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  1. On ‎09‎/‎03‎/‎2017 at 8:49 PM, slysniper said:

    Just pointing it out, in real life I would drive a tank between the trees as I moved through the woods, in the game. I try moving the tank right to the center of a tree at times. every time it occurs, I just think of how opposite that is to how it should be.

    In the game as in real life I would always drive my tank between the trees. Anyone who doesn't should suffer an increased chance of bogging and or immobilisation....

  2. Having played version 4.0 for the last couple of months I have recently fired up a mission in Conrath's Counterattack that I was in the middle of. I have to say that I am missing the less nervous hunt command on infantry and armour too, for that matter. My troops and tanks seem to be stopping during movement at the slightest enemy fire and I also keep looking for the white text at the end of certain movement orders. Enemy troops in foxholes are a lot harder to shift in 3.0 though which I think is a bit more realistic. Because foxholes are so easily spotted I think the guys in them need to be a bit more robust than they are in 4.0 otherwise what's the point of them? Anyway, come on Battlefront, stop messing around and let's be having that upgrade!

  3. I have seen this happen on numerous occasions lately when fighting against the AI and also in FB and RT. It seems more prevalent in V4.0 The problem seems to be when you end the tank's movement with a facing order and an enemy (tank or infantry) appears from another direction. It seems to confuse the tank AI, which doesn't know whether to obey the facing order or attack the threat so it rotates the hull and turret back and forth without firing at anything. It looks ridiculous and needs fixing.

  4. I've got a fully laden 81mm mortar halftrack that got immobilised due to enemy mortar fire. It states that no repairs or refits will be carried out during the campaign so I'm thinking it will be best to exit the mortar team and strip the halftrack of all it's ammo in particular the mortar rounds and 50 cal. What's the most efficient (and least time consuming) way to do this so that the ammo can be successfully re-distributed? I was thinking of pulling a tank up alongside it and having the tank crew take the 50 cal ammo. If they do, does it go into the tanks ammo supply when they remount?

  5. 14 minutes ago, MOS:96B2P said:


    I downloaded CMFB Faces and they are an improvement.  However based on the below link I'm not sure this is a final version.  @Jace11 has not been on the forum for awhile so I'm not sure he will be around to comment on the status.     





    I haven't seen any other version so I presume it is the latest.... Those jackets look good. Is that a mod?

  6. On ‎05‎/‎11‎/‎2016 at 9:13 PM, Baneman said:

    That's what I did, but I hadn't moved them before giving the necessary orders.

    See, this is why testing is so tricky - you have to be soooo specific. I'll have another go moving the HT's first.

    Edit : ok, tres weird, you are correct, if the HT's move first, oddness ensues. :blink:

    I'll have to do some testing outside the campaign to nail down the specifics.

    Anyone know if this got fixed in 4.0?

  7. 32 minutes ago, axxe said:

    Yes, this is also my initial reaction - I don't want hints!  But anyone who's played certain maps before will have this info without using the editor, and it can't help but affect their battle plan. So it seems for more fair if both sides "cheat"...

    Well, I suppose that's one way round it but it spoils half the fun. Anyway, I'm not interested in playing a scenario that my opponent has already played. There are hundreds of scenarios out there across the five titles without having to play one twice.

  8. For me, the "Fog of War" is part of the beauty of the game. You can get a fairly good idea where the enemy is from the tactical map. Outside of that I wouldn't dream of looking at the enemy's set up in the editor and I wouldn't be very impressed if I found out he had looked at mine.

  9. Has the Stug machine gun behaviour been altered in version 4.0? Before there was always the problem of the machine gunner constantly popping up and getting shot whereas now if you target light  with a buttoned up tank nothing happens. It has to be unbuttoned which in WEGO leaves the gunner very exposed for a game turn.....I haven't tested it on any other tanks.

  10. 48 minutes ago, MOS:96B2P said:

    This will often happen if there is an elevation mismatch.  If the team is on a different elevation than the inside of the building.  I'm not sure this is what happened in your case but it would be my first guess.  In my Blast TacSOP I first check the wall to see if it looks like the building is sunk into the terrain at all.  If it is you can blast it but the team will probably take a different route for getting inside (like using the closest door).  

    When able to select and assign soft factors to my own units I purchase regular engineers because they have a Blast time of 15 seconds.  I give them a 45 second Pause before the Blast.  So they Blast just as the turn ends in WEGO.  Next turn I cancel the move part of the Blast order for the engineers.  I then Slow a team (usually different team to preserve the engineers) through the blasted gap.  If the assault team starts to crawl around to a door I cancel their Slow order (usually enough time on Slow) and try something else.  I know it is a PITA but the best work around I know of.         

    Thanks, good to know in future. In this battle it's a train station so the terrain is more or less flat.

  11. 48 minutes ago, c3k said:

    Had that once. Too much debris from the breach? ;)

    Got a save?

    There could be too much debris as I blew the hole through a high wall at the same time. Of course the graphic just shows a great big hole. How do you know if there is too much debris? Yeah, I have a saved game if you want it.

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