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  1. Will there be an option to buy the common wealth module with the 2.0 upgrade bundled together -- with bundle price of course? This would be akin to the current bundle of cm:bn and cw module being offered.
  2. Agreed on the automatic. I was thinking more on the lines of an update where you click "update game" button on the main screen. A check is made for your version to the current version released. If s new version exists, then the game is updated, if a newer version doesn't, then you are informed that you are on the latest version of the game. Totally understand the limited resources and where best to put them. Thanks for the reply.
  3. I would assume it would, yes... I don't follow on this forum much so I can't say I've seen any posts on the topic. Just curious if anyone or the developers had any information.
  4. Don't know if this was ever discussed before: Has there ever been discussion about the possibility of an automatic patch update from the main menu screen? Example: in some matrix games you click on "check for update" and the program connects with an update server, checks versions and then updates your game to the current patch level. I like the simplicity and ease of this kind of feature and it's certainly not some kind of make or break issue. Just curious if this has been discussed as a possible future component....
  5. Just wanted to say I'm looking forward to the new module. Looks like some really good additions to the arsenal! About how many scenarios/operations are tentatively planned?
  6. This is my experience too with regards to buildings... especially stone building. I made a post about this but it didn't garner interest. It seems that buildings, especially stone buildings should provide more cover and of course protection from rifle fire.
  7. Just send me $45 and I'll get a copy to you asap....
  8. I've seen it happen multiple times with mg units. I just haven't reported it as I just expect for things like this to happen. It happens sometimes in the close combat series, gi combat, eric youngs squad assault and in this title (cm:bn). I'm sure it's not an easy thing to fix for the ai to always know where to point the MG when there are multiple targets in different directions that it could point at. One other thing I've noticed is that stone buildings seem to offer less protection for units inside than for units behind a hedge or bocage.
  9. Sounds like my future exwife when she is yelling at me... =(
  10. The more interesting thing that I'm noticing is that the barrel, if I follow it correctly, is pointing through and therefore, shooting through the building.
  11. They weren't that great. I think they were trying to accomplish what cmbn has done but it never materialized as such. Issues with movement points, the graphics were subpar, and the modelling were off. There was some game play value and some fun in both, but neither captured the feeling of close combat in 3d that there were basically going for in my opinion.
  12. I was a tester for his games... Gi combat and eric young's squad assault...
  13. I thought that was the title of close combat 1 when it was being developed back in the mid 90's... http://forums.gamesquad.com/showthread.php?20364-Beyond-Squad-Leader-for-the-PC! Loved close combat 1 btw... my favorite out of the series!
  14. I was sort of one of the close combat people... I enjoyed steel panthers until close combat came out, then I rarely touched steel panthers after that. I was hooked on the real time aspect. I even got the cc beta team for cc4 and cc5. Then when cmbo came out, a friend whom I regularly close combat with really enjoyed it and I gave it a go. I just couldn't get into the game because of the way infantry combat worked. That was my biggest sticking point. I eventually bought cmbb and cmak and played them some... but I missed the way individual soldiers were represented and the morale of s
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