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  1. It certainly looks a little scary trying to get your guys into a position to drive out the Germans. But your troops have the fire power to do it without relying on the off-board mortars. I'm no tactical guru, but I try to organize my assault so that I can get 3-1 odds (e.g., three squads vs one squad), and try to hit the defender from 2 or more directions (they hate that!), and also try not to get so close initially that the Germans can make effective use of their submachine guns (I hate that!). I did use one of my MMGs at a certain point to shake up a German squad so my guys could get into a
  2. I happen to be in the middle of that scenario right now myself. My plan was somewhat different from yours. My view was that any Germans in the buildings would not be affected by mortar fire. Any Germans out in the open on the approach to Borgo could be knocked out by my onboard mortars. So I decided to save my off-board mortars for the second phase of the battle, after capturing Borgo. I did use the off-board to fire smoke rounds on the approach. I did this as a pre-planned bombardment, with a five minute delay. Probably a waste of good smoke rounds. Where I think coordination is nece
  3. Thanks! That's what I needed: to know where the hidden file was and what it was called. I have a utility that reveals hidden files. No need to mess around with anything else. Everything looks good now.
  4. I migrated all the software from the old iMac to the new one (4th gen i5 with Nvidia 775). CM won't run. I just get a non-informational error message (CM generated I believe). I've tried re-installing up through CM:CW, but nothing is working and no useful information provided. The game is still installed on my old mac, but I don't see any way to clear the license, if that's the problem for some reason. I've run out of ideas. Please help.
  5. Just got back into playing CMBN/CW/MG after lengthy hiatus and encountered a old, familiar problem: a graphics bug when playing with the US paratroops. In this case, the bug is very specific: the paras all lose their helmets when viewed from more than about 20m away. Anyone else? I'm on a late 2009 iMac with Geforce 9400, running at moderate graphics settings on CM.
  6. IMHO, it is possible to design scenarios that give the player a pretty good idea what hedgerow fighting was really like (e.g., check out my Bocage aux Foilles scenario). However, scenarios like that tend to attract a barrage of complaints (including the view that they aren't realistic ). I think that if BFC were to improve the defensive capabilities associated with hedgerow terrain, this would not be well-received by players generally. What we have is probably as much as we can expect.
  7. Plain vanilla iMac setup. No other problems with read-write. If I am the only one having this problem, I can certainly experiment around a bit. I should add that I am running 2.0, and that these are missions I started after upgrading, so no issues with a pre-2.0 saved game file. I have seen it in two different missions so far. The camera groups work as long as I don't save and quit. Once I do that, the assignments are gone when I launch a saved game.
  8. Just started experimenting with the camera group feature. I noticed that any assignment of camera groups that you do is not saved. If you save a battle and come back to it later, you have to reassign all of the camera groups. Is this intentional? Is it possibly a Mac issue?
  9. Bump. Have to give it a try. Might learn something useful.
  10. Another thought: I haven't played any QBs because I decided I would have to edit the QB maps (especially the AI Plans) first. However, there have been a lot of threads on how the forces end up getting switched to the wrong side in QBs. If the AI is confused about which side the enemy is coming from, that would explain what you are seeing.
  11. Don't know if this helps but I noticed this problem some time ago when analyzing scenarios. Then I worked on it when I created scenarios myself. If the directionality of the hedge/wall/etc. is ambiguous in relationship to the end of the map designated for the enemy, the AI may set up on the "wrong" side. You have to take special precautions to avoid this in scenario design. QBs are a much greater challenge, of course.
  12. I am reporting this though I don't have enough prior experience to tell if it's really an issue or not. For the first time ever, I decided to customize the mapping of keys using the new feature in Options. What I discovered is that if I re-map only one key (e.g. Pause from [ to P), the ability to use the Relative keys disappears. Moreover, doing that seems to break the game. The only way I could recover the Relative keys was to replace the game with a version from my Time Machine backup. Is this intentional?
  13. Odd. Your version of Safari is kind of old, but perhaps you are running an older version of the OS as well. Don't have any good reason to suspect those things, but thought it was worth noting. Have you checked the Safari Downloads window (which you should have in that version of Safari) for any info? There is a way to check on what happened with a specific download that way.
  14. Is this still your problem: that you can't find the patch DMG on your Mac? Difficult question for someone else to help on, since it's specific to your computer (I had no problem). Have you tried spotlight or the find option in the Finder, to do a search. Possibly something has changed which is causing files to download to some place you don't expect. If you are using Safari, you can check Preferences to see where the file might have gone. You could try downloading some other type of file just to see what happens. Don't know what else to suggest.
  15. The U.S. Paratroopers do this. I haven't ever seen it with any other units. Apparently this is known problem that the guys are working to solve. Does that sound like what you are seeing?
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