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  1. I liked this one as well. After reading this thread I am even having much better success as the Soviets. I personally tend to think less about infantry in modern titles than I should. Now learning that in CW, the tech is good but not 21st century good. The grunts have way more utility. Also glad that I was a tanker in the 90's and 2000's, not the 70's or 80's. LOL
  2. I personally like the narrative style for briefings. The more proper one's often read and sound like a real order being delivered, but I like a story. FWIW of course, I am just a silly C-DAT.
  3. That is weird, given that my experience is they worked better in the cold or when raining. Unless maybe the bad guys had not moved or run the engine in some time.
  4. Like everyone else said, you better be. "If you are not scanning your sector, you are wrong." If you are not in direct contact, the loader should be up and looking around as well, with the binoculars if the TC is not using them.
  5. As a former armor crewman, I can confirm that this is not a thing I would want my tank to do on a regular basis. Track is heavy and a real PITA to fix, especially under fire. Add a level or two of difficulty for having to fix it while not in the motor pool.... If the crunchies have demo, armor should sit back a bit and use all those wonderful weapon systems to support. IMO of course.
  6. Interesting take. I actually find the differing dice pools my favorite feature of the ruleset. Followed closely by the "reaction" features. It simulates to quality differences among the sides well. I won't give away the results of this scenario, but my plan involved making full use of the dice system.
  7. *Takes Bow* I am "Brian" in this particular episode. I "star" in three others from this season. Speak to my agent for interviews. :) Full disclosure, I am not a veteran of Iraq II. My time was before 2003/2004.
  8. That is cooler than the other side of the pillow. Thanks!
  9. I am upgrading my gaming PC sometime this fall. After I have the upgrade version of CMSF2 installed.... Will I need to install CMSF1 on the new PC and then upgrade it again? (After properly uninstalling on old PC first, of course.) I promise to injure myself in some way if this question already has been asked and answered.
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