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  1. I just returned from the dead to tell you all.. you all suck. *bows* thank you. *turns back to dust*
  2. yup amazing bogging.. PEOPLE we had a wee visit to Koblenz and we saw a multi million dollar US M1A1 Abrams "Bogg" infront of our eyes.. IIRC about 2 cobble stones worth about maybe 0.75 US Cents do it too! they got locked between the teeth and the tracks.. was quite humous. stones, wood, sheep and even cats can get stuck in your tracks you'd be amazed. buch o winers here I think this belongs to the "how can that be SS.. er sorry WG conscripts??" Threads. but that's my wooden nickle worth
  3. >Walks in the room, looks around sees Snoochachi Excuse me Mr.hot air? Spoonoochie yes mensch points at him HA HA!!
  4. it's ok Parabellum, we understand. *snicker* yes of course it's the camera fault *hehe* [ September 08, 2002, 06:32 PM: Message edited by: mensch ]
  5. somefink like this I would have with.. um white wine. Elefants supported with StuG IIIs all the way baby!!
  6. Don't forget that Fionn would have upset Hitler in a big way!!
  7. oh well look, wonders never cease.. a new peng thread, how.. original. And look! It was created by some gnome! Amazing he got this started up, as he has enough problems trying to rub his two brain cells together to form a decent post. If we are lucky his old age gets to him and we only have to read a 10 paragraph post; to his normal 30 longwinded burst of insanity. well well. *goes back to poking his voodoo doll with needles of the said gnome*
  8. *brushes off the dust from his clothes* right I just woke up... um anything new from you wankers? prolly just new communal diseases but that was a given.
  9. right um closing shop.. NOT!!! I and um die Sturmgruppe are just working on other things now... everything in the first page news. Hope you enjoyed the scenarios and mods and other stuffs. die Sturmgruppe
  10. Unless you have a MAC and you can only buy it from BF.com cuz CDV is PC friendly and Mac Racist. ya ya I know I'm just rubbing ya all the .. aw na I ment what i said.
  11. I'm with Matt on this one.. guys live up a little you sound as bad as bunch of old guy complaining that the youth today ain't like the youth youse had when you was a youth!! they were younger and much more shorter!! live with change it happens, much like taxes.
  12. my mom said I should stay out of threads like this....she said Matt was a over stuffed long eared.. *oops* uh HI MATT!!
  13. That WAZ totally Fecking CooL! nothing but peasOOp fOg!! Foosh foosh with the flame throwers and wow!! did you see that guy run out of that house with burning hair!!?? I mean flame thrower tanks, think fog, Techno beats Ripp'n off from your speakers and screams of "AAARGH ME LEG!!" while your puppies are Vroom Vroom'n it down in the middle of town and setting every bloody house, street lamp, potted plant and the Neighbours dog on fire!!! some like it warm, give'm hell with Napalm!!
  14. Hey great ya got it working! hope ya enjoy the games online! Just remember nice questions and responces lead to a Pethora.. Plathora.. Pla.. LOTS of good answers! some guys come in and try to rub ya the wrong way just ignore them. =) so... to break the ice.. DO A SEARCH..hehe.. to let ya know next time yer having probs do try a search, me that thing never works for me so ususal "I did a search but it came up 0 or timed out on me" keeps those boobs who say that out. To bad David is AWOL since he could find anything mentioned over the last 2000 years on this board.
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