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  1. It is a nice platform for sniping - I have an original from 1942 - the first year of production - and it shoots pretty well. The one thing that is an annoyance is the lack of a cheek rest
  2. In the USSR, a select production block of Mosins - regardless of accuracy - would be modified into sniper rifles. In Germany, those K98s that were the most accurate in factory firing tests would be converted into sniper rifles.
  3. Personally, I think he's one of those who thinks he's smarter than everyone else in the conversation and then tries to prove it further by tacking on some random pithy military quote at the end of his posts.
  4. Lol, ok. BF doesn't model things based on extreme outliers.
  5. So many words, but so few facts stated.
  6. That was the biggest amount of rambling text I've seen in a long while, topped off with a random, unrelated quote at the end.
  7. Please tell me you are joking. While we're here, John wanna tell everyone again your evidence of nukes being used at Kursk?
  8. John's credibility issues are at least as old as this discussion forum.
  9. Their aviation was not inferior by mid-1943. For instance, over the Kuban bridgehead, the German senior command started remarking that the Soviet air forces were able to do "whatever they wanted" by around the middle of the year.
  10. You bumped up this topic to make a juvenile comment like that?
  11. Not in CW - the commander has to stand farther up out of the hatch to look around, which then of course increases his exposure to enemy fire of all kinds. It was because for reasons like that, that Soviet doctrine specified that tank commanders were to remain buttoned up.
  12. Umm...screenshots taken with Nvidia's GeForce Experience software are stored on your hard drive. It's by far the best way to take screenshots in any game right now if you have an Nvidia card.
  13. 7-zip works with every single compressed file out there.
  14. I doubt it. Limited-run manuals with color images are not cheap to print, and PDF files are vastly easier to update and distribute. Not much different than most games being digital distribution-only anymore.
  15. For someone who sure loves to tell anyone and everyone how things are according to your worldview, you surely don't have much of a clue about American attitudes towards the Japanese in the 30s and 40s. Pro tip: instead of continuing to make yourself look like an utter fool, just keep your comments to yourself.
  16. Oh, piss off already. Are you really that dense to understand that certain terms just should NOT be used for PLAINLY obvious reasons?
  17. Have you been living underneath a rock for the last 80-plus years? Any excuse you make about using the term "Jap" is a laughable joke - and I'm putting it that way very politely.
  18. Why are we talking about chess in a topic about CM1 graphics issues in the CM2 part of the forum?
  19. Thanks, but I was in a combined arms battalion for the last two years of my military service, so I'm quite aware of what direct fire is. That, and instead going on and on trying to explain to everyone here what indirect fire is and isn't, you'd do well to listen to the guy in this topic who was an FO in 82nd and is quite familiar with the methods that were used in the 40s - because, unless I am mistaken, he's said that the procedures to call for indirect fire hadn't changed significantly since the end of WWII and the time when he served.
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