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  1. Downloading the Full install from 4 now. So basically I should uninstall my current nonworking v1.11 game from my comp. Once the 4 full install version finishes downloading I just use that and poof! CMBN is now latest version 4! Do I use the License I got with the 3+$ bundle? Not my original game license right? If it doesn't work I'll know what to switch back.
  2. Yea,finally downloaded upgrade 3 took near 5 hrs. Will contact support now,an all in 1 installer sounds like a good idea about now.
  3. Bought the combined 3&4 upgrade on Tuesday no problem. Went to download both and it seemed incredibly slow. Wed morning I found that only the new manual had downloaded.So am re-downloading upgrade 3 now first,then will do upgrade 4. Again the download seems to be going very slowly and upgrade 3 is composed of 25 items all but one of those items are greyed-out with a ? next to them. The sole item in green is the CMBN_setup.exe My question is what is the proper download and installation procedure? Also none of the 25 files/items were over 1GB and I used winzip to download them is
  4. Just bought the upgrade 3 and 4 bundle for CMBN hopefully I'll have this up and running in a few hrs!
  5. Thanks,made a ticket already but my thinking was my engine 1 ver1.11 was just too old. Will get the 3 and 4 upgrades and see if that fixes it. Thanks for getting back to me!
  6. Bought boxed addition of CMBN March 2011. Was XP or Win7 then I don't recall but it installed and ran fine 2 computers and 8 years ago. Fast forward to today and Win10 with a better computer. Sys specs: i5-7500CPU 3.40Ghz Ram: 8GB 64-Bit OS Win10 Have CMBN engine 1 with the v1.11 patch I go into the install folder click and I get the following msg: UI not found. Please check that you have the proper UI resource files. The application will be terminated. Does Win10 simply not run this older version? Do I need to buy upgrade 3 & 4 and apply them and all w
  7. I can't believe I read through 12 pages of this tripe. And it all started because one fellow isn't enjoying the game,morphed into a Bill Clinton explanation of "fun"........then topped off with URC vs Steve. Must admit the URC vs Steve aspect is fun to watch.
  8. Did you ever read a thread and just wonder what the hell some people just feel they have to prove? While i am trying to learn the game and enjoy what is in store with full release,there is a group that just plain ain't happy. Single-player just ain't good enough. Alright,I can understand that I too am looking forward to playing pbem. Then we hear,noway is pbem acceptable! It's too damn slow! Fine and dandy,they totally loose me here but they have the RT option,except that is not what they want as is now either. So we have weird mind bending conspiracy theory about Battlefront trying to
  9. It is amazing the difference effective use of smoke can make! Thanks for the suggestion,it had quite frankly slipped my mind.
  10. What? Did you actually play CM:BO? CM:BB? or CMAK? Played each of them for years pbem and that worked perfectly well. I always like to watch the playback at least 2 times before sending a turn back. That is at least a two min time delay,to then fire off an e-mail adds about an additional min to that so approx every 4-5 min turns are flipped. When there is "nothing" to report or happening the turns go faster. Stop the "game is fatally flawed" nonsense! It is a fantastic upgrade to the original series. Damn happy I put my $60 down for it. I already want the British expansion pack.
  11. Not at all familiar with CMSF,tried this basic scenario. I had more than 14 KIA,I'll leave it at that. Will be trying this again later tonight,more having problems issuing proper commands and getting units into the positions i want them to be at. But its a heck of alot of fun.
  12. The cow is patient..........................moo!
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