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  1. I understand the AI LOS per vehicle issue as you have posted it. Would it be possible to allow or code LOS per live vehicles for games between two human players or in your opinion does this also affect the Tac AI of each unit in a two human player game? I don't really care about LOS through live vehicles in games vs the AI, because I figure that is just practice for live human opponents anyway. just a thought -tom w <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Big Time Software: The reason we can't make this LOS per vehicle optional is the AI. Teaching th
  2. I would not worry about finding opponents. I will play either way and would suggest there will be some ladder players who will also be happy to play non ladder games. I play for fun, but I'm sure like all of us, I play to WIN. I'm concerned about the undesirable "side effects" of ladder play, but I'm curious to know how I rank amongest all the other arm chair generals around here. I like the idea of the ladder so we can see who is winning and who is lossing the games. So I would like to be ranked as well. But I won't just play ladder games only. -tom w <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:
  3. I agree with Panzerleader when he states it is the only major flaw in the game. I say this because I would expect an AFV to give at least some kind of LOF/LOS protection to units behind it. When a column of AFV's travels down a road I would not expect that the enemy should not be able to get LOS straight the leading AFV to target those vehicles behind it. Infantry should be able to advance behind an AFV and (to some degree) gain LOF and LOS protection behind it. I understand that the code was designed to be like this and that due to cpu limitations. I understand the turns would take a great d
  4. Ok! Thank-you Mattias I'll certianly being looking you up for a game when the final release arrives on my HD. Great attitude, I agree completely. I must admit I'm a little bored with the Two Gold demo scenarios at this point, but I will certainly be looking for some good natured and credible PBEM opponents, hopefully sooner rather than later.... -tom w <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Mattias: Hmmm... Yes and no, the point of playing is to enjoy the game, the challenge, the clash of minds. If my opponent for some reason is not satis
  5. This thread is just facsinating! Thanks all for contributing.... The first thing that came to my mind is all that ballistics talk is bound to get noticed by some nosey law enforcement officials somewhere. I say this because the pruchase and ownership of any kind of firearm is VERY restrictivly legislated in Cananda and it seems to me that the RCMP would come and pay you a visit JUST becuase they would fear any private citizen that knows about all that ballistics and weapons info as well as all of you here that have contributed to this wonderful thread do, might be worth investigating
  6. Some of us LOVE maps and like studying topo maps and like seeing contour lines, but this post isn't about that. Some of us are also very handy with with graphics and 3D software applications (as witnessed by some very cool fan inspired CM appreciation web sites) and would LOVE to help out with Mods and cool new textures and design 3D bridges for the game that look like those from the area the Operation Market Garden took place in.... hence: "Is this hard-coded then? If not, it would be a welcome addition to one of the Mad Dog mods (you listening, guys? ). Even though the LOS and stru
  7. Um,, I think Steve and Charles ARE the Designers. I highly suspect both KNOW everything about almost all aspects of the game. So I suspect we may just have to wait until we get the scenario editor in our hot little hands to really know how BIG these things can get and what effect a REALLY big map and battle will have on our poor cpu's I can wait for the answer to this one. thanks again BTS for EVERYTHING -tom w <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Stephen Smith: BTS: "No idea on map size." Hmm. Could you ask the game designers that
  8. Brilliant! Thanks Charles, that sounds to me exactly like the way I "thought" it did work, using the sneak command. I think that sounds VERY realistic to me. -tom w <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Big Time Software: Sneak has been tweaked. With the patch, sneaking units, when fired upon, stop sneaking and are highly likely to return fire. Charles<HR></BLOCKQUOTE> ------------------ <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> "Have you thanked BTS by buying your SECOND copy of CM yet?" <HR></BLOCKQUOTE&g
  9. I'm addicted ! its that simple I'm on this board ALL the time at work (I have e-mail and web surfing via a T-1 connection AL day) the first thing I do when I get home is check my e-mail (via all-you-can-eat cable modem, unlimitied access)for PBEM turns, then in between turns I'm on this BBS from the time I get home, until I go to bed. yup My girlfriend/now fianacé knows all about it and has been tolerant so far. In between fixing things and doing actual work here at work I'm on this board all the time, usually in the background on my computer. I think "other" normal people mig
  10. Did not use the pause command I issued the smoke order but the two sherms in CE got real busy real fast engaging juicy targets and never fired any smoke. Another test will have to be set up later when I have time. -tom w <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Lorak: LOL, np Tom. It's a good question and I am after all only giving you my opinions. After all ( and most will back me up) I am just an idiot. Please let me know how it works out, and if you used the pause command or not. Lorak <HR></BLOCKQUOTE> ------------------ &l
  11. ok thanks Lorak I do realize that perhaps I was trying to be a little TOO nitpicky (in the micro managementt side) regarding the use of smoke. I just laid some down in a PBEM turn so we'll see how it turns out. thanks -tom w <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Lorak: I believe I'm correct. Even so you have to plan on the worst. You would have to figure your tank will miss and lay smoke the whole min. In my experience I've found that with the ammo time change ect.. even missing My tank only fires 2 or 3 shells in that min. Lorak <HR><
  12. Hi All With regard to real world tactics, I would like to point out that all players new to this game should know that All units (except vehicles that are KO'd and smoking and flaming) DO NOT block any LOS or LOF. I'm not sure if this is a valid real world military tactic but the VERY first thing one of my 2D Boardgame wargaming buddies did when I played against him in the Beta Demo was to attempt to advance his infantry in the LOF shadow behind that Tiger tank in Last Defence. He was totally disappointed to learn that his infantry received absolutly no cover or benefit from advancing behin
  13. ok thanks Lorak I hope you are correct but my limited experience leads me to believe if I issue the "lay smoke here" order, the tank will pump smoke rounds into the target area until the turn is over. But I could be wrong and maybe that behaviour was only in the Beta Demo or maybe I'm just confused about this one. If you are correct about the way that smoke laying works then that would be great. -tom w <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Lorak: Also I believe that a tank only fires smoke until the target is hit. So if you miss your target area he ke
  14. Hi If I want a tank to lay some smoke down but I don't want to "waste" a minute's worth of smoke rounds at just one target area, can I issue the pause command to have to smoke begin to fire at the 30 sec mark? I know this may sound like a little too much micro management but I would like to use the limited amount of smoke rounds that some of these AFV's carry in the most frugal and judicious way possible. Instead of pumping a minute's worth of smoke rounds, maybe 3 or 4 rounds, into just one target area, is there any way to use the smoke rounds fired by AFV's any more frugally? (like one o
  15. HOLY KO'd three Stugs in One turn Batman!! I would never have believed that if I had not seen it here first, I thought the Sherm in there was a gonner for sure! The German may as well surrender right now with four Sherm's left its over for the Krout, sorry to say it! oh well start up another one Brilliant advance by the American's Very interesting thanks for sharing.... -tom w ------------------ <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> "Have you thanked BTS by buying your SECOND copy of CM yet?" <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
  16. Can someone tell me what is so good about Diablo? I have never played it. Why do you guys like it? -tom w <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by TargetDrone: i found the sollution... as i have 2 (infacht 3, but doesnt matter) computers in my lan, all running over a proxy, i will play Diablo on one and CM on the other pc... this is called mental multitasking ... <HR></BLOCKQUOTE> ------------------ <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> "Have you thanked BTS by buying your SECOND copy of CM yet?" <HR>&
  17. signature test now what the HELL happened in the NEXT turn? there's money riding on this one! -tom w ------------------ <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> "Have you thanked BTS by buying your SECOND copy of CM yet?" <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
  18. GREAT Thanks again Charles and thanks for all the WONDERFUL new eye-candy explosions as seen at MadMatt's site WOW!! Now lets al work to double BTS sales, how? simple everyone who has ordered one copy of CM, order another one, will double their sales over night. -tom w <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Big Time Software: We've made several changes to the TacAI to tackle these problems, so I don't think they'll vex you any further in v1.01. For example, tanks - if given a target by the human player - are far less likely to target someone el
  19. you're ON! file sent -tom w <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Pacestick: Hello Tom I will play, cannot see an email for you so you setup and send to me Regards Peter <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
  20. I would also like to thank them as well and I would suggest that if EVERYONE of us who totally enjoys this game was to order just one MORE copy of the game for ourselves, BTS could theoretically DOUBLE their sales over night... Just a thought from someone who is completely addicted to this game. -tom w
  21. I'm not sure the sherm could miss, its buttoned and busy bumping into other tanks it will shoot the Stug's heavy front aspect the Stug might survive if the infantry gets the faust shot off quickly into the flank of the sherm it could be over -tom w <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Mikeydz: Well, Pretty good odds that the targeted stg is dead meat. Only chance is if it can get a shot off 1st, or the unpanicked squad in the church takes it out first. But I don't see much hope for that Sherman. I'll wager it's going down 1 Stug for 1 Sherman<HR
  22. WOW all I can say is WOW.... Brilliant work Charles, you KNOW we all love eye candy and eye candy explosions are the BEST kind simply breath taking thanks again for all the hard work -tom w
  23. again re-post Anyone want to take the Germans +25% (full fog of war on) in CE? I prefer the Americans, I can start tonight. any takers? -tom w
  24. I can't wait to see the result I hope you will post the next turn I think your infantry in the building have a GREAT chance to take out the Sherm with a Faust, (juicy flank shot at 13 m) good luck -tom w <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Screamin Demon: thats some weird **** motherf*cker<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
  25. Anyone want to take the Germans +25% (full fog of war on) in CE? I prefer the Americans, I can start tonight. any takers? -tom w
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