vacate buildings or foxholes and I'm not talking just about HE . Small arms fire will suffice. It's sometimes kind of cool if the troops retreat out the back into cover when under fire but half the time they run out through the front into a hail of bullets or tank shells, well that just looks f*****g ridiculous!

  8. 5 minutes ago, GhostRider3/3 said:

    So  I checked out the mods section for Black Sea, and there are hardly any vehicle mods at all.  I think there are two.  I did notice the other mods available and am using them.  I have found lots of images depicting T-90 in camouflage pattern as well as many of their other vehicles.  Are there mods out there but not on the CMODS III page?  Just seemed odd there are virtually no vehicle mods at all for any of the 3 Nations thus far.


    Best regards


    Most of the BS mods were done by Kieme.  You can find them all in his modding corner. It's the 8th post down on this page.

  9. From my observations it seems to me that in about 80% of scenarios and maybe 90% of Quick battles that there is not an underlying problem. However, once in a while a scenario or mission from a campaign comes along that falls into the other category. The parameters are usually the same i.e. it involves a heavy attacking force trying to dislodge a much weaker defending force from either buildings or foxholes/entrenchments. I have noted the effects are similar whether the defending troops are controlled by human player or the AI. Unfortunately for me I am in the middle of one right now, trying to occupy building, trenches and foxholes at each end of a bridge to gain a victory. I am experiencing veteran and crack paratroopers running from buildings and fortifications when under small arms fire and no they are not panicked but merely rattled. Their desire to evacuate the said buildings/fortifications is so strong that at times they even over-ride the pause orders that I keep having to give them.


    The troops in the trench in the foreground are all running or about to run due to small arms fire and then to make matters worse they get creamed by mortars that just start landing on them as they cower and run around in the open. You will notice that the HQ I highlighted is crack and rattled as are most of the others. My opponent must be having a field day but I can assure you it is not much fun for me. And yes, before all you nay sayers  pipe up, I do have a saved game which proves what I and many others have been stating on here for the last few months. I will be happy to share it with any or all interested parties.

  10. 16 hours ago, MikeyD said:

    I have never found buildings - especially smaller buildings - to be a particularly good places to position troops. Once the bullets start piercing the walls you need your troops to be elite fanatics to be willing to stay and die. I recall years ago suggesting to someone that the best use of building is to position you men behind them, not in them. Perhaps shoot-and-hide, or shoot-and-scoot. But not stay in the building fighting after you've been discovered and targeted.

    I'm not sure the battle of Stalingrad would have lasted quite as long if troops had positioned themselves behind buildings rather than in them....

  11. On 18/04/2017 at 1:47 PM, Ts4EVER said:


    I've recently started a video aar series of this scenario.


    Nicely shot videos. Much better to just watch the action rather than a lot of laborious movement plotting. I'll check out your other stuff. What terrain mod were you using?

  12. I was two thirds of the way through playing a mission from Conrath's Counterattack. I forget which number mission but it's the one where the Germans have to fight their way up a valley and capture the crossroads. I had been blasting away at the American foxholes for what seemed like an eternity with machine gun fire and tank 50mm and 75mm HE. Progress was tough and slow. Within five turns of upgrading to engine 4.0 all the American troops had fled and I was able to just amble up and take the crossroads with hardly any additional casualties. I am also playing through the Road to Nijmegen campaign (where the boot is on the other foot) and have reached the missions where hordes of Germans attack the US paras around the windmill and hotel. For some reason the designer has chosen to make all the paras regular troops and so are constantly fleeing for their lives when confronted by such numbers and fire-power, making the battle hopeless and pointless. It seems to me that suddenly a lot of the fun has been taken out of these battles unless you play with veteran or above. As I tend to play more scenarios/campaigns than quick battles this is very seldom possible.

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