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  1. Just so you know the track in John's photo (better version here https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/38/KV-1.JPG) may not be the same as the one in the photo Vergeltungswaffe provided (I think this is the same exact tank here https://live.staticflickr.com/3820/11303522946_59aeb0e732_c.jpg from the rear). Just inside where the sprocket (?) teeth enter the track seems to be deeply recessed in the modern photo wheras this is not clear in the first, but looks flatter.
  2. Looks like you would have your knees beside your shoulders in there. They can vary their suspension too those things.
  3. I have just watched the first two parts of the Ukrainian doc. and am watching the Russian one now. The Russian one seems a little more emotional let's say. It may be a mistake on my part but it was a little funny seeing the main guy being interviewed at the start saying there were no Russians, and then when they move off to "recon by fire" 5 mins. later the guy telling them where to go, and many others, were wearing what looked like telnyaski, both black (naval infantry) and blue (likely not navy, so apparently either VDV or GRU) and then later I spotted a Russian naval infantry patch (at this point: https://youtu.be/z68hA6qcQY0?t=1939). A guy subsequently identifies as a Russian citizen, and says: A bit hard to defend your gate when it is in someone else's country from it's own people, but there you go. A few people later say they are from Donetsk, and are defending their town, some from fascists. Later on they are watching Enemy at the Gates on a TV in a bunker! Used to love that film. Perhaps it's why the guy in the quote above used that phrase. I can't say either documentary is particularly good. The Russian is more like propaganda, and is mostly training and emotional interviews with people (most of whom seem very demoralised), or talk in bunkers with artillery nearby, whereas the Ukrainian one seems like a basic war diary. Honestly I was surprised and baffled the separatists gave for fighting, but I don't know much about the how the war is experienced on the ground. There is absolutely no gore in the film. There is one guy with a bandaged leg injury.
  4. I understood "move" was supposed to allow infantry to be more likely to stop if under fire, but it seems they just transition to "quick".
  5. From what I read they used to group two SP battalions and an MLRS into a "Brigade Artillery Group" ("BrAG") to support a motor rifle brigade. I guess this has changed, or was it wrong from the beginning? The book I was thinking of (The Russian Way of War, Grau & Bartles, 2017) is partly constructed around some apparent Russian military education slides posted on some random hosting website amongst other scanned educational stuff if I remember, that the author downloaded and translated. I found them myself following his bibliography link, they were still there! They could even be dis-info. So one vehicle stays with the battery, one goes to the battalion. If the spotter teams go forward to the line, do they leave the vehicle behind, take another vehicle, or ride along with the infantry? It is not used for driving about to spot or lase or gps targets then I guess, or not at the front anyway, more as a communications/command-post/hub. Was I right that the SP artillery would mainly be used for pre-planned missions and not call-for-fire?
  6. If it's just with BS then perhaps there is something out of our hands particular to it. All I can suggest is messing with graphical (including anti-aliasing) settings, increasing the priority the game runs at in task manager by one notch, etc. The river crossing mission (any huge mission with buildings really) is more or less unplayable for me, but then I expect that as my PC is old. Then again the game is old too!
  7. Do you have mods installed? You could check if any have peculiarly high resolution textures.
  8. Try turning off "show objectives" (ALT+J I believe), that improves performance for me, as well as messing with the texture and 3D settings. I find input is affected when performance is poor in general.
  9. I have seen these around from time to time but I found a list by the original author of some Soviet/Russian orders of battle done in pixel art style. The list is here: http://shipbucket.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=1941&start=40#p81071, unfortunately many of the links are broken but the images remain in the thread. A self propelled artillery gun battalion as an example: There are many more threads like this on the forum, including similar OOB for US Army (http://shipbucket.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=3119), British Army (http://shipbucket.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=3079) and Ukrainian Army (http://shipbucket.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=8464). As an aside, I believe there are normally two of these plus an MLRS battalion (plus extras when needed) grouped together to support a brigade, so if you like commanding Battalions (which sometimes attack with only two companiees up front) you should expect at least 18, if not 36 tubes (plus something to replace the rockets) chewing up the ground in front of you! It looks like each battery has two observation vehicles that I imagine would go to one of the three battalions in the brigade. I understand they are mostly used for pre-planned fires, with more dynamic stuff being called in by company commanders I imagine, though I may be wrong.
  10. I am moving my backups of some Black Sea mods to a new location. If any of the included authors with me to desist, please PM me and I shall do so. I took the liberty of renaming some seemingly mis-named normal map files in one of Kieme's files, and note there seem to be some missing in at least two others (though this in particular may be intentional if the changes are small). https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fdgcyjxwy99csp5/AAB2HVemThOm9vyqdj2lj_I8a?dl=0
  11. I can play BS sometime if you're still looking and can link the map you want.
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