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  1. Ok, the signup for the CPX is open. Please state either Blue or Red side by posting here or by sending me an email. This CPX is open for all players new and old players. Please state if your an old or new player so that way I can make sure that I even out both sides with new and old players. No military experience required. *TF China CPX* TacOps 4 v4.0.6 (AH) CPX Date: 16 February Start Time: 16:00 GMT (11:00 Eastern Time, 10:00 Central Time, 09:00 Mountain Time, 08:00 Pacific Time) Scenario and Map: TacOpsv4\Battles\US\Custom Scenario US Army.sce
  2. Players needed. We need one more Soviet and some more German players.
  3. The CPX will be at 1600Z, 29 Dec 07. We have two commanders. German players are needed to provided the vaunted German C2 advantage. A winter 1942 German defense of an attack by the 6th Guards Tank Army. Can you out think, out manuever and out think the red Horde? Post a response here.
  4. I set up the German leg Infantry Battalion (-) in El Alemain. The Germans players did not see it until the CPX started. Placement of the AT Ditches and minefields was less than optimal. This represented an isolated outpost. The exact units were not known to the players until the start of the CPX. They knew, in a general sense, what Battalions they would have, but not exact size or equipment. This simulated the uncertainty of unit strengths in North Africa due to the logistical issues. The Germans had the more difficult situation. A good combined arms force ( 1 panzer,
  5. For those who wish to play or watch the CPX tomorrow, Saturday the 24th at 1400 GMT. Be on line by 13:30. Scenario is North Africa 1942 GE vs. UK First, connect via your IRC client to: comms.tacopshq.com:7024 (7024 is the port#) Enter the #TacOps channel and we will all be there. Second, make sure you have TacOps4 v4.0.6 [AH] - update available for all TacOps4 users at www.Battlefront.com/downloads.html I will be there a minimum of 45 minutes early. Looking forward to seeing you all there.
  6. See the Thanksgiving CPX announcement
  7. There are WWII units in the currect version of Tacops, 4.06H. There are a few scenarios. Interested in the CPX on the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend?
  8. More players are desired. It is set in North Africa in early 1942, between the Germans and the UK. Start time is 1400 Z 24 Nov 07. Be on line by 13:30Z please. Any questions or want to sign up, contact me or a CDR. RED Bernard Cousin (CDR), Rattler, Gary, Maurice Audet BLUE Bill Speer( CDR), Jeff Gilbert, Panta, , Dennis Huff
  9. The tentative date is Saturday, November 24th. The time will be mutually negotiated by myself and the brigade commanders. I am looking for 2 brigade commanders. I will work with them exclusively. They will need to help recruit their teams. We will use a modified version on Panta’s El Alemain map (thank you Panta and Jeff). The Germans will have a Brigade as will the Brits. It will be a meeting engagement with very little known about the enemy until contact. If you want to be a brigade commander or just play let me know by posting a response with an email address. Suggestions are very
  10. Maybe over Thankgiving. A Bn each. Germans vs. Brits.
  11. See my answer at gamesquad.
  12. FLASH This coming saturday morning in OZ!
  13. How about Team Arsenault at 2300Z 9 March 07? This is a Friday for the US and a Saturday for ANZAC. Two to four players per side (CO, staff/artillery, 2 commanders). I’ll host.
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