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  1. As a former armor crewman, I can confirm that this is not a thing I would want my tank to do on a regular basis. Track is heavy and a real PITA to fix, especially under fire. Add a level or two of difficulty for having to fix it while not in the motor pool.... If the crunchies have demo, armor should sit back a bit and use all those wonderful weapon systems to support. IMO of course.
  2. Interesting take. I actually find the differing dice pools my favorite feature of the ruleset. Followed closely by the "reaction" features. It simulates to quality differences among the sides well. I won't give away the results of this scenario, but my plan involved making full use of the dice system.
  3. *Takes Bow* I am "Brian" in this particular episode. I "star" in three others from this season. Speak to my agent for interviews. :) Full disclosure, I am not a veteran of Iraq II. My time was before 2003/2004.
  4. That is cooler than the other side of the pillow. Thanks!
  5. I am upgrading my gaming PC sometime this fall. After I have the upgrade version of CMSF2 installed.... Will I need to install CMSF1 on the new PC and then upgrade it again? (After properly uninstalling on old PC first, of course.) I promise to injure myself in some way if this question already has been asked and answered.
  6. +1 to this. I have seen it happen and have had it happen while I was driving. It would usually happen in winter conditions. But never on purpose like those clowns.
  7. What this guy said. Wanted to add that it took me a second to think about why going over RR tracks like that could do what you said. That had to be impressively installed RR track that the RR track won. Also, having been there and done that with the whole "I spent 24 hours picking wire out of the tracks" thing, a HUGE +1 to the idea of not running over many obstacles unless you really have to. It might be fun in the moment but you will likely regret it later. I probably said this before... For every hour of "this is awesome" you get out of being a tanker, there are 10 hours of "thi
  8. I stand happily corrected. So the general grumblings I recall in my head of "hull down" being difficult to attain are just those damn voices again?
  9. Fighting positions would be nice but I imagine the "LOS is calculated from the center of the object" issue would be a problem. When the vehicle is in the position, it would not be able to see much. We would also have to simulate the ACE crew who stole all your pogey bait while you were sleeping while they were digging. LOL
  10. You mean the smoke generator plate on the rear deck? I never got to see the smoke genrator in actual use, but it was very handy for heating things up. When I was in Cav, the scouts were our buddies in winter.
  11. Quoted for truth. There was nothing in that MRE worth eating. It had the "tack pad" oatmeal cookie bar and some other awful side. I'd rather go hungry.
  12. I have a cow, a poor silly dog, an old Volkswagen (hey, the don't park here sign was there for a reason) and countless trees on my record as a driver. I should add all these mishaps (save a few of the trees) happened at night, in the time before thermal vision for the driver. Cleaning up the cow was...yuk. I was moving pretty fast around a curve and the farmer needed to fix his fence. Like panzersauerkrautwerfer says.... Its both easier and harder than you think. It is always wise to be kind to the driver. He can rapidly ruin the turret crews day. A M1 has GOOD breaks. If
  13. Re: 2 man crew Everything panzer saurkrautwerfer said. A 2 man crew is nuts. That statement alone makes me skeptical of the journalism. The author clearly never operated a tank or spoke to people who do. The "fun" stuff we see in game is 1/10th of what a tanker does. All the things <tm> that need to happen during "down time" just got 100% more difficult with one (or as we do it, two) less dudes. Also, what about the platoon leader or company COs ride? Those guys are always in meetngs and other officer stuff. How does all the things <tm> get done when they are gone? Yeah,
  14. Would love to see this one as a standalone mission for download. Great piece of work by all involved in making and playtesting it.
  15. Re: driver spotting When I was a driver, gunnery was pretty boring. The only fun I got to have was hauling ass back to the ready line after we were done. So I got way into helping spot. Especially when the TC was busting .50. I don't know how table 8 s done now, but in my day the most difficult was Bravo 3 Swing, the dreaded widowmaker. PC, rpg team and troops with a very short time hack. There was a "fire, fire heat and adjust. Caliber fifty!" Command in it. If the TC did not drill the rpg team in the frst burst, you lose that one. Was happy to help. I hate myself for never thinking
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