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  1. This is why most "anti-virus protections" are damn close to being classified as virus' themselves.
  2. Well, only four our of 23 scenarioes in that search are under 2000 points, and I've played all of them. I used to be part of a group who made scenarioes for eachother, but we've sort of lost contact with eachother. RL messing up things as usual. This is kind of why I thought to ask here, but thanks anyway.
  3. Mostly because we've played many of them and read most of them.
  4. Anybody want to help a friend of mine and I by setting up a PBEM Scenario for us? We're a bit tired of random maps and finding out we show up with armies that generate very one sided battles. Also, some intel and/or story would be nice. So, to preserve the element of surprise we decided to come here and ask someone to throw something together for us. Nothing big though. We want small company sized engagements with little armor support. We were thinking something in early Finland with fairly historical OOBs. Anybody want to help out?
  5. What kind of things are you hearing?
  6. Pardon me for asking, but what were the security measusers on SC2?
  7. Hi, I just reinstalled CMBB and it seems either my memory (as in my old brain) or new screencard is causing some bugs. I thought there was a way of setting the "Show Paths" setting so that it would display the paths of all selected units. As it stands it seems I can either show the paths of ALL my units OR one of the selected units. Not All Selected... Am I remembering wrong?
  8. The CO must have the trem HQ in his name and be the first HQ on the roster. I think...
  9. About German tanks: AFAIK the Germans had stopped development of new designs after France, because they where convinced they had the best tanks in the world. This didn't change until they met the T-34 and KV-1 in the field. If you want to change history in any meaningful way, you can't just have the Germans waiting 6-12 months, you need to give them better intel about Russian tanks. And remember, the Russians had only just started production of the T-34 and KV-1. One of the reasons the drive on Moscow failed was that the Russians finally managed to get large numbers of them to the front.
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