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  1. http://www.onwar.com/maps/wwii/westfront/brittany.htm "Forces of Patton's Third Army with elements of the US First Army on the left flank pressed into Brittany. The German forces fell back into designated ports to hold out, in one case up to the end of the war." I wonder what that "one case" was? Lorient?
  2. ...is regarded as a compleat waste of time, whereas work should be done on the next CMx WW2 game so...
  3. Yes indeed. BMP-2's, six of them. Three on each side... I see... That would also explain why the smoke was all over the place...
  4. I´m just about to finish a PBEM-game (red vs. red) with a friend. On the 4. or 5. turn the battlefield was beginning to cover up with thick black smoke. I asked him how he managed to get smoke with the two 82 mm mortars we both had. He said (between some very intresting curses) that he had ordered a plain two mortar, medium done, anti-personnel shelling immediatly... So there is smokegrenades, you just don't know when you get them. If you get them.
  5. Thanks Cpl Steiner. I have to admit it took some serious thinking to get it right. It seems so easy at first, just a few "greater than" and "less than" values, but you can easily mess them up with hilarious results. Then again, I´ve never been good at math...
  6. Like this example then? Enemy casualties 70% = points awarded if enemy casualties are over 70% Enemy condition 30% = points awarded if less than 30 % of enemies are in ”good shape”. Enemy Ammo 20% = points awarded if the enemy has less than 20% ammo left. Friendly casualties 70% = points awarded if own losses are less than 70%. Friendly condition 85% = points awarded if over 85% of own troops are healthy. Friendly ammo 80% = points awarded if over 80% of your own troops ammo are left. Did I get it right?
  7. Thanks Cpl Steiner! I wish the manual would have been written better (=simplified for dummies like me) on this part. Well I'll get back to tweaking my scenario then so I and my PBEM-friend finally can start our first Shock Force PMEB-game...
  8. I'm no Einstein at this... So if I put the "Enemy Casualties" threshold to let's say 70% and victory points 50 does that mean I get 50 points if I was able to cause casualties to 70% of my opponents troops? How about the "Frendly Casualties"? If I set the threshold also to 70% and 50 victory points does that mean I get 50 points if I suffer losses under 70% of my troops?
  9. After I select QB, set the specs and push OK it just goes to the main window. Same thing with PBEM. After I´ve chosen Blue or red team, and I´ve given the password and clicked OK it throws me back to the main window.
  10. I´m sure you guys have already tried all the quickbattles and sceanrios. Any suggestions for a balanced PMEB-battle?
  11. Cool x 2! Just like when I ordered the CM Barbarossa to Berlin Strategy Guide. Good idea to have a warehouse in Irland.
  12. If I pre-order where does the shipment come from? From USA? If so, I must pay a hefty toll here in Finland...
  13. I gave it a shot along with my favourite CM PBEM-friend and we both found it to be a very bad rip-off... The PBEM-part was also very strange and with some very odd solutions. The only positive thing I could come up with is that the gun sounds sounded very nice and powerfull. I´ve constantly seekin for good CM-like games. This was not one of those. Don't waste your money, try the demo if there is one.
  14. Now where did that orginal Intro music-thread go? Nevermind... Here's a thing I made some time ago. Orginally it was a plain bluesprogression using only the tones in A double harmonic major scale. I just chopped of the rest and inserted some strings and stuff... http://www.myspace.com/12barspastmidnight
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