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  1. Did notice one thing: the enemy doesn't surrender any more! No more marching the prisoners off the map edge as in previous CMs. Do the Syrians posses more of that fight-to-the-death spirit than their Iraqi (Or Egyptian, or Jordanian or...) confreres?
  2. Agree with Tom! As if real life commanders can cherry pick surgically appropriate OBs on the fly. Puhleeze. This is a tactical game,after all, reflecting rapidly changing conditions. Now that the purchase screen has been deep sixed players may consider learning to improvise and 'make do' like in RL.
  3. Hehe, nice try. In response to gamers' complaints, BF constantly tinkered with unit costs in CM1-3 in patch after patch. But in a market as efficient as commodity futures, the grogs always stayed a step ahead. And shared their insights on the forum. After a while, two thirds of the available units disappeared disappeared from PBEM games. Never to be seen again. Troop purchasing is one of those concepts that sound good on paper, but....
  4. IMHO, Battlefront wisely discontinued the purchase screen. As an owner of the previous titles I can attest that although it was, in a green eye shade kind of way, intitially fun and challenging troop purchasing degenerated into tedious gaminess over time. Problem was, that after hundreds of games (speaking as primarily a PBEMer) the real cost to value ratio of every unit becomes general knowledge. The effect is an ever dwindling variety of units on the battlefield; the same 'high value' tank, for example, appearing all the time (Stugs, IIRC, in CMBB). The process was very Darwinian, in a boring sense.
  5. I had the mouse lag problem till I switched out my laser mouse for an ordinary optical one.
  6. Speaking of S&S, is there a seek Hull Down command in the game? Is it even modelled?
  7. The back-up mouse is optical. It works. The laser doesn't.
  8. Performance was unbearably laggy with the (pricey) MS 6000 laser mouse. Out of desperation, I hooked up the throwaway mouse that came with the PC and *voila* drastically more responsive. It's playable now- it wasn't the video card. May be a compatibility issue here.....
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