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  1. Mate, the suggestions you gave are totally obvious. (Except for "is a pig" ignorant joke) On the contrary, the topic of my request is different: I wouldn't patronize marginally super-loyal CMBO players -- they definitely could help themselves taking your advices -- my concern is the majority who *aren't* that crazy to have another computer or even a dual boot to Windows Big Siege 7. And believe me, that includes yourself, in the nearest future.
  2. Even if I buy it hundred times in a row, it still wont run on Linux
  3. Erwin, The meaning of my post is to gather some support from the players to save this abandonware from vanishing, at the very least. If there's no interest for saving it shown from our side, then, pitifully, I'll step back. And, certainly, I'm aware of all more recent CM series products. None of those are runnable on Linux: the original CM1 code is apparently too heavy legacy, and they will share the same fate, I'm afraid.
  4. Consider this a petition. Hello, Battlefront We truly love you Beyond Overlord was perhaps the very first wargame I played in my life back in early 2000s, and that's including real board games as well. And I have fallen in love. The gaming high standard you've set would make me looking reluctantly on the spinal entertainment flooded the market. Your early connection to Avalon Hill has defined very much my interests and hobbies - WWII history, Advanced Squad Leader... Thank you for all that, sincerely I'm not anymore in M$ world, for long long time - both professionally and privately, just as more and more of us. Thanks, God, never again. One thing I'm checking repeatedly on - WWII-themed WeGo Combat Mission. There's just you, Battlefront. And I realize, no release on Linux of anything from the series will ever happen. I understand, why But it's still such a shame to observe how your probably the oldest asset, CM:BO, being already free as in beer (i.e. you don't make any profit on it anymore and offer it free of charge) , rots without any updates, so that even "normal people" (M$ users) start experiencing incompatibilities they couldn't workaround. Not to speak about Linux afterlife. I'm afraid, we couldn't compensate you for porting directly. But there's a significant chance that if you consider opening the source code of CM:BO, there will be some crowd effort made to bring it back to a better life in the modern world. And shall you publish them under some Open Source license, then this chance would be much higher. At the very least, this would allow us to fix Wine without any difficult reverse engineering of the binary, or may be fix the core to make it more compatible to Wine, or both. Or with some luck, completely port it. That would be fantastic I reckon, there might be portions of 3rd party code within the CM:BO sources, which you absolutely cannot publish this way, and they need to be identified and removed upfront. This task might be significantly big as it is, and you may be lacking resources even for that. I'm sure, I could give you a hand pro bono Please consider opening CM:BO! In any case, thanks a lot, keep doing incredibly good job! -- Al Nikolov, Build System Engineer, Finland
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