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  1. Tank evolution seemed to have slowed in the 00's and early 10's but it seems to be speeding up again now with the T-14 the upcoming M1A3 Abrams and the possible French-German Leopard 3 Now Ukraine is upgrading its aging T-72's in PT-91 Twardys. Perhaps this could be in a future module? http://www.defence24.com/news_ukrainians-ready-to-upgrade-their-t-72-tanks-up-to-the-polish-pt-91-twardy-variant
  2. I've heard rumours of a Shock Force sequel so I thought this blog may come in handy if it were to ever happen, Syria has done some serious overhauling on some of their T-72's, I don't know how the game engine would simulate it but it would be interesting. Enjoy the blog http://spioenkop.blogspot.co.uk/2014/12/syrias-steel-beasts-t-72.html
  3. The idea of the Armata destroying enemy shells before they even impact the tank sounds so Over Powered. On top of that the upcoming upgrade of a 152mm Cannon, although the Sheridan had one it was low velocity.
  4. I've noticed that in SF you can't make your own custom battle but in BS you can. Anyone know how to make a quick custom battle? Sounds like a noobish question I know.
  5. Running it on the laptop and the XP idea worked great thanks Mord.
  6. As the title says really I've tried backwards compatibility to windows 7 but that hasn't worked... Does anyone have any suggestions?
  7. Civis would be worse then conscripts when it comes to combat, unless some of them are ex-military veterans with some sort of authority and leader figure. It could work for Shock Force 2 if they ever made that. Civis/FSA vs Syrian Army vs ISIS and so on.
  8. My Wishlist would go something like this [NATO] Britain Germany Azoz [bRICS]: Pro-Russian Rebels Brazil Expeditionary force (Joined because they want the Falklands) China Expeditionary force Greece (I wonder)
  9. Don't leave CB:BS in the burner too long or it will be toast! Their are so many armoured vehicles being created/upgraded now like the Polish PL-01, M1A3, T-14/15, Ukrainian T-72UA1 and Challenger 2 Megatron. So theirs always a chance you could add them in one day who knows
  10. "I can't speak for the rest of the people here (though I believe many will agree) that I deem what you said in your #4 to be extremely ill advised, thoughtless and uncool. To in essence say "I hope there's a war in which T-90s fight Leo 2s and win, just so it shuts up the Leo 2 fanboys" makes you look both heartless and clueless. Pixel war is one thing, the real kind, horrible beyond belief. Even for the winners. We have combat veterans here. They can tell you." Non of us want WW3 John but haven't you noticed that most times you may read comments on Youtube concerning tanks it could be any tank the Leo 2 always comes up as "The Best" yet it hasn't even been tested in any theatre of war concerning tank on tank combat as of yet. It irritates me sometimes that they blindly worship something which could turn out to be a total failure. Maybe I worded it wrong but you know what I mean.
  11. The T-90 is allowed a few victories but Western science will overcome it.
  12. The Armarta has a Terminator/Doctor Who feel to it and the side guns remind me of a Daleks plunger and gun. is it only concept art or is it the actual tank?
  13. I hope that T-90 will one day be able to prove itself in real tank to tank combat hopefully against the Leopard 2, If the T-90 beats the Leopard 2 that will shut up the Leo Fanboys up for awhile.
  14. I have another line about reality. "Reality the game that hates us all!" which is true in a way. I can't wait to see what the next modules are I'm hoping the British will be in maybe the French and Germans too.
  15. Thanks Womble IanL and Kieme So in a way it is sort of like a real life simulator, although sometimes reality can have its glitches too like perhaps a shell can go right through a vehicle not damaging a thing but only creating a superficial hole on either side.
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