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  1. This sucks, I paid for this game long ago and I can't register it anymore. No legacy support = bad publisher and bad developer.
  2. Did you try any other keyboards? I don't own Vista so I can only give you general advice, but usually problems like this are little things that we skip and becomes a nag.
  3. I am playing on the 3rd campaign level and some enemy vehicles and my dropships are missing their textures, not a game killing bug but it looks really odd. The same thing happened with the sky of the first level, it look like I was in a box with lines on it.
  4. Good idea, but I'm still getting used to the game lol, just beat 2nd mission on 3 tries at medium difficulty. It turns out that the 20mm cannon isn't near as handy as the 120mm when it comes to killing vehicles so I stopped driving the command track around. Maybe a video could be made where you unlock your view and have a cinematic type view of the fight after you give units orders, not on the sat-view. Then have some infantry come in from a hiding spot like from hiding behind a hilltop or crater and knock out an enemy tank that is sagging behind or go too far away from his buddies. More epic
  5. tb87670

    Fan Fiction

    This si a place for brainstorming and posting links to some fanfiction for Drop Team, or possibly just any stories that you wrote. most of the stuff I wrote was with pen and paper, so I'll get to typing it up sometime.
  6. Well don't tell them admins about tourettesguy.com lol. Yeah, I wrote a short story in the Aliens universe, after the 2nd movie before the 3rd. To explain it not being mentioned in the 3rd and 4th movies, Marines encounter more Xenomorphs on another planet, a mining colony and the military and company kept it sealed tight with only the people who were at the incident and like 5 others know about it, and they all die with that knowledge. It focuses on more combat than horror. Might post it amongst my others. Next up, I need to be much more familiar with the Drop Team universe, so far I g
  7. Oh, and I am in Central Timezone and my shifts are 11AM to 7PM, IDK if I can be there in time for tomorrows game.
  8. LOL, I thought P was a make static button!!! I do know dynamics of real life combat and how certain spots hit stuff, but I don't know where the pilots or engines are on these vehicles. I do wanna know if you can blow up an enemies ammunition and fuel supplies like you can in Mechwarrior tabletop or Titans of Steel, in those games flamers did little damage but caused enough heat to out power all other weapons in the same weight-class. Also, does hitting tires and treads immobilize vehicles or just cause generic damage to side armor?
  9. I would guess this around 2500-3000AD, this gives the human race enough time to propagate itself amongst many of the stars and have sufficient technology to do so effectively, plus within 100 years I'm sure we will all have injectable nanobots to improve eyesight, blood oxygen, and whatnot. So, if nano-technology and nano-construction is a hand-me-down tech from someones grandpa that that someone doesn't understand as well as his grandpa did because his grandpa got it from his father, that means about 100 years for **** to hit the fan in the galaxy before the clan warfare-ish stuff happens. An
  10. First, I'll admit I wanted this game months before the price drop, but never got around to buying it. Then came the price drop at the time after I spent all my holiday money already near christmas, so I waited some more. Now, I finally got the game and I am happy. This truly proves that you can't replace gameplay for graphics like most AAA companies do, this game has completely functional graphics and looks great IMO while running perfectly fast (except under an EMP, Fire, and Smoke mission all fired at once, those slow me down together) so here I am. I beat the first mission after getting use
  11. Well, I barely beat the first mission after 2 tries, first try was purely me learning what to do. Second mission is whomping me but I am at least using my brains now in this game with the dropships taking my vehicles for repairs and whatnot, but I didn't beat it yet. I don't know if I'm off work Sunday, bummer............ The whole time I'm in 1024x768 windowed and the game runs fast on my rig with AA4x on.
  12. About the above recommendations, I can't get a newer 64-bit CPU or faster/more RAM simply because that means I gotta get a newer motherboard. This rig plays UFO Afterlight and BF2142 on medium/high just fine, so I don't wanna dump over $300 on parts I don't need. I plan on getting a PC built at ascendtech.us minus the vidcard for cheap and adding a videocard from Newegg.com that is top of the line later on. Back to my problem, this is a SOFTWARE problem, not a hardware problem. I got all the updates for my videocard and other parts of the system and everything is in good maintenance. My HDD
  13. Ok, here is what happens after tinkering with the options. I turn off full screen, game is in 800x600. Then it cahnges resolution no problem but the window pushes the bottom of the screen out of view in windowed mode. So, I turn off full scree, switch the resolution to 1440x900, then hit full screen, and the same thing happens, the program becomes invisible with the mouse stuck at the top of the screen and when I click a few times it goes to desktop and I have to force the game to quit. I am currently running the game in 1024x768 and will try others in windowed mode, but I can't just get th
  14. I am running on the following: WinXP Home AMD Athlon 3000+ EVGA GeForce 7600GT Overclocked from factory to 580MHZ on AGP8x 1.5GB PC3200 RAM KT880 Dragon 2 V2 Mobo Samsung SyncMaster 932BW Monitor at 1440x900 res Old Logitech sound system 2 Lite-On DVD burners 200GB Maxtor HDD with WinXP 80GB Maxtor HDD with Ubuntu Linux 8.04
  15. Could you tell me how to do that, every link from google just takes me to a SDK for making programs but there appears to be no patch or update to actually install the latest OpenGl 2.1 on my PC. Also, how do I check my OpenGl drivers? EDIT: I read that all Nvidia drivers come with OpenGl updats in them. Is there a way to run the gme in windowed mode? [ May 06, 2008, 11:09 AM: Message edited by: tb87670 ]
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