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  1. Thanks CMFDR, that's helpful, but a shame.
  2. Hi can anyone explain where the Reshade folder should go on a Mac version of CMFB? CMFB has folder containing an App, a data folder, a game files folder and a documents folder? The data folder contains a number of .brz files. Thanks for any assistance
  3. Thanks BP - downloaded both this and the FJ bedsheets
  4. IanL KO'ed a PzIV and a halftrack with a single mortar shell in a game of Sticking It Out. I was not happy.
  5. Not seen the film but clearly units swapped tanks very regularly. 7th armoured was completely re-equipped for Normandy - primarily with Cromwells. German units regularly left vehicles with other units when they were redeployed. Tanks had, apart from the chances of getting battle damaged, fairly limited shelf lives due to wear and tear. The Americans built 47,000 M4 Shermans, 20,000 M3 (Stuarts and Lees) and over 2,000 Pershings between 1942-45. Even deducting those supplied to Russia, UK and Cdn forces, that suggests a very regular replacement.
  6. Mawdsley's Thunder in the East (Hodder 2005) quotes slightly different figures, albeit the methodology is different, so they both could be right: Having noted the difficulty of statistical accuracy and differences in methodology, he gives German losses in the East for the period 1 October 1943 to 31 December 1944 as being 1,403,000 deaths (including subsequent deaths amongst prisoners), compared to 2,354,000 Soviet casualties, including prisoners (the majority of whom also died later). He notes that the third quarter of 1944 i.e. July-September 1994, during operation Bagration and its foll
  7. Actually the opposite is correct - a successful attacking force with local superiority will often inflict higher casualties on the unsuccessful defender. Furthermore more of an unsuccessful defender's casualties will be permanent missing in action (either WIA becoming KIA because unable to retreat or becoming prisoners) than the successful attacker's casualties, the WIA of which are more likely to be picked up, treated and returned eventually to the colours
  8. Hitler's and the Nazi party's policies as to aggressive war, genocide and the subjugation of other countries and peoples were deliberate and planned. He and they deliberately planned and carried out a policy to destroy Jews, Roma, and people they defined as degenerate or mentally deficient. He and they planned and attempted to carry out a war in Russia the ultimate and accepted by-product of which was to be the death by starvation of the majority of the urban population of the European Soviet Union. None of the purported comparisons you provide, however wrong or immoral they were, are in f
  9. Bil I do like your icons (and other icons that other modders produce). I think however that many, if not all, icon sets do not cover all the cmbn or cmfi unit types, which leaves certain unit types with the default icon which does not always work so well. Particularly it seems that the default CMBN scout unit often does not get covered and some sets do not cover engineers. Your set above seems to cover these two unit types, but does it cover everything (as far as you are aware)?
  10. Fuser, a mod request for the 1000th poster..
  11. err no, don't be modest, it is a reflection of what you have done
  12. Fuser I was downloading your V2 Stugs (which are wonderful as usual) from cmmods but noticed this inside the 'box'. Should the Stuh on the 3 hulls should be Stug? I just wanted to check
  13. It works! thanks Is that something I should know instinctively as a mac user?!
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