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  1. Just came out today it seems. I'm downloading it now. Tanks and aussies are now in Download is directly from steam. (free obviously) v1.3 Changelog: New Maps - Sened - Sidi Barrani - Arid (Reskin of Arad) - Wasser (Custom map included with permission) New Content - Italian infantry player models - Italian voice commands - MAB 38A SMG - Carcano M91 Rifle - Ordnance QF 2 Pounder ATG - Flak 36 ATG - Elefantino 47/32 ATG - Vickers Mk VIB - Valentine Mk II - Matilda Mk II - Matilda Mk III CS - Panzer II AUSF F - BWM R75 - Nobel 808 Charge - Geballte Ladung
  2. New 10 page article scanned by a fan: [commercial link removed] If they have really gone to the extremes that the magazine claims it's going to be pretty damn amazing. Especially comforting is the last part of the article (the interview) where a dev addresses the concerns over the multiplayer numbers.
  3. I'm really hoping this changes. Right now, the AI is completely unflexible since it operates based on scripts made by the designer. What I'd like to see is BFC going back to the AI of CMx1 only making it "better".
  4. I'm not an expert but this doesn't seem like the kind of thing that would be incredibly hard to add and it would make SUCH a huge difference. It's so much easier to get a multiplayer game going when all you have to do is jump into the lobby in-game, host something, wait for 5 minutes, somebody joins and you start. This is SO much simpler than having to post in forums/hang out in chatrooms. I can't emphasize enough how badly how hope BFC adds this feature in the next major title/module. PBEM is fun, but sometimes I want to play a game from start to finish because I have a couple hou
  5. When I get my paycheck on Friday we'll see So you enjoyed the Marines campaign?
  6. Alright now that the standalone 1.10 patch is out I'm d/ling it and giving CMSF another shot. I don't have Marines but if this goes well I'll probably buy it. What would you guys reccommend I start with? What are some quality scenarios/campaigns with great AI and a real challenge? (either "official" ones or customs made by somebody) What's the easiest way to get a multiplayer game going?
  7. Yes Cagny has some serious issues. However some of the maps are very very high quality. I'd reccommend these three in particular (all from the same mapper funnily enough) Foy Stavelot La Gleize (new one) Easily up there with the best of RO and has some very intense Battle of the Bulge combat.
  8. Sad day indeed. I really love his salad dressing.
  9. Huh... I apologize then. Still can't find it though :S.
  10. Alright I posted something like this like a week ago but it disappeared so I guess the mods deleted it (maybe too harsh on 1.0? dunno, in any case it'd be nice if I could at least get a PM and maybe get the opportunity to read replies first :confused:) Just so it's clear I'm not bashing Battlefront here or trying to get banned just being honest and I'd like some solid answers on my concerns before I dish out some more money. Basically, I was really hyped about 1.0 like everybody but was pretty much bored out of my mind/driven insane by these three big issues: 1. The utterly incompeten
  11. Alright I'm really concerned about all the talk about a possible invasion of Iran during the next presidential term and was wondering what your thoughts on it all were. I know there's a lot of ex-military people on here and people who might be able to know a bit more about this kind of thing. Basically, I'm 20 years old and I'm really worried a draft will get reinstated if this starts. I have no problem serving my country but honestly right now I'm incredibly excited about life and a lot of amazing stuff going on for me right now. I've got some incredible financial opportunities that I thin
  12. I find it extremely worrying that this woman could quite easily be the leader of the most powerful country on earth. Pastor Kalnins has also preached that critics of President Bush will be banished to hell; questioned whether people who voted for Sen. John Kerry in 2004 would be accepted to heaven; charged that the 9/11 terrorist attacks and war in Iraq were part of a war "contending for your faith;" and said that Jesus "operated from that position of war mode." I'm a believer but this is just... sheer insanity. Yeah, I may have my own issues with Obama, but I think I'll stick with
  13. If I'm a ad spammer working for Codies you're an ad spammer working for BIS. Arma 2 is being released on consoles as well so there goes that argument out the window. Codemasters has said repeatedly that it wants to please the fans of the original OFP as much as possible and is not dumbing the game down for consoles (the PC version will however have extra features, detail and higher multiplayer count). They even went as far as changing what helicopter was being used when people on the forums complained about it (they were putting in the blackhawk but someone pointed out that the marines
  14. Err. alright. I was banned a while ago here (no idea why) under the name Nox, NoxSpartana, Icyscythe, or NoxSpartae (honestly can't remember) Your post did make me laugh though . To the dude asking about OFP1 vs. Arma1 go with Arma if you're mainly just interested in multiplayer (read: giant coop games). Its campaign is utter trash however. OFP's campaign (and its addon's) were glorious. Then again I think a port is being worked on for the OFP campaign for Arma.
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