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  1. I'd reccomend some of the smaller 'Team' scenarios to get your feet wet. From there, just look at the scenario guide, and find one that sounds interesting, then try it. TF Peterjohn is a good one that's relatively easy, and it's a favorite of mine.
  2. I have been playing a lot of Armed Assault armedassault.com lately, and I started making some missions. I've used some of the smaller Tacops scenarios as inspiration for some of these missions. I intend on releasing them onto the ArmA forums, but I wanted to make sure it was OK first. I'll give full credit and everything, but if not then I'll jsut keep them to myself. Thanks!
  3. Oh sorry, yeah it has; though I've been busy with school and work. Thanks for the replays though. They'll definitely (spelling?) help.
  4. Does anyone have any stategy they can offer for Task Force Hurley? I've tried and tried, but I can't beat it. I can secure the city, and defend against counter-attack, but I can not exit the map, I just continuously get ambushed, and my units get torn to shreds. I can't even seem to get recon units into position. Any suggestions?
  5. Don't be sorry, it's not your fault. I hope your wife makes a full recovery. The good wishes of the TO community are with her. Get well soon!
  6. A, B, F, J, K, L, and M. Basically, I play solo, and would like to play multiplayer, but my schedule doesn't really allow it, and I would get wasted, as I am still a very new player.
  7. (Correct me if I'm wrong) it means that if any unit that has this bonus, and can see the area where you have a fire mission will make the fire mission adjust accuracy in fewer accuracy adjustment shots.
  8. I don't know if any here are at a loss for ideas for custom scenarios, but I found a good source of realistic scenarios here: tactical vignettes They're basically tactical situations (generally on the company level) that the army puts out, similar to the Marines' tactical decision games.
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