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  1. Such salacious sanguinary shedding of lives is our utmost desire. Bring it forth in glorious pictorial fashion! Let us drown in red mist blackened by the lead of a thousand autocannons!
  2. Arrrg! hors d'oeuvres. Friggin' cliff hanger. You can't just leave it at that! Keep 'em coming. Great stuff in the AAR. I appreciate the time you take to create it.
  3. Hi Bil. Lurker here raising my head. It looks like the JT has a hull down position. Is that true? Though it also seems large enough that a good portion of its upper body is still visible to attacks. Also from your animated gif, it looks like one of your tanks took a shot at it on the move and missed. Which one was that, and how close were you to the JT? Do you have anything that can penetrate at current ranges? From what I've read, even its side armor is respectable. How close would you need to be to do that? Also, did the other tank next to the one that got hit stop moving in reverse due to t
  4. I'm getting the same thing as everyone else. I've had this problem for almost a year now when I upgraded CMBN and Commonwealth to version 3 back in December of 2014. Here's my post: http://community.battlefront.com/topic/117156-311-patch-doesnt-update-commonwealth-also-getting-crash/ I also filed a ticket at that time. I recommend anyone who has this problem to file a ticket with their helpdesk, because they were/are telling me that I'm pretty much the only one getting this. But clearly that isn't the case. I get the crash on Armor vs Armor when I'm the attacker on US. If I do Canadian Armor
  5. Can someone at Battlefront please get back to me on this issue? I have an open ticket that was placed in Hold status back in January 2015: http://battlefront.mojohelpdesk.com/mytickets/show/9030072I've been very patient. I work for a software company myself, so I understand how bugs can sometimes linger, but even this is getting unbelievable. I was told that my issue would be looked at once a certain developer was freed up from working on Black Sea. Well, Black Sea has been out since January, and no one has gotten back to me with an update. I would at least expect, "Hey I looked at it and I ca
  6. Yay, it's not just me. I suppose I shouldn't be glad, but Battlefront Techsupport is having a hard time figuring out this one. I've had a ticket open since middle of December and they're not sure what's causing it. But now that there's more than one person getting this, it might help them find out what's going on. The closest I can get to a working complete package is to install the upgrades separately and only up to version 2.12. If I install the 3.0 upgrade or the 3.11 patch I get the game crash. Quick Battle crash for me happens if I choose US for the Allies and Armor only as the type of qu
  7. Thanks Hister. I did FINALLY get it downloaded (four attempts I think) and I chose the Activate Modules link from my desktop. The Commonwealth module is now showing up and it's showing I have version 3.11, so that's all good. But I still get my original executable error (see first post above) whenever I do a quick battle and choose Armor Only for both teams and set automatic purchase. Not sure if there's anything I can do to clear that up.
  8. I've restarted the game a bunch so I know it's not that. I'm fairly certain I activated it because it was active before I installed the 3.11 patch. Anyway, I tried to download this new 3.0 upgrade and Moon is indeed correct, it is a HUGE download, weighing in at 9 GB. The problem is that it needs to be broken up somehow into smaller downloadable chunks. I keep getting a network error on this huge file, and then I have to retry and do yet another 12-hour download. Uggg.
  9. What I mean is the 3.11 patch should update everything, but it isn't. The Commonwealth module doesn't show as active in the game when I activate this patch. I'll try downloading the updated 3.0 upgrade. Thanks for the tip.
  10. I'm getting a game crash when I try to run a Quick Battle with Allied as the attacker and Armor Only. It works fine if I choose a diff type of attacking force or even choose Axis armored as the attacker. I noticed also that after installing the 3.11 patch, it doesn't update the Commonwealth module. I purchaced the CMBN + Commonwealth bundle (v1.10) a while back and then I bought the 2.00 and 3.00 upgrades so I could get everything up to the latest. But it's never worked quite right. Not sure what to do. I've tried reinstalling numerous times using the recommended install instructions all w
  11. Nevermind. I think it worked. Just saw this post: http://www.battlefront.com/community/showpost.php?p=1548990&postcount=2
  12. Okay. Okay. I turned off NAV and ran the update and activated it. Everything seemed to work except that when I launch the game, it says I'm running version 2.2, not 3.0 like I would expect. Ideas?
  13. I just purchased the 2.0 and 3.0 upgrades. I get a WS.Reputation.1 threat from Norton Antivirus when I attempt to download the 3.0 upgrade patch. I'm concerned because my 2.0 upgrade patch installed fine without being flagged, but the 3.0 upgrade does get flagged. Here are the file details. Is my concern unfounded? Here are the details from Norton: Filename: cmbn v300 upgrade setup.exe Threat name: WS.Reputation.1 Full Path: c:\users\jared\downloads\cmbn v300 upgrade setup.exe ____________________________ Details Few Users,* Mature,* Risk Medium Origin Downloaded from *Unk
  14. This might be of interest. I managed to get CMBFN to run in a border-less windowed mode, using this free 3rd party app, so I figured I'd share my experience. Here's where to get the app: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/WindowedBorderlessGaming/discussions How I got it to work: 1) Create a shortcut to your game. Modify the shortcut and add "-windowed" (without quotes) onto the end of the shortcut's pathway. 2) Start the above third party app, and create a new window. Define it's position and resolution. Example: In my case, my laptop has a resolution of 1600 x 900, and I define
  15. Heh. No, I WAS doing real time. Thanks for letting me playtest. Definitely a wild map! Looking forward to the final.
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