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  1. Here is the summary list: https://www.battlefront.com/cmfb-upgrades/cmfb-upgrade-4/?tab=features Hull down and solider behaviour (spacing, avoiding HE and peaking around corners) are my favourites but there is a lot there Stated policy by Steve, they don't want gore in the game. I had a quick look and could not find a thread to quote. I see @MOS:96B2P showed off a couple of mods that introduce this. I could not find them on the CM Mods site - @MOS:96B2P do you have links? It is not. The game supports re skinning of the UI and the models but it does not s
  2. No you see your own mods and you opponent sees their own.
  3. If the person still has 2.03 installed then that would explain it. The Steam vs not Steam has no effect since the version and the code is the same between the two.
  4. That's actually a pretty cool idea. And that's the brilliant part. Since units assigned to exit are considered to score VPs for the opposition if they do not exit the battlefield. That means you can assign some number of points to those units and by keeping them the player is shifting VPs to their opponent. The more they decide to keep the more points their opponent starts with as a handy-cap.
  5. I am fond of target light - which for mortars is a slower rate of fire. That way you can let the team zero on the target without burning through their whole ammo supply.
  6. I have not seen anything like that. I usually use FireFox to access the forum.
  7. You should get quoted because you are correct. In order to keep things simple and avoid long discussions about how a tank's commander should have known to have X type of round ready because it's obvious that Y. Etc. Really smoke rounds are the same. If you give a tank a smoke order they don't have to first fire the HE round they have loaded they just start firing smoke. It's just an abstraction that makes game play smoother.
  8. For this a better person to comment is @Heirloom_Tomato
  9. What he said. Once you think everything is quiet then follow A, B or C just to be sure. Sure sure bring those too
  10. Dismounted as @Vacilllator says but only for the owner of the tank - I think I remember it that way...
  11. I am not sure about the KO status being per unit. But keep in mind that crew can bail on a tank that is not KO'd. So, in this case it may not have been.
  12. There are lots of explanations that contribute: poor play on our and the computer's part, a misunderstanding of how different casualty rates were at he tip of the spear vs the over all numbers, various (mostly incorrect) theories about fortifications and modeling etc. The biggest difference is that we don't act like real commanders. We press far too much and don't withdraw when we take casualties. In a real action units rarely stay and fight on and on. They pull back to fright another day or bring up extra fire power or wait for support etc. We are playing a game so we don't do that.
  13. Yep, the units in the game do not automatically know if they KO'ed something. Unless their is smoke and fire. I once had a sherman pump 7 rounds into a PzIV from under 50m (it was in thick woods so viability was still not great). I was worried there was a bug but my opponent reported that the Panzer was dead after the second shot. The Sherman crew kept firing because they just didn't know it was already toast. That's the most extreme example I have personally seen. PS your Sherman crew is smart. The last time one of my Sherman tanks got a clean shot at the back of a panther it bounce
  14. Yes, I believe so. However there are a few things you should be aware of. The automatic selection of enemy forces can be spotty at times. Things have gotten better in the later releases but they still sometimes pick goofy forces. One way to mitigate this is to set the QB for human force selection and then use the suggest button. Try to not look to closely at the enemy forces but re do the suggestion if it should pick nothing but flame thrower units for some thing else odd. Unless you feel like facing a wall of fire - that could be interesting. 🙂 Also, the later maps and AI plans are
  15. Correct there is no branching. I'd like to see it however there are things you can do that come close. The thread @George MC linked has a bunch of ideas. Yes, that is a thing that people do etc. However WRT battalion HQ you don't need to have them in a never arriving reinforcement group for them to show up on the C2 list. They just will appear as in C2 to the Company HQs when they have their radios up and running and out when they do not.
  16. Cool. Thanks for sharing your experience and we all look forward to seeing something to play with. Also, smart move starting small. It is so tempting to go big but getting started small really helps.
  17. I'm pretty sure that will work. A while ago BFC made keys work for either platform so if you update to CMSF2 you can choose to play on a PC and you can have those keys moved over to steam. If I recall correctly you need to contact support to get your old CMSF1 game upgraded to CMSF2, press the blue new ticket button here: Scenario List - local
  18. Who me? No offense. I think @rocketman has the right idea. I am hoping that others will help him out. No offense to be taken. Unless you are referring to my pointing out the time you are wasting speculating about stuff you have no idea about. In which case I'm still not offended. Sure there is a third option - I laid it out. You can choose not be believe me that is your perogative. I don't really care other than it could detract from work that @rocketman is doing and that would be #sad. Hey I don't actually speak for BFC and I have not seen the code I'm just reporting my opini
  19. Here are the two that either just finished or are under discussion. The others have fallen down in the list but they are there some where: https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/thefgmforum/forums/cmsf2-operation-five-lions.406/ https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/thefgmforum/forums/the-brigade-battles-campaign-cmrt.465/
  20. That kind of thing happens fairly regularly over at The Few Good Men. There have been several pretty successful campaigns and there are some well thought out and workable rules and people with experience. I would recommend heading over there and joining the next one that comes up. After that get involved in creating the next one. See ya over there.
  21. There are tons of idle and rampant speculation in this thread. I have a high degree of confidence that Charles does have a very good idea how the code for bridges works and what its limitations and short comings are. I also have a high degree of confidence that there is no single bridge bug that he is hiding or pretending he has fixed or cannot fix or <insert any other speculation you guys can come up with>. So, feel free to continue to speculate if you like but it it is for sure a) wrong and b) a waste of time. How do I know this? Because I have logged many bridge problems both of
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