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  1. I know I can probably see this somewhere in the formulas, but I'm lazy, so here goes. If I have two HQ's, one with high rating and the other with high experience but less rating, which one boosts the performance of it's attached units better? Example: in a recent game I had two German HQ's fighting on the western front. One had a rating of 6 but was a veteran unit with 5 iron crosses. The other was a fresh one straight from the military academy, but got good grades there and ended with a rating of 8. I found myself asking myself which one was better to lead key units in aggressive maneuvers against the enemy and when testing slightly, I could not see that much of a difference, but then again my research wasn't very scientific. So anyone here know this stuff by heart?
  2. Is there any logical explanation for ending up with a negative MMP wallet? The reason I ask, is that while playing the 1939 campaign with a friend, I was reinforcing an Allied HQ unit in the Philippines. I was not sure on how much to spend, so I toggled between adding 1-3 to the unit and finally ended up by giving it full reinforcement and ended up in negative MMPs by 120 something for USA as a result. It seems that besides from allowing me to spend more than I had, I was also overcharged by 300+ MMPs for the 3 points added to the unit. Anyone have any ideas why this happens ?
  3. Thank you for the quick help! Thats probaly it then, we had a patched version and I have not patched since I reinstalled the game. However, I think we had patch 1.01 or 1.02 and I hvae to patch to the same as my opponent for this game. I can't seem to find this option on the webpage, it only shows me a link for the latest patch, how can I find older ones?
  4. I've been playing an email game with a friend for some time now. Then I had my OS upgraded from Vista to Windows 7 and now I always get a File Read Error for his turns after downloading them (I can see the turn listed in the Load Multiplayer list, but can't open it because of the error). :confused: Is this some known issue with Windows 7 and the game? Any ideas?
  5. Thanks guys, there is a lot of stuff to consider
  6. That's true. Nevertheless, the allied strategy is a bit limited to holding on until the cavalry arrives, so strategic decisions such as whether to attack Italy soon in the game to try to gain total naval control of the Mediterranean at the cost of possible reactions of other countries, is not such a "little thing" in my opinion. Even if what you say is true in essence, every little detail also counts
  7. I'm about to start a game with a friend in the 1939 campaign after beating him with Axis. Now it's my turn to play Allied and I have a few questions in regards to the beginning strategy. Some of you veterans may have good tips: Any good moves that can be done with the Polish before their surrender ? Since I understand IT is the most important technology to get early for USSR, may it be worth while to reclaim some of the pre-invested chits (from production technology for example) to be able to add a second chit into IT ? What is the most important technology for China to get early? What is the best use of the French fleet, since it soon is lost with the inevitable surrender of France. I was thinking if it made sense to declare war on Italy soon to try to destroy their fleet with a pre-emtive strike? Or perhaps attack the German cruisers head on. Any tips? Fort De France, can Allies get the ships (including carrier) I managed to get there for the Germans? If so, do I have to land a unit there before the Axis?Any other good tips for Allied strategy are welcomed Awsome game btw !
  8. That helps, thank you. Awsome game BTW
  9. I'm new to the game and find the production queue a bit difficult to use, as it's split into these two month parts and then the exact deployment date shown for each unit. My issue is, that it is hard for me to realize exactly in what turn the units will come into play (as this of course can affect tactics quite much). At least I would think it would be good to have the dates for each turn in each campaign listed somewhere so one wouldn't have to manually calculate the dates into number of turns. Am I missing something here and complicating this too much, since I'm a total noob ?
  10. Ahhh of course, after running the game as admin, I can now locate the file. Many thanks
  11. I just go the game (downloaded) and the only manual I can find is the one on the game website, which is a bit difficult to read because of the extremely small font size even if single pages are magnified. Is there a pdf version or something somewhere that is better readable?
  12. I'm new to the game and wanted to start an e-mail game with a friend. I did so following the simple steps explained in the game, it tells me the file is saved in the Multiplayer>E-mail directory and offers me to alt-tab out of the game to send the file, but when I open the folder, it's empty. Even when I do a search on the hardrive for the file name, nothing is found. I can still see the saved games and load them from within the game. Any ideas?
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