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    Any CPXs?

    working on one, will probably publis it here and on TO list after Rikki left as I want to bounce it back from him first. Rattler
  2. Rattler

    What is cpx

    to get you an idea of the type games umpires create und run, and how versatile a CPX can be you may want to take a look at my AAR collection of CPXs: http://www.eventfoto.com/privat/mil/aars/cpx_aars.html Rattler
  3. you might also want to check oout the forum at XtremeGamers http://www.gamesquad.com/forums/tacops/ Rattler
  4. agent smith: None, really. Rattler P.S.: the post above was sent by Henk Stoffers while he was visiting me this week, but I concur, welcome tb87670 (no name to this call sign?)
  5. hi, Welcome on board. Most of the veterans will check this board regularly. If you have questions or just ask,most of the time someone will respond. henk
  6. Dont be intimidated: We old farts tend to not see the wood because of all the trees, so fresh impressions are alway welcome, the list is *really* newbie friendly... Even if you screw up big time (which I and all did a few times) you will not get any flaming, just a mild "redirection" advice... :-> QUOTE]Originally posted by Agent Smith: - snip- I've never actually seen a 'how-to' about the procedure for contibuting to the mail. I'm sure it's as easy as replying to the email, but again, polls are generally conducted at SZO/ EG and the forum thread there seems better populated than her
  7. Folks, thoroughly enjoyed yesterdays CPX, especially going back to back as buddys with my longest standing PBM opponent, Rikki... :-> As far as sceanrio is concerned, while giving a tk coy to each player makes for learning the basics, in way of organizing battle, planning (and be it ad hoc) and tactical lessons it doesnt serve for too much: No recon, no sensible battle.... IMHO forces should always be combined of inf, tks, missiles and air and arty, so, to keep it simple i would recommend using cav troops in the future instead of tk coys: Same amount of workload but adds the tactical ele
  8. Well, the tacops IRC server at schlepper defaults to 7024... :-> We are here, waiting...
  9. TacOps uses port 7023, IRC 7024
  10. well, folks, if you need to chose players, here my email: rattler_at_eventfoto_dot_com Any job, any side. Let me know the time this thingy is planned in GMT please so i can set my alarm clock... :-> Rattler
  11. I am, more so today (San Valentin)... :-> She has been successfully operated last Friday and is at home and fine, doing the easy house workl like sewing and cooking, I take care of the rest. She explicitly approved, so rest assured there wont be any attacks on the net that day... :-> Rattler
  12. Dont know whether I have mentioned in another forum, but I am there if you want me. Rattler
  13. Just checking, after not having seen any reply since 10 days...: SigzLV596: Did this reach you? Rattler
  14. This said, and after reviewing the replays, I think BLUE can almost not win this against a human opponent with red having thermals. Rattler
  15. I played it a quicky first time ever today with 65% exit taking out 96% of OPFOR. Replays here: http://www.eventfoto.com/privat/mil/dls/autos_hurley.zip I think key is having good javelin overwatch, once the town is taken then smoke, and air recon (you got plenty) to find the ambushes (if any). NOTE: air recon doesnt see anything in smoke (ran in an ambush because of that). From Game Status you have a good idea what the oppnent has left and can plan accordingly. Rattler
  16. Yes, exactly. These were Cubans not Soviets. This was South Africa not Afganistan. I could be taking this wrong but you seem to find it somewhat incredulous that I would not alter the force ratio to suport everyone's "Pet Rock." Also, Cuban deep recon was provided by Mozambiqan irregulars ... not Soviet Spetsnaz. Red could rquest all they wanted ... not happening. I did my best to provide a "balanced" scenario where both sides could have a shot at victory. Give in to all of one sides requests and desires and it would throw the play balance off so bad that NO one would be interest
  17. Sorry, guys, have to cancel all my commitments to the TO community for a while (I know there are some AARs still missing and 1 CPX to attend and one to run), but RL got in the way: My wife fell off a ladder today painting our home in the city and broke shoulder, collar bone and upper arm, will go into surgery either tonight or tomorrow (surgeons full currently). Luckily SonDureta (hospital here) despite being on a small island has an excellent fame on trauma treatment... For me this means I will have to run both jobs/houses/obligations for a while (no idea yet for how long, 2 month?)
  18. Okies, I promise: Soon in the future I will get up 0400L and run an aussie/indonesian/newzealand timed CPX... (should be about 1000 there I guess, 0300 GMT) :-> Rattler
  19. SigzLV596 , the TacOps coumminty (probably due to its rather high medium age) is a rather helpful one from newbie POV. I well remember the length my then commanders and team mates went to get me up to speed in my first ever CPX (many of them still around, it was 1997 and the CPXes went by IRC only as mltiplayer hadnt been introduced, AAR: http://www.tacopshq.com/HQ/text/CPX/cpxaars/rtcpx3.txt , I ran just three recon platoons) and the way I was helped through the learning curveĀ“s steepness. I can assure you that being unexperienced does not exlude you from and capacitates you nevertheless a
  20. oops, forgot to add earlier: We alerted higher (umpire ) to the bomb capability (and Apache different doctrine) of the Hinds but were negated the use. Rattler
  21. what time? Count me in if needed, probably my last one for some time (work season and wife coming back) Rattler
  22. MULTIPLE ANSWERS WELCOME ! (Options see below, simply post a list of letters that you would answer with "YES") Please answer even if you have answered in other forums (posting same poll over various forums/lists): I have been going over the threads over the last 3 yrs and think this one has not been polled. Reason for the question is that I have no idea really how many people here are interested in CPXing and if so what might be their reasons for not trying, also to establish an overall momentary view of the TacOps crowd in this forum. Thanks for participating, Rattler ------
  23. Sorry, hadnt seen this replay earlier: - Personally i concur with the AA threat analysis that you gave and have no problem with TacOps appearing a bit lethal sometimes (as I think this counts in all the aborts of guys that wouldnt want to go into a SAM-hot zone for starters) - In the case, yes we had units in the rear trying to identify enemy AA and when found arty went to length to supress it - We had no spetznatz in the deep rear (only behind enemy first lines), but had thought about it and planned to insert, just ran out of helos too early after having forgotten (due to players cha
  24. Please let me know if youre interested, so far I only have 1.5 players and I will cancel if we dont have more by 1800 GMT Rattler
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