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  1. Given the deal with Slitherine are we likely to see the updated British campaign when CMFS2 is released on their store (25th August I believe)
  2. Thanks I've found them - for me they were in the V4 Upgrade Bundle and the CMFS2 upgrade orders. I updated using the patch but I just like to have the full install for backup purposes. One minor wish for the order page if Battlefront are reading - could it show a summary of the order - took a bit of random clicking to find the right ones
  3. I'm having what the wife would call a senior moment but could someone remind me where the all in one installers are? Thanks
  4. Just had a look in my Scenario Folder and there is a USMC Rahadnak Valley Search SF2
  5. I think had something similar in the past when I had 2 patch files in the same folder. So I had for example patch101.exe and patch101.brz in the same folder as patch102.exe and patch102.brz. (names made up) It got very confused when I ran patch102.
  6. I'm seeing the same but only happens for me when a unit is selected I don't have any of the mods you have but we do have the same graphics card - GTX970.
  7. Which version is the all in one file? There was a problem with PBEM games freezing at 25% following the recent patch and an extra fix was released(v2.02)
  8. I've done some brief experiments just moving files between my Outgoing and Incoming folders. I chose the attacker in both cases as the originator of the game Attacker Automatic, Defender Choice - crashes after password prompt for defender Attacker Choice Defender Automatic - defender enters password and generates new file. Attacker crashes at 5% loading
  9. I'm progressing this with the help desk. It appears to be an issue with the QB Force Selection screen as if you let the computer choose forces it works fine. So in my case its a QB, PC to PC both with NVidia GTX970 video cards
  10. I've tried a couple of different maps and different forces. I've got a ticket open with the helpdesk so they are looking into it at the moment. Oddly for CMRT it lets my opponent process the first file but then it crashes at 5% when they return it to me. It does work for CMBN and CMFB
  11. Similar problem now with CMRT - CMFB and CMBN working OK
  12. We're both at 2.01 and we've both tried running the PBEM on our own machines and it doesn't work (Same error). Both have the same modules and it was working fine before the patch. A quick battle with the same settings works fine in single player
  13. Has anybody been able to start a new CMFI PBEM since the latest patch? For us it either crashes or loads to 5% and then bites the dust
  14. I see it once I've issued the Face order. So when I click on Face I see no blue line but after I've selected the direction the blue line appears.
  15. i have the same issue - downloaded the upgrade (not the full install) and I get the missing 312.brz error message. The upgrade file does not contain a 312.brz file nor does my V3 install Edit: problem solved. I hadn't applied the 3.12 patch to my CMBN. (my full install download only went up to 3.11). Applying this and then v4 again solved the problem
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