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  1. A very unhappy 33 year old who can't go clubbing two weekends in a row, that's why I'm writing this reply. Young lads get out there and party while you still have the energy!! Mark
  2. I got my last 4 pbem opponents right here on the Battlefront forum, you generally always get a couple of responses if you post on the opponent finder section. Mark
  3. Cheers mate, I thought it was something like that. Mark
  4. I know its been asked about 100 times before, but the search doesn't yield anything for me. How do you start up a game you have as a pbem file as an ip game? Regards, Mark
  5. 33 and feeling like every moment has been spent abusing my self.
  6. Just started HSG B Never Known as a pbem and looking forward to it. Cheers for the effort guys, Cold
  7. Guys, I've always wondered about trying a campaign and after reading this thread I've decided to go for it. Downloading the tables now and gonna see what happens. Cheers for the heads up and also for the link to RobOs Quick Campaign. Cold
  8. You flash bugger, I'm still enjoying the box of matches and a length of string my father gave me as a christmas present when I was 10.
  9. At the time I was playing a scenario and there was no AAA provided with my forces. This brings me on to something I was thinking about yesterday. How far behind and an advancing infantry company(s) supported by tanks, or an advancing tank company for that matter would the AA company (or elements there of) supporting the attack follow behind? Was there a pre-determined distance in German doctrine for this type of thing or was it all based on the level of the threat? Cheers Lads, Cold
  10. Just thought I'd share a particularly success full (for my opponent that is) attack by an airplane on my forces last night. I had 3 Stugs and I embarked a HMG platoon and my Company CO. Off I set at speed with the intention of dropping off the HMGs' and then keeping the armour out of sight below the ridgeline that I was driving up. My tanks get to the ridge line and who should they see but a Sherman, so the HMG boys jump off and the tanks engage the Sherman. Success, my Stugs knock out the Sherman and my MG42 crews have rann into a couple of lovely craters located in the scattered trees
  11. Sergei, Your post was most insightful and uncompromisingly accurate. I wish to subsrcribe to your weekly newsletter if that may be at all possible. Cold
  12. Just out of curiosty and because and I haven't got the foggiest idea about US heavy metal. What is US armour like at this stage of the war? Is it good with bad points, bad with some good points or all bad. How do they measure up to the German armour of the time, Mk IV for instance? What about killing them, will a 75mm take care of just about anything they can field? Cheers lads,
  13. Jason, (or any other contributors) Would you say that the force mixes you gave above also hold good in Italy for 1943?
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