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  1. A point I very much agree with. My initial rant on the face looked like a "why are they producing anything with hexes" rant but that's not really how I feel. My problem was that in all the games presented there was one actual game that didn't use hexes (CM) and one game in development that didn't (Broken Arrow). Amidst a sea of hex based games. Yep!
  2. If you bought Battle for Normandy when it was version 1, 2 or 3 then you need to enter those keys as well. Order doesn't matter. Look for the Activate Module link in the program group or the install directory. You will need to enter your original game key, possibly the engine 2 and engine 3 update keys and finally the engine 4 upgrade key. Sounds like you already have entered the engine 4 key so start by entering just the key that came with the original game and see if that works. Then enter the keys for any engine upgrades you bought. If none of that works see below... 4.03 is
  3. Step one VR glasses. How cool would it be to watch a turn from the perspective of one or more of our pixel troops.
  4. OK just finished skimming though the content from the point mentioned by @Holien. Fairly interesting discussion about CM and the military project it is part of. Cool. One other thing that struck me is WTH do games still have and show hexes? I really wish they would stop doing that (sure games have to track things internally some how - I just don't need to see that bled out into the visuals of the game). We have computers now, so, even in 2D we don't need hexes to track movement. Speaking of which why are we still making 2D war games? I just don't feel any nostalgia for those old board gam
  5. and @Bil Hardenberger him self talks about Cold War at 1:42:21. He does not look like his avatar
  6. Welcome back There is nothing in the game's commands to allow you to issue coordinated orders. You have to estimate who will be where when and add pauses to the way points to create some coordination. With experience you can get reasonably good. That is not possible in a QB. If you are playing someone trusted you can create a scenario to accomplish this but you have to refrain from not looking at the other guy's force. Way, way back a friend of mine and I did that: We included some instructions on how to set it up.
  7. Let's eat Grandma. Commas save lives! Let's eat, Grandma.
  8. While I don't think everyone needs to quote each and every mistake if anyone does want to quote from a briefing you can get the text. Open the scenario in the editor and select the briefing editing page and export the briefing that you want. That will let you save the briefing text to a text file. From there you can open the file in a text editor and quote away.
  9. Apparently realistic. It does help to have someone in the commander's seat for the BMP 3. I'm not sure about the BMP 2 It might not open a top hatch without someone in the commander's seat.
  10. Yes, that will work. There is actually a 2.11 patch too.
  11. Thanks - I'm getting caught up... Great stuff as usual. I hope you can figure out the cropping. I take it from this comment you are not using my method of using ffmpeg.
  12. That would be an awsome add to the TacAI. At the moment that is just a feature ask and my understanding is a pretty big one too. For right now you need to do a bit of micro managing - maybe someday.
  13. Excellent capture of a cool happening. Just a little feedback: The gif frame rate seems high. PS. I'm still out of up-votes otherwise I'd be giving you one.
  14. LOL check Wait, is that a rule for fighting or for kids having their girl friend / boy friend over to visit check, check LOL awesome Bloody hell yeah must remember that one.
  15. I think that is correct. AA fire in CW is glorious - if you have the right AA assets on map. Testing it was a total blast.
  16. I'm just starting this and did not play test it so my comments are based on my pre game planning and thoughts. So, not really spoilers since nothing has happened yet... I am planning to not rush even the initial force down any path and will likely wait for reinforcements before actually making a real move. In the mean time I'm going to use the recon units and have them pick their way through trees to get to good vantage points where I think I might even dismount the crews to have a look see. I am using the amphibious ability to have some infantry presence on my left as well. I am hoping I
  17. LOL thanks. I don't think the forum system counts yours as 10 for each like though. You'll need to put in a feature request for that.
  18. Wow guys. I'm out of likes for the day but there are lot more great screen captures - keep them coming!
  19. I am glad you like it. The game itself can sort in various ways too actually.
  20. There is no timeline for it but BFC are working on it. It's never long after the full installer comes out but it's usually not the same day either. Hanging in there.
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