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  1. Yes, it's true. This game engine was designed ages ago, when computer hardware wasn't neary as powerful, so we're stuck with it until something better comes along.
  2. Production of the SVT-40 began a full year before the Germans invaded. An SVT-38 (and an SVT-40, for that matter) weighs practically the same as an M91/30. Not sure what you are trying to convey by saying "heavily built", but ultimately the main reason why the SVT-40 was dropped is because it took far less time to churn out Mosins. Not being an easy weapon to maintain in the field and accuracy issues didn't help it, either: Translation:
  3. No, they are displayed wherever the round hits - i.e., they aren't placed in a generic location.
  4. Awesome! But, I do find it funny that the second search result is Aerial Photograph of Disneyland.
  5. Al Murray is also a co-host of the We Have Ways of Making You Talk podcast, where they discuss WWII history. Overall it's good, but for someone who's regularly in the public arena, he does have a strong tendency to stutter a lot when making a point.
  6. No, it plays zero role in ammo selection. Morale and its effects on troops have been discussed at length repeatedly since CM2 was first released, and ammo selection is not a part of that. So, again, please stop spreading misleading information.
  7. That is 100% false. Please don't share misinformation about the game, because it just ends up confusing people.
  8. And that tells us precisely nothing. The SVT-40 is an interesting case. It's an improvement on the original SVT-38 design, which had issues such as the magazine falling out(!). Then comes along the SVT-40, which was meant to become the main service rifle of the Red Army. In fact, Mosin-Nagant production was ramping down in favor of the SVT-40, but then the Germans invaded. With a massive number of new rifles needed to replace the losses of 1941, back came the Mosins. Meanwhile, yes, the SVT-40 never did live up to its potential. Unless the gas valve is adjusted properly, misfires are a common problem - and it's not an easy weapon to maintain in the field. That, and it has issues with maintaining acceptable accuracy. I have a first-year production SVT-40 from Tula. It's a decent rifle to take to the range, but it is indeed a pain to clean, and I've never been able to group shots well with it.
  9. It was the Mauser G41 that was unreliable. The Walther G41 was as reliable as one could expect from a German self-loading rifle.
  10. In other news, the sun rose in the east today.
  11. Yes, it is! definitely a weird one. Sure is - yet another of the relics the Soviets offloaded on its Arab clients:
  12. The Soviets also sent ISU-152s to Egypt in the 60s and 70s, which in turn were captured in their wars with the Israelis. One interesting conversion was where they removed the main gun and converted them into BTT-1 recovery vehicles: (The tank museum in Latrun, Israel is one awesome place, that's for sure):
  13. I was about to say I don't think I ever saw a cactus in all my time at NTC, but you beat me to it. (I was never there for active duty, but once I transferred to HHC 1-185 AR in the California Army National Guard, it was our regular drill location).
  14. John, just stop already. You just make more of a fool of yourself every time you post something like this.
  15. It's more to do with the shorter barrel. Firing effectively at more than 300 meters in reality with a 5.56 mm carbine is not easy.
  16. This subforum is about CMCW, not pontificating about what the causes of World War II were. Please take it somewhere else.
  17. And you still don't get it. I do like the game and am a happy customer, but at the same time there are areas where I think there is room for improvement. It's quite alright to enjoy a game but to also say at the same time "I really wish they would improve this."
  18. No, that's just making excuses. I and others am not asking for AAA-grade graphics like in Call of Duty but something that's say, a least within 5 years of the latest trends in graphics rendering. Gamers like myself want to see the newer hardware being better utilized than it is now (seriously, there's no reason why my frame rates should be crippled when looking at some of the larger maps on, say, Final Blitzkrieg, with me running an Nvidia 3080 and a Ryzen 5600). Put another way, you may be happy with average graphics (and from the looks of your screenshots, you are running the game at almost-minimal detail), but there are those of us who want to see and experience more, within reason.
  19. Yes, average graphics, as in: Awful fog rendering The worst-looking shadows I've seen in any game Plowed fields that give a moire effect when viewed from certain angles High-detail texture and terrain object rendering that stops way shorter than it should for those with high-end systems Nonexistent proper 4K resolution support None of those things have anything to do with Fog of War. Yes, the gameplay is still great, but the graphics are definitely lagging behind in certain areas.
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