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  1. Another option is to remove GaussianBlur, or at least reduce the effect using the sliders from the Reshade panel. I find that the default effect feels a bit too blurry like when the old-school night-time soaps would put Vaseline on the camera to eliminate the wrinkles on the not-as-young-as-she-was actress.
  2. Looks like material for a good mod! Anyone? Smash, out!
  3. @Sequoia, are you asking what trucks are included for the Brits and NATO in CMSF2? It is limited, mostly to light utility vehicles. Looking at the manuals, the British module adds the 2.5-ton M1078 A1 for the US Army. The British are limited to the TUM, a militarized version of a Land Rover. The Germans, Canadians and Dutch have access to the Wolf/G-Wagen. The only other "general truck" available in the game is the US Marines' Mk23 MTVR. Generally, CMSF uses APCs/IFVs for squad transport. The Germans have the Fuchs, the Canadians have the LAVs, and the Dutch have the YPR. The Canadia
  4. It's one of the reasons that I love CMSF: great variety of battles from wide open terrain to building-to-building fighting! The other reason? Variety of forces. Each country is so different in terms of force composition ans weaponry. I only wish we had more variety from the Syrian side (i.e., Russian advisors, Iranian help, etc.). Smash, out!
  5. I have seen a lot of wonky pathfinding in the demo. I have played both Wilcox and the Bank. I have seen the example you describe as well as armor avoiding passable albeit roughy terrain and infantry looping around buildings even though a door exists that could conceal their approach. Concerned. Smash, out!
  6. Hi, all. I just realized that my old mod for CMFI/GL never ported to the new CMMODs III. You can download the file here. This mod replaces the default floating icons in Combat Mission: Fortress Italy (CMFI) and its Gustav Line module. These stylized icons are based on the U.S. War Department’s 1943 Basic Field Manual FM21-30 Conventional Signs, Military Symbols and Abbreviations. The icons have a slightly three-dimensional appearance so that they look like counters from traditional board-based war games. And, when the icon blinks (i.e., the unit is selected or wounded), the unit’s natio
  7. Hi, all. I have posted a set of floating icons for CMSF2 at CMMODs III. You can download the file here. The mod replaces the default floating icons with NATO-inspired symbols. There are detailed instructions in the zip file that explain what each symbol means and how to use the files provided. Personally, I find these symbols easier to read/understand then the default icons. For an added bit of fun, when a unit is selected, the icon will blink that unit's national flag (see the screen shots below for examples of British, Syrian and American icons). I built this mod from the CMSF2 demo b
  8. I am having path issues. In both Wilcox and Bank, I have units going out of their way to avoid a seamingly straight and clear line between waypoints. In Bank, my UK sections regularly ignore one door to loop around to the side of a building without cover, only to get killed. In Wilcox, I know the terrain just outside of town has areas that are impassable, but my Brads would rather ignore two orders that are only meters away to double-back and find a road. Smash, out.
  9. Funny, I thought the simplicity of this scenario is what made it work so effectively. I found it a terrific training ground to learn how the TacAI worked and how one type of platoon would perform against another. In fact, I created lots of flavors of this scenario that replaced the US Army side with the Marines, Brits, Canadian, Germans and Dutch. I even created versions of it in other CMx2 titles to do similar experimentation and learning. So, I look forward to it being ported. I just hope they don't make it more sophisticated! Smash, out!
  10. Yes, CMSF2 includes the same scenario editor and quick battle editor as you get in CMBS. Smash, out.
  11. Just after CMFI was released, Battlefront released a "hotfix" that included new shaders for ATI and nVidia cards. Does the v4 upgrade replace these shaders? I was just doing some clean-up and realized that I still have these files in my Mods folder. Smash, out.
  12. I'm pleased to announce the release of my first scenario Operation Ladbroke. This small scenario for CMFI (Gustav Line required) depicts the battle between the British 1st Airlanding (glider) Battalion and Italian Coastal Division at Ponte Grande Bridge on 9 July, the night before the Allied amphibious landings in Sicily. It is playable as either side or head-to-head. It is available for download at The Few Good Men website. You can download it from this page. It is the last scenario listed.
  13. JonS, thanks for this. You've been one of my favorite scenario designers and this peak behind scenes is a treat...like reading a Stephen King blog on his process for writing a book (if you're a fan of his genre). It's also may prompt me to try my hand at scenario building at some point
  14. Fuser, when are you going to get to the Shermans!?! I thought you were a German-a-holic until I saw the Stuart and the Jeep. Now, I can't wait to see the well-loved, well-used M4s. Bob
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