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  1. Downloading the Full install from 4 now. So basically I should uninstall my current nonworking v1.11 game from my comp. Once the 4 full install version finishes downloading I just use that and poof! CMBN is now latest version 4! Do I use the License I got with the 3+$ bundle? Not my original game license right? If it doesn't work I'll know what to switch back.
  2. Yea,finally downloaded upgrade 3 took near 5 hrs. Will contact support now,an all in 1 installer sounds like a good idea about now.
  3. Bought the combined 3&4 upgrade on Tuesday no problem. Went to download both and it seemed incredibly slow. Wed morning I found that only the new manual had downloaded.So am re-downloading upgrade 3 now first,then will do upgrade 4. Again the download seems to be going very slowly and upgrade 3 is composed of 25 items all but one of those items are greyed-out with a ? next to them. The sole item in green is the CMBN_setup.exe My question is what is the proper download and installation procedure? Also none of the 25 files/items were over 1GB and I used winzip to download them is
  4. Just bought the upgrade 3 and 4 bundle for CMBN hopefully I'll have this up and running in a few hrs!
  5. Thanks,made a ticket already but my thinking was my engine 1 ver1.11 was just too old. Will get the 3 and 4 upgrades and see if that fixes it. Thanks for getting back to me!
  6. Bought boxed addition of CMBN March 2011. Was XP or Win7 then I don't recall but it installed and ran fine 2 computers and 8 years ago. Fast forward to today and Win10 with a better computer. Sys specs: i5-7500CPU 3.40Ghz Ram: 8GB 64-Bit OS Win10 Have CMBN engine 1 with the v1.11 patch I go into the install folder click and I get the following msg: UI not found. Please check that you have the proper UI resource files. The application will be terminated. Does Win10 simply not run this older version? Do I need to buy upgrade 3 & 4 and apply them and all w
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