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  1. Doesn't seem like there's a lot of traffic on this sub-forum, and I am way rusty on the game. I've forwarded your question to one of the developers.
  2. Probably NSA and CSIS, for starters. In fact now that I have posted those acronyms, a web crawler will now be stalking me
  3. As with AoD, testers got this on the 23rd and it's not through the process yet. Thanks for your patience.
  4. I can confirm that we are testing the patch. Hubert made it a priority to get this into the testers hands before leaving on a short and well-earned break. If you can be patient for a few more days, it will be greatly appreciated. Sometimes schedules slip, for reasons beyond our control. I don't think Ancient Demon meant any offense to be taken from his comment, and he does have a point. My suggestion: a little patience, politeness and respect for others works just as well on a forum as in everyday life. Thanks for hanging in there
  5. I think Marc was going to win this one quite readily. American help would be too late to save China, and India also had a very thin defense. Hubert has actually tweaked that a tiny bit with the last patch, so that India at least has a kind of home guard/garrisons in her port cities. Russia was in pretty good shape, but with the UK not putting up much of a threat yet, Marc was able to ensure that his forces out-numbered mine by a good percentage. As always, I learned a lot from playing with Marc. Production and Industry tech is important for all countries, most particularly USA, Russia, Britain and China on the Allied side. While it is important for Britain to keep something in the UK for 1940, it is also good to spend some funds on building the "minor" units available for Egypt and India. Thanks again for following our AAR.
  6. We are ending this AAR, and wish to thank everyone for following. If you have any questions, feel free to ask either Marc or myself and we will respond. Thanks again, Jim
  7. Next turn the Japanese will take Chungking...maybe. I took advantage of Marc's non-occupation of my capital by moving in the anti-aircraft. It may not defend well, but I can rebuild it later and at least put the darn thing where it will do some good . If it slows him up by one more turn, even better! Below you will see the game summaries that I saw at the beginning of my most recent turn; nothing else. Several things are brewing right now, and until I pour Marc a cup or two of what I'm brewing up, I need to maintain secrecy. It is no secret that the Middle East is a mess for the Allies, and I need to plan now (as the Soviet) as if the entire thing falls. Hopefully it doesn't but my hopes haven't been satisfied too often of late in that particular theater of war. Russia will definitely defend on her southern border with Iran now, and may have to consider attacking it. It depends upon how I decide to guard my southern flank. Britain needs to get over the setbacks in North Africa, and now guard against any breakout of the Italian fleet into the Atlantic (or less likely, Indian Ocean via the Red Sea). Britain can cover the Red Sea without risking air attack (besides, those German bombers probably need to get back to Russia soon). America can help the British Atlantic Fleet cover Gibraltar. China will lose Chungking, but I think that might just be the Japanese stop line too. China has no choice in any event but to retreat westward into the mountains, where at least there will be American and British support. My move of Stilwell's HQ presumably looks a little more rational to everyone now. Far from being stranded, he is actually taking command of the American air units already operational in Burma and will soon have some troops to command as well. India itself was vulnerable earlier in 1942 but I now feel that I can defend on the ground well enough in Burma, but will need to cover the Indian Ocean well with what used to be my Mediterranean Fleet and is now my; what? Red Sea Fleet? Sounds like a good name. America, as my friend Marc reminded me, needs to quickly get an offensive operation going to force the Axis to spread its forces around a bit more thinly. That will be done very soon. Marc is doing extremely well and his mistake near Chungking last turn (with his attack sequencing) is a rare thing indeed. So I can't depend upon any opportunities provided by my enemy, I have to create my own. As it was historically, in this game 1942 is the "make or break" year for the Allies. There needs to be at least one, preferably two strategic victories for my side if I hope to win.
  8. Marc is doing well in China and he Mideast, but I'm not giving up on either. That annoying Italian unit in Aleppo is still there, although disentrenched at least. My readiness sucks, although now that the British HQ is on the east side of the Canal, that should change soon enough. Not much action in Asia or the Pacific, but the Russians conducted a couple of operations. Following are screen shots of the previous turn summary as well as the action in Russia. Only one decision event to deal with this turn:
  9. You are right. Stilwell shows up at Kunming. To the southwest is wha I like to call the "Road to Mandalay". The Japanese better have reinforcements showing up near Rangoon. Because I intend to make a fight of it for everything north of there, and Stilwell can also command American air units, not just Chinese land and air. So yes, I want Stilwell "stranded there"
  10. 1. I had hoped to have better success with my carrier air strikes on the Italian, and quickly eliminate him from Syria. Alas, it did not work in my favour. However, I think with the Axis strength in the western part of Egypt that Egypt would have been a lost cause anyway. The Canadians (why do we always get the s**t jobs?) can make a last stand and allow me time to dig in on the eastern side of the Suez. 2. Soviets being attacked a turn earlier than expected put a crimp in things---my counter-attack capability is only now starting to manifest itself. Even so, there are over 90 German land units deployed world-wide, and the Soviets have just a bit over 50. Taking away the African theatre and German defensive units in France, etc. I figure that Russia is facing over 70 German land units. Not an ideal situation for a counter-attack...yet.
  11. As is obvious from the previous summary screens, the war situation for the Allies is at a crisis point with Japan's entry into the war. However, the Chinese reminded us that their alphabetical character for "crisis" is the same character used for "opportunity". There are indeed some opportunities here for the Allies. The first order of business is to make some decisions: The first decision regarding Argentina is one that can affordably go either way---if one chooses to let the Peronist's take over in Argentina, that country may join the Axis. That is hardly something that any Allied leader would lose sleep over. But at the same time, 30 mpp's a turn is not going to crush the British economy. Maritime shipping losses are costing the British more than that. My feeling is that first of all, I always say "no" to this---and I'm curious to see how it goes when I say "yes" Secondly, if Argentina does ally itself with me, then a friendly naval base down at the tip of South America might be a useful thing at some point. The second and third decisions, in my opinion, are ones that should always be a "yes" for the Allied player. China's situation at the moment demands it, I think.
  12. Game turn summary below for end of Marc's last turn: For my part, no maps this turn. I did take Kismayo in Italian East Africa, and pushed a German army back with my armoured spearhead in northern Russia, causing 6 step losses to the German in the process. China did some damage to a Special Forces unit in the south, but is starting to think about the final defense of Chunking. Also discovered a German sub west of Africa and knocked it down a few steps. There was lots of movement in the background, but nothing I can share for the moment.
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