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  1. Luftwaffe Field Marshal Milch's father (and name) was jewish.
  2. Thanks CMFDR, that's helpful, but a shame.
  3. I think the answer is that vehicles aren't modelled to appear as whitewashed until January 45. Presumably the Aris winter or muddy mod should show up (I am certainly seeing the muddy Aris Panthers in KG Peiper) in December, but perhaps they are being trumped by the equivalent Umlaut mods?
  4. Hi can anyone explain where the Reshade folder should go on a Mac version of CMFB? CMFB has folder containing an App, a data folder, a game files folder and a documents folder? The data folder contains a number of .brz files. Thanks for any assistance
  5. Engineers moving or hunting may locate mines. Non-engineers moving through the located mines area may still get wasted.
  6. Thanks BP - downloaded both this and the FJ bedsheets
  7. Has Leutnant Stadler been spotted yet? - always my fave
  8. Btw having played Chaumont on the demo, I have noticed that there is absolute no lag on the orders phase on my 2007 iMac, even though it is relatively big map. The difference to CMBN is enormous, where lag is really tough on the bigger maps - Linnet II in the Great Swan (admittedly a much bigger map again) is almost unplayable for me. I hope this is the same in the full CMFB. I wonder what the issue is - I know Normandy maps have more details (bocage/trees) which cause performance issues and I also have a fairly full Z folder (but not sound mods) and I wonder if that causes an issue, or whether the fact that CMBN is now a amalgam of several patches, added modules, BPs etc has an effect whereas CMFB is a single product. Sorry I'm rambling while awaiting the download....
  9. The motorised butchery company is good too - a lorry symbol with a large axe.
  10. Is this right? One slight issue I have with the game is that troops / AT guns waiting in concealed positions are too easily spotted. It would be nice to have a 'conceal' command which requires the waiting troops to remain still and concealed but still spotting. No doubt green troops would be less good at this but at the moment it is always a bit disappointing when your cunningly concealed AT gun gets spotted before it fires etc.
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