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  1. Well I am pretty wealthy and i could easily afford the game but I didnt get wealthy by wasting money on overpriced products. To me Combat Mission Shock Force was like a 2008 Toyota Prius, Combat Mission Red Thunder is like a 2008 Toyota Prius with red paint. I mean I have been readin the forums and the suggestion demanded by the community to be implemented but nothing important seems to have come true: - Are aircrafts visible? - Do the soldier animation behave more natural and less clumsy? - Is there any cinematography at all? Intro into a campaign? Descitpion of objectives by a narra
  2. Hi guys I just checked out Red Thunder and though it looks like a nice expansion. Well expansion my ass.. this thing costs 55$? I mean I have checked out Combat Mission Shock Force before and judging by the content, nothing impressive or new has been added to justify that price? Is the game worth the money?
  3. Thank you boys you are so nice :-) I will try to make a new campaign for this game soon just for that :-)
  4. Yeah thanks :-) I am now planning my third campaign.. unfortunately not about Combat Mission Afghanistan but instead Combat Mission Shock Force, the Syrian Civil War. However since the war is still going on its hard to get reliable sources and documents to create truly historical scenarios. So it may take time.
  5. The IEDs are very hard to spot and can look like unexploded artillery shells or big oilbarrels. You can see them in the setup menu with a blue square as you can any other friendly unit or an explosion icon during battle if you have these options on. Well I have tested it and according to the manual this is how trigger teams work: Each trigger team is assigned one IED. You place your IED during the setup menu anywhere in the ligh-blue sector. To activate the IED you must select it during battle and then choose "target" and target anywhere on the map. The IED is wire-detonated wich means th
  6. Well as long as you keep destroying the trucks you are doing good. You are not required to destroy anything else. The mine unit is just sthere to give covering fire no to deploy any real mines since there is no time no access to mines.. at least not at this stage. If you fail level 3 you shouldnt advance. You loose the campaign. I dont think you meant level 3? The point in level 4 and 5 is to destroy the trucks from the hills. This is acually how the mujahideen sometimes targeted the convoys on the roads. They didnt borther going close to the road they just took the high ground and shot
  7. Yeah of course. But the enemy is not stupid either and stays put. The more you improve, the more the enemy improves too. Its a race between guerilla warfare and firepower.
  8. Yeah it took quite some time testing to find the perfect balance for point allocation. Some things I am not very satisfied about but due to restrictions I was forced to do so. One example is the inablity to script the AI behavious more precisely. You can't, for example, tell the AI to move a specific path and take a different path if the first path is blocked. You cannot tell the AI to call in reinforcements or do cinematic transitions between battles either wich gives the game a little "dull feeling" but I have tried to work with the editor and squeeze as much joy as I could out of it.
  9. Sure :-D Its always more motivating to continue when you get such nice comments. Feel free to give me feedback too boys :-)
  10. The cmapaingh as been send for checkup but I guess it will take some time before its published
  11. Yeah I wanna just inform that I am still working on the next campaign. But due to problems with the ai (the ai never want to do as I wish) I have to refine and finetune. The editor really needs a serious overhaul.. Anyway.. planned release is instead somewhere in december.
  12. Thank you. By the way.. as far as I have researched Afghanistan do not mix up the Taliban and teh Mujahideen. They are two different factions. Until 1992 they fought the D.R.A government together but split up and began fighting each other until 1998 when the Taliban took power. Only small parts in the north where by then held by the Mujahideen. The irony is that the US supported the Taliban who in turn supported Al Quaida. So to make it clear.. the Mujahideen are the good guys, the Taliban are the bad guys.
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