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  1. I had another look at some of the US scenarios...


    - August morning

    - Oppertunity knocks

    - Objective delta

    - Gauntlets crossed


    NONE ! of my american squads had any smoke grenades...


    It mad no difference if i split of an ASSULT team or not......NO SMOKE GRENADES ?

    Well, I just fired up August Morning to take a look and ALL the US units have smoke grenades!

  2. Do you have a save file? IIRC, someone reported a similar bug in CMBN some months back, but I had trouble reproducing it so it's still in the 'unresolved' file.

    Seems to be one of those things that happens in a specific and fairly rare situation, otherwise more more people would be reporting it. We need to nail down the exact conditions that trigger the bug to fix it.

    On the second picture everything was normal until the end of the turn when the ATG jumped into the back of the truck.

    It's a PBEM game but I can probably get you a saved file. Where do I send it?

  3. I've only just gotten FI+GL and wonder if anyone can recommend the best scenarios ( preferably for H2H play ) ?

    Shipped or later user-made.

    Thanks :)

    Well, I've just finished Aris' scenario Bon Giorno Tomahawks and that was great fun H2H but man was it brutal. Company size, nice forcemix and kudos to him for the design. It's available at GAJ's site. Also Clearing the Niscemi Highway was another of my favourites H2H.

  4. I figured out how to get the Soviet voice work from RO1 and the very foul mouthed Scottish voice work for the brits from DH. Also managed to get the US and German voice work but i don't know if i should number them to be used in conjunction with lets say Mords US and Dietrichs Germans voices.. I use both of those and i'm sure many of you do so i wanted see what some of you think first.

    Yes, please number them then we can use both, right? The more variation the better and it would be a pity not to use Mord's and Dietrich's mods as well.

    BTW, the MG 42 from the DH mod you did is the best I've heard. Thanks.

  5. The Russian wheeled carriage MMGs (M1910 Maxim & SG43) are assumed to have no pack up time as an advantage of the wheeled carriage, which is otherwise heavier and more cumbersome than a more traditional tripod MG mount.

    Further, since no pack-up time = is no disadvantage to deploying, they are assumed start deploying automatically as soon as they stop moving.

    OK. Thanks, man....


    Download: http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/mods/5241/details





    Note: 2 variations of the released buildings still need work, in game they look the same but with a little different color tone and a second roof type, I will make them more different, but not much.

    This is great work, Kieme. I'm not sure that roof looks right with the barn though. Barns are simple structures, often wood framed with simple and cheap, usually corrugated rooves. Your roof appears to be either slate or stone and is too expensive and elaborate for the building in my opinion. The vanilla roof looks more in keeping. Can that be modded?

  7. Hey Hilts, I checked the alpha channel and there are no problems with it. Still not seeing that error on my end. The FJ share the same zeltbahn bmp with both the Wehrmacht and LW troops, so it still might be the Wehrmacht mod conflicting with it. Couple things you can try is to first add more z's at the beginning of the filename. Secondly, the uniform mod you're using may have a several different versions of the zeltbahn bmp, in which case my mod wouldn't work since it contains only one file. The way to fix that is to rezexplode my mod's brz and copy/paste two to three more versions of the zeltbahn bmp. Number the extra files consecutively, e.g. "filename" 2.bmp ("filename" is the name of whatever the zeltbahn bmp is called). Rezpack those files and make sure the new brz loads last in your z folder.

    Thanks for the advice mate. Tried all that and it seems to have fixed the problem at least on most scenarios. Cheers and thanks for the neat mod!

  8. Hey Erwin, unfortunately I'm not seeing this issue at all on my end. I took a look at the Germans in Platoon Patrol, as well as a couple other scenarios, and there weren't any issues with the no zeltbahn mod. It sounds like it may be conflicting with another mod. Try putting three or four z's in front of the filename so that it loads last.

    Anyone else run into this issue?

    Hey Rambler, Yes I am still having problems exactly as described by Erwin.Rommel in the second post. Have four z's in front but makes no difference. I thought it may be the Wehrmacht uniform mod that I have but the same thing occurs with FJs and I don't have any FJ uniform mods. Curiously the SS mod that you did works fine and I DO have SS uniform mods!

  9. Too green?

    Perhaps you are right.

    I am the guy who did the stock uniforms. I guess I should have used the “A Bridge too far” movie as the historical documentation source for the uniforms rather than the 6 or 7 original M43 jackets in my personal collection. A pair of those jackets are postwar, the rest wartime dated, including a pair of mint ones. Fortunately those jackets were pretty cheap about 15 years ago because most collectors looked for the “M41” jackets (I have at least 4 originals) at that time rather than looking for the less glamorous M43. AFAIK they are not expensive nowadays, but it is difficult to find a mint one.

    I did a near mint uniform as the one worn when those guys landed in the Netherlands. It obviously got quickly faded after some days of campaign, but I am not sure how faded the uniform became if you take into account that Nimegen was taken after 4 days of the initial jumps and the whole Market-Garden Operation lasted just 9 days.

    Thanks for your input. I take your point about the length of the operation but what about the weeks of training beforehand or are we assuming they jumped into battle in brand new uniforms?

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