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  1. yes but when I click on the icon on my desktop and view the license details, it shows the license details for the original CM:SF, not the marines module. so if select unlicense from right clicking the icon on my desktop, will it unlicense the marines module, original sf or both? Just thought that the unlicensing is a bit unclear atm. I know I can get everything unlicensed through the eLicense control from control panel, but as it seems (like in my flatmates laptop) the elicense control is not available in any form. These unlicensing issues came up with another eLicense title he had on his comp
  2. You right click on the CM:SF icon on your desktop, select eLicense Control -> Procuct receipt. License Number: 01/02 for example means that the current machine is using license number one of two available licenses. You can also find the eLicense Control from your Control Panel. If they dont work you need a patch for the eLicense systems and you need to contact eLicense to get it. Not sure how well the eLicense Control will work under vista or specially vista64 but with my XP SP3 it works just fine.
  3. No problems here but a few questions came to my mind right after installing and licensing the marines module (havent even started it yet). I noticed the Marines module doesnt have an .exe file of its own? So when I right-clicked on CM: SF icon and checked the eLicense stuff it only showed me the info of CM: SF. I was trying to look if the Marines have the 2 licenses as CM:SF so I could install it on my laptop too without unlicensing on my desktop. So naturally I next progressed to scan the programs menu under battlefront and CM: SF to see whats there.. Cant remember if I've ever before che
  4. Good thing its allready 2240hrs here (thats 10:40pm to you civvies) so no need for excuses..
  5. And they thought that the LHC at Cern could be dangerous......
  6. Well.. at least Steve put in a few posts just a few mins ago.. Is it a sign? Good or bad? Up to you to decide....
  7. Cant resist myself.... http://newmail.monsterserve.com/keepout/movies/truth.wav
  8. I think there is a job for "The CM Squirrel Force" for locating and neutralising this WMD: http://www.jibjab.com/view/161168
  9. Well if the price is right... We allready have a deal with the russians to dispose their waste and they pay us good. then at night we dump that into sweden while they sleep. you really think those swedish blondes are natural?!?! you can thank us of those mutations
  10. Steve, you gotta remember that AMD/ATI has finally gotten their **** together again and have managed to bring their chips to really compete against Nvidia again. Ever since AMD bought ATI the gfx company has been falling more and more behind Nvidia and thats why the market has been a bit skewed for a while now imo. And also the fact that the "kick ass" ATI card costs half that the corresponding Nvidia model, no wonder sales drop a bit after that. I remember a few weeks ago I was helping a friend buy a really cheap new gfx card and I ended up recommending nvidia 8400 since his old card was over
  11. I dont think beer will do it anymore.. I need some flakpanzerfuel..
  12. We wanna steal your lakes before Canada gets em all..
  13. You marines aint so tough. All we (├╝ber)finns needed was some yellow snowballs and a few of us santas little helpers drove Stalins armies crying to mama (the truth is actually too horrible to reveal). *throws a snowball (not yellow this time) at Huntarr and skies away*
  14. "Wake up <enter name here> or you'll miss the invasion..." How come theres no Huntarr art on this thread yet? *ducks for cover* And you think you have it bad there.. Think about us poor europeans who will have to wait even "longer" than you in the US. For example if they give a date for release like "its coming on friday" it'll allready be saturday here when it comes out.
  15. All you yankees got to fear is that if your country keeps doing idiotic things like invading Iraq you're the one that'll be invaded.. And trust me, you don't want any ├╝berfinns knocking at your doorstep
  16. This should be moved into tech support section BUT. Have you tried disabling shadows ingame? IIRC there was something about the shadows not working very well on 8800's.. Its been a long time since I've read any tech support posts so not sure at all what the current status is. Also the note about using opengl has been discussed many times in the tech support forums when cmsf was first launched over a year ago. if you're really interested you can look up those old posts. I'd only like to say that OpenGL is most definitely not a dying API, they've just got the OpenGL 3.0 specs decided. Als
  17. Darn it! And I thought I'd have my job done by now with CM: SF.. but now you have a new module coming out.. cheezzz.. well.. looks like I'm going to have to report for duty to squish (or just post dozens of posts of performance graphs for nothing) all those nasty bugs that will arise with the Marines module.. Pre-order done and waiting for the go! And hi to anyone who might remember me. Mehh.. what the heck. Hi to those too who dont remember me.
  18. Okay.. Just some clarifications.. ArmA was actually the half finished version of project codenamed "Game2" by BIS. Since they clashed with Codemasters about the project and ended up going on different paths, BIS had to get some money to finish the project named "Game2". So they released ArmA which even reported by BIS devs to be more like OFP 1.5 than OFP2. Also those of you who have played ArmAs earlier versions are not talking about the same game as ArmA is now. With the latest patches its actually quite playable. BIS is in many ways the same kind of company as Battlefront is, they wont let
  19. Last night. We are still tweaking it but it offers support for payments via Paypal and also the ability to look up lost license codes online. Expect a more formal announcement about this once we get a few kinks worked out. Madmatt </font>
  20. Same here with the 8800GTS. Fired up Allahs Fist with best / best and multisample on (also turned the settings from nvidia control panel to application controlled) and got around 45fps average.
  21. Around 45 fps in Allahs Fist now with 1.04 using best / best with multisample on.
  22. Unfortunately... There is a.... HUGE improvement on my system! I just woke up 20 minutes ago and had the patch download while I was sleeping so I punched it in and HOLY CRAP! Its flying! I'm getting around average 45 fps with best / best on allahs fist right now! Funny that I'm the first one to report on this but it looks like the others are still playing the game after the patch came out.. Good job guys! BTW Steve, shouldnt this thread be in the tech support section? [ October 02, 2007, 12:29 AM: Message edited by: Hotti ]
  23. How about just making a new type of order; AT-attack or smth which would tell only the RPG guy from the Syrian squad to attack (and also make a range limit to this order so you couldnt order the guy to run half a map to its target) the AFV or whatever its facing. Make it so that if the RPG guy cant find a valid LOF to a target within 10m of his squad he would return back to his squad. This would not require splitting the team and would also imo follow the doctorine and real life too. Also another thing which albeit is a bit off topic here is sort of annoying to me. And that is the level of
  24. this is quite interesting.. I may have to dig up my IL2 out from somewhere and see how it runs on my current rig..
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