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  1. I tried that once, and the only thing I got was ambushed by a sexy uncon chick with a RPG-29.
  2. ... and I seriously mean it man. This engine has serious potential and with the 1.21 patch, this game plays amazing. I really enjoy playing this game, but the problem with the game, the samething with CMx1, is that it seems like no match making service supports it. This is an open question to the devs: is the code for the game conducive to matchmaking services like Gameranger? I play Age of Empires, Close Combat and Populous using that service every once and again and I think it would be great if the CM series was supported by more matchmaking services. I know it's easy to do PBEM and join
  3. Hmm.. I've had similar trouble with my Nvidia card. Not the textures, but the crashing. What series Nvidia card is it? My problems mimicked system ram failure, but I realized it was the card. Not just the card, but the newer series drivers for the 9 series. I solved the problem by using a hand me down ati from my brother. I would recommend clearing your pagefile, using Driver Cleaner to clean up the older drivers, rolling back the video card drivers for your series card and reinstalling the games again for a second time. Does your motherboard come with onboard graphics? Which operating
  4. So I am building a new computer, and I plan on ordering CM:SF and CM:SF Marines in order to push my new system to the limit. I'm waiting for the British module, as well as CM:Normandy with baited breath and I am wondering if the modules will be backwards compatible with each other? As in being able to use British units with USMC units and so on and so on. Will CMx2 WW2 be backwards compatible with the modern CMx2 units? It would be awesome to compare and contrast results between units with modern weapons and units without, etc. Personally, I'm hoping that the Brits module will be compatible
  5. ... and based on what I've read in terms of the improvements of the gameplay mechanics, equipment, and bug squashing, I honestly am interested in CMSF again! I've only played one of the older demos as well as playing it on a friends computer (1.08) and didn't think much of it because of some of the problems in those version of the game. After reading both the positive and negative things said about this version of CM as well as reading the fix list with 1.11, I want to give this game another shot. Should I buy it now, or wait for the British module and the boatload of changes that I believ
  6. Uberpickle

    Tacops 5

    I would like to know if Tacops 5 is coming out soon for civilians and if it is, what changes will it bring?
  7. I've just downloaded the Syrian Armed Forces pack for flashpoint that is supposed to accompany the "lost brothers" IDF/Egyptian/Hizbollah/Jordanian armed forces and man, I've been fighting some pretty pitched battles with them. So far, I've pitted the Syrians against the US Marines, the French army, Union Army soldiers, the IDF and even some "mechs". As an interesting side note, I threw an IDF paratrooper squad against two Waffen SS '44 autumn squads and well, the IDF creamed them pretty good overall in six different tests (urban, uphill, down hill, assaulting, defending, ambush/ambush rea
  8. Try Ethiopia vs. Eritrea or the Angolan civil war. Or Iran-Iraq. Have any of you guys played the modern squad battles games (Korea to Soviet Afghan war)? They are great and I could see myself, from playing the Korean and Vietnam versions, drooling over a CM version of these wars.
  9. I'm sick of the big wars in first world countries as strategy games. Give me the Angolan Civil War, Arab-Israeli wars, African bush wars, Peru vs. Ecuador (hypothetical), Central American wars, Iran-Iraq war and the Russian Chechen situation any day over the same washed over stuff. I played the John Tiller stuff (Soviet Afghan war, Vietnam, Korea and the Africa @ War mod for Pacific War, absolutely interesting and tense.) If not on the strategic level, at least make games based on a tactical level. [ December 16, 2007, 10:26 PM: Message edited by: Uberpickle ]
  10. Where are the blinding grenades in CM? (was that white phosphate?)
  11. http://www.the-proving-grounds.com/scenario_details_link.html?sku=1379 Be nice
  12. Ok guys, a little update: Unfortunately, for times sake and to make the operation playable and enjoyable, I made the map 6 sq. KM. I have the general outline of the island mapped out and I am going to go through it again, create the air field and begin creating the outskirts of the town. I sketched out the island through tracing, along with the infrastructure. [ October 14, 2007, 10:28 AM: Message edited by: Uberpickle ]
  13. I'm thinking about creating a fictional operation with Axis paratroopers in the town of Eastport, Maine. What advice would you give me regarding crafting this scenario? I already have the 1945 maps of the area, I just don't know how I want it to go.
  14. Whenever I sit down to write a briefing, it is kind of annoying to go back into the unit editor and write down all of the formations available to the player. Is there any sort of program that can do that for you?
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