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  1. Archival footage of Italian tank arm paucity of combat power: http://youtu.be/Kd5Xn6aH_5I?t=17s
  2. The Japanese had a understanding that they would join in vs Russia. They were in a undeclared war with Russia in 38 and 39 culminating in the Khalkhin Gol. The Molotov Ribbentrop pact occurred without Japan being told anything and resulted in Russia being able to fully commit in Aug39 resulting in Khalkhin Gol. Because the pact included the Germans promising to not aid another allied party aka Japan. This resulted in the Japanese thinking they'd have to go it alone and they planned accordingly. Then in 41 Germany invaded Russia with only 48hr notice to Japan, 48 hrs is not enough time to ch
  3. Fully agree, made even worse in that for a so called details guy he did not look/understand why Model's depositions worked, even minor things like Hitler = one line Model = multiple lines as per WWI plus everything else The former is based on the fear that troops will be more likely to run if there are pre planed fall back positions. That if one makes contingencies it's an admittance of failure.
  4. It would not have worked, maybe in the so called Fulda gap, but look at the North where the Germans and the BAOR were expected to parry a Soviet shock Army (3rd) which was only the first echelon of the attack. The force ratios are worse than at Bagration. There is a reason why the French and the British needed "tactical" Nukes and the experimentation with "tiny" tactical nukes such as M28/9 with were carried out and employed for a time. This weapon was short ranged enough that employment would quite likely dose the operators as well as nearby friendly units. Safer tac nukes such as shell
  5. I think the Fester Platz thing was a direct result of Model's success in crushing the Soviet Operation Mars in 1942. Model in 42 actually reverted to experiences in successful WWI western front battles. * Continuous defensive forward line thinly held *multiple static lines (Hitler wanted just one line) *centralised artillery (WWII the Germans tended to parcel out arty and it's control to Divisions or lower) *Tactical reserves *forward intelligence sourced by combat units, reconnoissance, signals intercept battalion/div level Intelligence pers as opposed to OKH intelligence appreciation
  6. Good start would have been not stripping from the army group all the mot and armoured divisions to shore up the southern army groups. Such units provided the reserves to eliminate the penetrations and retake the lost terrain. Stripping Army group centre of 1/2 it's artillery, 1/2 it's StuG's/tank destroyers, 88% of it's Panzers and the units/manpower that contained all that offensive power proved to be a fatal error. Not losing all those afv in Normandy and southern France which were really their to rebuild after zittdle would have been a big help too. aka not fight a two front war.
  7. More damming is the payoff to just get complainers to stop complaining. For instance Gurdian continued remonstrations on operation citadel (kursk) were halted after awarding him with extensive estates in Poland. After receiving 937 ha of Polish land he no longer publicly complained about the upcoming attack, and full stopped complaining about Hitlers poor war decisions. Note he started complaining again publicly and in private after the Sovet's liberated Poland and he was fired by Hitler from the office of Chief of General Staff in March 1945. The massive Konto 5 slush fund created in order
  8. The Roman soldiers commenting on barbarian conscripts were also conceivably Dacian or Latin as opposed to Roman. Rome run by just romans slipped away as it changed from a city state to med/europe spanning empire.
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