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  1. Is it a propaganda (press) shot? The large numbers (as well other unit markings) were increasingly common later in the war.
  2. Ok might be something with the colors on my screen. But the weathering on edges appears grey to me, perhaps supposed to look like the paint is worn off. However, there would be no grey showing, as at the time the base color was yellow or red.
  3. I have a question, why the grey color in the mods? It was not used anymore in the time frame the game is set in. Still I very much like your work!
  4. I have a question that I would like to have some opinions on. In the game we use the reverse order a lot. But the AI is incapable of managing it. However, is it even slightly realistic to actually drive backwards in a tank for any long distance? Out of immediate view of the enemy I do understand or on flat and open terrain. But in built up areas or forests etc? Pictures and videos of destroyed or under attack AFV show them in all manner of positions while in game my tanks end up dead with their gun dead center. It does give the player an advantage over the AI and somehow it makes the
  5. Hi, Are the tracks on the turret of the Tiger II modeled in CMRT? I have not seen them on screenshots, however they were seen on some shots from I think Commonwealth or Market Garden? Best regards, Karabekian
  6. I doubt there is any proof that the first Tiger was ever outside Germany. The number 250001 could be on a number of parts as they did not match the hull number. Perhaps some Tiger grog will emerge..
  7. One idea would be to fetch wounded or killed men left behind or capturing prisoners. A lot of small actions were about gathering information or simply keeping the enemy busy by doing harm (destroying equipment or supplies).
  8. A jack block? The solid wooden block on some tanks. As for smoke launchers, it depends on the tank and time of manufacture.
  9. For me it has always been the Eastern front. The brutality, sacrifice, the triumph of the will and ideology. The vast amount of equipment, how it was used, the camouflage schemes, the sheer vastness of it all. I love historical accuracy but also to simply play the game. The number of what-if occasions and unknown or forgotten battles simply make it more interesting to play quick battles for me.
  10. And even then, the majority of them supported the war. In fact, many of them approved of the atrocities committed against Jews (and others). What they really wanted, was a war on their own terms.
  11. I simply an all the way to the last row of bocage (the right side road ends at a building where my AT gun got to stay (IIRC the default deployment for it)) and placed most of my troops there, mortars to the extreme left. A Pz IV backed the AT gun from as far back as possible. The middle road I kept with a few AT armed infantry and half tracks at the crossroads. The entire right flank (from the middle road all the way to the right) of the map was held by a sniper team, halftrack and the King Tiger (I placed it to the right of the hill). I managed to get most of my vehicles out but my
  12. As well as the Panzer II, 38t, a lot of horses etc. We could simply conclude that the war was futile in itself and end the discussion. But as it happened, they were really, really motivated to fight this one out, whatever the outcome.
  13. Anti tank guns were not that easy to disable with tanks historically. Unless you have something heavier or manage a direct hit.
  14. Quite the opposite. Without the heavy tank battalions the Germans would have collapsed sooner on the Eastern front. It was simply not possible to recover these situations with medium tanks. IE. Citadel, Prussia 1945.. These tactical successes (keeping the German army intact despite losing the initiative) were the backbone of so many actions and were achieved by the heavy tank battalions supporting other units. In fact, they remained mostly successful throughout the war. The Panther was never suited to a breakthrough tank and by late 1944 and 1945 especially, were even by the Germans consid
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