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  1. In "The Cav has arrived" mission the briefing states there should be mortar support (and artillery) from the start, the mortars are not there, at least in my playthrough It is my impression that there are other instances of the briefing not being 100% correct regarding support and reinforcements, but I don't have a catalogue, it definitely deserves to be looked into, haven't seen discrepancies regarding initial force composition that I can recall Also, is it even realistic to send a light infantry company on the offensive against a MR Brigade combat group? 😁, not complaining just ask
  2. If you want newer stuff to play around then buy CMBS, if you want more readily available stuff/formations (even if you don't buy it right away) then get CMSF2, I don't know if more modules and/or scenario packs are planned for CMBS. The variety in CMSF2 has a strong appeal, it does feel different to play around with the bigger US marines platoons versus the relatively tiny 6 men platoons of the german army. I don't own any of the WWII CM games, but CMBS is said to be the more lethal environment simulated by this games, maybe coming from WWII games CMSF2 won't be such a shock. Pe
  3. I don't own any of the WWII titles so I can't comment with any detail about those, but my guess is that CMBS have more variables to play with regardless of the size of the scenarios, given the modern technologies simulated (night vision, thermals, various drones, active defense systems on some vehicles, more guided weapons to go around, etc.), otherwise CMSF2 with all its modules provides a big array of different formations, but the cost is higher with all the bundles It's true that CMBS is more unforgiving, after playing it for a while going back to CMSF2 feels much less lethal, at least
  4. As a sort of long time fan (since CMSF1 times) of CM this is good news...I think...the "Steam wars" have raged on this forums from time to time, and good reason for and against have been argued over time I sincerely hope it works, Steam does offer many conveniences to costumers and if the math works out and more people buys into the CM brand it can only benefit us all In my particular case, being from Latin America, I wonder how localized price will work (if at all), on the one hand it could entice people over outside the US to buy more titles, but certainly reduces revenue in the sh
  5. I`ve been streaming CM with Steam from a gaming PC to an iMac I use for work without issues (over a local wired network)
  6. Coming back to CM after a few years I decided to upgrade to CMSF2. It was nice to discover that owners of CMSF1 are granted a discount, sadly never bought the NATO module so I payed full price for it, and I'm having lots of fun Having been playing games since 1986, I would say CM is a good investment if you are truly into wargames and the like, there's really nothing like it that directly competes with these games Still, for me, having to deal with exchange rates from South America, it is an expensive proposition for just a "game" Don´t know if it would be profitable for Battlef
  7. Hi, thanks Just finished Semper Fi, another thing I noted is that there weren't any 81mm mortars, although they are mention at the briefings sometimes, don't remember if it was the case for SF1 too Reinforcements never arrived in last mission either (CAAT platoon IIRC)
  8. Hi, came back to CM after a long time and currently playing the Semper Fi campaign, apparently the no reinforcement issue has not been resolved as it hit me at the Flirting with Disaster mission Is it just me or is this still pending? I´m on v.2.02 Thanks
  9. You videos are both great entertainment and source of depression given how poorly I play this game in comparison
  10. "Backs to the wall" is a great mission, one of my favorites so far, together with the amphibious mission from the Russian campaign Regarding CAS, the manual states that a contested sky is assumed, forcing aircraft to fly low, it`s a design decision to make Russian ADA relevant I guess, and the lack of US SPAA a problem not seen in real life, at least in recent times
  11. Great stuff Too bad about the JTAC team Hope you keep doing this videos all the way to the end of the campaign, very curious about how you go about the next missions
  12. Great videos I´ll be waiting for the next part When I played that mission, while I divided the forces in a different way (probably a less efficient way) I came to the same conclusion that dismounted and infiltration was the way to go and the positions I aimed for were similar, except I didn´t go so deep into the area occupied by enemy recon, can´t wait to see how it goes, hope your guys make it in one piece It´s a very tough one, at least for me, expecting to play a simulation of something like Kursk 2.0 (or would it be like 5.0 by 2017??), and this one forces you to change your m
  13. It`s a great scenario Saddest moment...don't know how, but one of the trucks decided it would be a great idea to go over the minefield at the center bridge on it`s way to deliver Javelins.... My left flank collapsed rather quickly (reduced to one guy hiding in a corner for the rest of the battle) but the center and right flank held long enough for reinforcements to arrive and save the day
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