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  1. Lt Bull: The AI is coded for the Russians. All you should have to do is a SP game, as Germans, set a 1m arc so your guy won't fire if he sees someone, and relax. In about 2 mins a stream of dudes will run by you mostly unspotted. (I do it with scernario author test on, so I can see the progress.) I will look for the blue line creep you are talking about. I have a few thoughts on it, but will wait until I have tested it specifically. (Edit:) I don't do Dropbox so I didn't download, but I can't duplicate. So far I am only seeing it remain constant. Is this only in the editor for
  2. There, all set for Battlefront to incorporate. Just playing around, Mike
  3. I just tested CMBN v2.12 (with both modules; bought but haven't installed the massive 10gb 3.0 file), and CMBB. Okay, several points: (Yes, I know I'm contradicting myself about not arguing.) 1) Well, duh, the reason people keep "burbling on" about the LOS tool (a terminology hold-over from CMx1) is because it's the ONLY FRIGGIN WAY WE CAN TELL HOW FAR OUR TROOPS CAN SEE! It isn't rendered, it isn't defined, and I can't ask my troops... wait, yes I can! Battlefront gave me this cool little tool that started with CMBO IIRC, 15 years ago, it goes from light blue to dark blue and pink
  4. I thought there was just one "Ring to rule them all": I tried in foxholes "light" fog, the Russians run to within 5m before spotting ever occurs. (Of course, the German in the foxhole gets spotted just as quickly.) Trying out other fog states next.
  5. Hi again. I've done a bunch of testing. Unlimited vis scenarios I'm good with their spotting distances. Try this scenario. 1900, 2Sep (dusk but sky is otherwise light if set to "clear", full Moon- not up yet), LIGHT fog. (Matches my original scenario.) http://ww2steel.com/temp/Spotting%20tests.btt Play as Germans, Scenario Author, don't forget to place a very small arc facing out of the window your guy is looking at, don't hide him or anything. AI will do the rest. 16 dismounted Soviet truck drivers will reach you at a jog in about 3 mins. On average, you will see about 3 of
  6. Yeah... you don't need to repeat yourself. I'm not a noob, I did read your post, and I'm not here to argue (especially when we seem to mostly agree). I have hit this combination of fog / dusk before in CM games a thousand times before, which is precisely WHY I came here to post the abnormality. I have had this problem several times since using the 3.0 engine. As we have both indicated, it seems to be an engine problem. In my work I deal regularly with visibility. I know what 500 RVR looks like; I know what 1600 RVR looks like. I understand that just because you have LOS to 200m doesn't
  7. Approximately 19:35, sunset whatever time for Ukraine in Sep'44, light fog, so yes, clearly reduced vis. But not 2-3m. I have noticed before that with long visibility indicated (200-300m) at night that vehicles can literally pass each-other and not see anything. I guess that means that they would return fire at muzzle flashes to 200m, but that due to the dark they can't see their hands in front of their faces? That was my last frustrating night battle. Line of tanks, several hundred meters vis indicated, German vehicles drove unseen through my line of tanks and assault guns spaced about 2
  8. I actually came on here to ask about exactly this very topic, and saw it already up and running. I just exited the game yesterday with a 3-finger-salute (Ctl-Alt-Del) because I was so incredibly frustrated with exactly this. QB, urban map, 19:10 start, overcast, light fog. At least 80m indicated visibility. Defending as Russians. Germans start to move immediately, I get the "I think they're over there" all over their assembly area. My guys got POUNDED by heavy arty. After all dust had cleared, suppression had stopped I have had no contact. Maybe 20 mins passes. Then I start getting
  9. I've been thinking and please allow me to revise. I did do a lot of tests in CMSF where I would use buddy aid to allow a truck driver (thus, a single man) to acquire a single weapon, then test how well he did with it at different ranges. I don't know if in game giving a sniper rifle to a truck driver is any less accurate in the game than giving the sniper rifle to a trained marksman... but I was testing differences weapon to weapon. The sniper rifles actually did horribly, as did small arms. Against a suppressed or surprised, prone enemy (aka, not shooting back), laying in sand, it often t
  10. I've played this game for thousands of hours since CMBO... but this is only my opinion. Please don’t roast me for it. CMx1- I was regularly incredibly frustrated by how much ammo it took to achieve casualties on infantry. You always had to suppress to breaking and force them to run, hopefully into open ground. Only then could you sort-of reliably eliminate them. Also, I was 10x more frustrated how inaccurate tank guns were. So many times I would work into a flanking position on enemy armor, a StuG 50m away perhaps, my T-70 would stop, fire- miss, fire- miss, the StuG would start to
  11. Yup, link is working now. I hand code the site and left the filename .wav.doc. Anyway, works now. Mike
  12. Poop. Fixed. (I hand code the html because the GUI versions add in 80% useless crap to the page. Then you start getting conflicting html and nothing works. I'd rather program it manually.) Working now. Mike
  13. Not too long ago I snagged a bunch of audio at the range. This one sounded best for CM- it was from about 200m at about 8 o'clock (relative to the tank). Sounds truly awesome in the game! Click the link in my sig, it's about 15% the way down the page. Enjoy! Mike
  14. Not too long ago I snagged a bunch of audio at the range. This one sounded best for CM- it was from about 200m at about 8 o'clock (relative to the tank). Sounds truly awesome in the game! Click the link in my sig, it's about 15% the way down the page. Enjoy! Mike
  15. Two in one day! I prepped and added my CMSF American book. As you may have seen on this and other forums I am releasing my CM books for free. This one is for the American forces. It is 63 pages detailing the equipment, formations, and support for the American forces of CMSF, including all modules (inc Marines). Click the link in my sig. It is my hobby website, not a storefront. More to follow... probably. I have books like this for just about every country in just about every CM game.... plus tons more. Enjoy! Mike
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