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  1. Please read the whole post I did and search and found these results but I'm wondering now that the game is shipping what the most current info and answers are now or if they have changed. I understand (I think) that the maximum troop strength you can set up a DYO scenario for is a reinforced battalion. So I'm curious as to what (say for the British or American side) that actually consists of? (see Fion's break down below) And can you make a DYO scenario of an encounter (Like Chance Encounter) where each side (say British and German) has a reinforced battalion size force that both advance
  2. Thanks Steve and Charles! I don't know when you find time to sleep Seems like all the big events like new forums, posting the new v1.01 patch and the realse of the gold Demo, are all night opps for you guys. Thanks for everything. this is GREAT! -tom w ------------------ <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> "Have you thanked BTS by buying your SECOND copy of CM yet?" <HR></BLOCKQUOTE> [This message has been edited by aka_tom_w (edited 06-16-2000).]
  3. Ben that is a great idea..... Why aren't Pillboxes and ko'd (non-burning) AFVs treated as VERY short walls, providing just a bit more cover. right now a bunker or Pillbox provides (from my experience shooting right through the things) absolutely no cover for ANY unit other than the crew inside the structure that came with when it was deployed, after it has been abandoned enemy units can walk right through it and shoot right through it as though it was not even there. Why not just code it as a very shot square cube like wall?, same for Ko'd AFVs, maybe they could have transparnent (t
  4. I'm still curious what does this really say? or mean -tom
  5. If you were planning on using abandoned concrete pillboxes for cover, forget it. In VoT once those pillboxes are abandoned you can crawl all over them and the game treats them as if they are not even there. Yes that means any unit can trace LOS and LOF straight through a bunker. Even before the bunker was abandoned German infantry units crawling behind the bunker could be targeted straight through the bunker. Other than the fact it shoots out the front, the structure its self offered no cover or LOF block. So like AFV's, hideing behind bunkers and pillboxes for cover is not a good idea.
  6. <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by buddy: Whatever it takes to get the job done...<HR></BLOCKQUOTE> With respect to the use of FO's and out of ammo zook and schrek teams I think there is something to said for the above statement. Try to win at all costs, if not then do what ever it takes to squeeze out a draw. I suspect after I post this I perhaps some people here might not want to PBEM with me. But, I have references I've played SS PanzerLeader and COG and Pacestick, I suspect none of them will tell you I used any gamey tactics.
  7. good question? are there any walls or cliffs to scale? I would like to design a scenario with cliffs in it can you do that? just curious but sniperscope raises an interesting question. I have not seen any thing that looked like walls or cliffs in any POTD's has anyone else? -tom w ------------------ <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> "Have you thanked BTS by buying your SECOND copy of CM yet?" <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
  8. I post from work all day long! (sadly I've been a littel too busy at work lately) should slow down next week and then when I get home I post as well, sometimes. -tom w ------------------ <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> "Have you thanked BTS by buying your SECOND copy of CM yet?" <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
  9. I would say that #1 will be a non issue in a double blind game. Otherwise I think that it is not really cheating and I would use it and expect my opponent to use if he could. #2 Since Arty takes some time to arrive and since reinforcements don't always come in on the same turn I think this is just a gamble and IMHO it is a perfectly legititmate tactic. And i doubt it would be an issue in a double blind match. #3 I understand there is some risk to this one, as your panic or routed or broken units may choose to flee off the edge of the map never to return, so there is a trade off to that
  10. If I might add one more thing on this one. As the commander you DO get a VERY accurate distance to target when using the targeting tool and at that time you get a chance to hit value if I'm not mistaken. My point here is that those zook or shreck teams in WW II did not have laser range finders and in all of the myriad of conditions which this game has coded variables for, you has the player/commander just have to learn by experience what works and what doesn't and when it comes to real world tactics I think this aspect of learning things the hard way is modeled extremely well. (But don
  11. I think I hear the forest echoing again.... shhh..... I think it hear saying things like, "you have to learn that by experience..." and "Play against the AI it is a good teacher, but not the best opponent" and.... shh "the game was designed that way to inspire you to play MORE to learn how it work in different conditions" what else is the forest echoing? -tom w P.S this post is a reference to an earlier thread about some now long forgotten heavy machine gun mobile transport class issue, thingy.... ------------------ <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font>&
  12. I don't know this as I have not tested it myself BUT if, as suggested in this thread, Pillboxes don't block LOS or LOF I think there is a problem there. I'm with you Panzerleader and now we are whiners.... But that's ok the game will be here soon and we can all get down to playing it for "real" and then we'll all see you is the BIGGEST whiner and the most celebrated Combat Mission Double Blind Victor! I plan to play the hell out of this game, (while I continue my education campaign to make sure all who are new to this game KNOW all about the LOS through Live AFV's issue) I will pla
  13. Still curious about the targeting question the "magical" radio and who knows what amongst friendly units? -tom w P.S. for the record I think I have now become known as one of the whiners around here ------------------ <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> "Have you thanked BTS by buying your SECOND copy of CM yet?" <HR></BLOCKQUOTE> [This message has been edited by aka_tom_w (edited 06-14-2000).]
  14. OH Yeah! Thats Hilliarious! -tom w <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by ACTOR: I can't wait! My wife is sick of hearing me talk about this game...she's really going to be pissed when it gets here!<HR></BLOCKQUOTE> ------------------ <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> "Have you thanked BTS by buying your SECOND copy of CM yet?" <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
  15. Has this targeting issue been covered elsewhere or is it reasonable to hope that we might get some insight into what our friendly units can "know" about enemy units they can't see (no LOS to it) but have been spotted by other friendly units? -tom w ------------------ <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> "Have you thanked BTS by buying your SECOND copy of CM yet?" <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
  16. <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by DrD: Also, I seem to recall that Steve said in an interview that he would like ONE DAY to include true individual LOS in future titles. However, due to the preference of units to target enemies they have LOS to over ones they don't and a preference to target units more toward the front (less rotation required) they often ACT like they're unaware of units out of LOS. Any clarification would be appreciated, BTS?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE> Yes good point Dr.D I too still do not really understand exactly how
  17. ok, Just trying to understand your position here. Are you suggesting that when you hit the return key to get unit info, there is not enough facts and figures and info weapon capibility properties there, or are you suggesting that you don't like to have to hit the return key to get that info? unclear? -tom w <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Jeff Heidman: I am thinking of nothing more than a conpletely static display showing the properties of the weapon. This would surely be known by the combatants using them. \ Jeff<HR></BLOCKQU
  18. Hi Jeff, Three Words Here: Fog Of War I like the idea that every little detail or fact or figure is not exactly available. I think that if you are in position to fire your weapon and then you target something there should be even LESS info available to the player than there is now. I would like to see a range of numbers say fire power 78 + or - 15% or like this 78 +/- 15 and on the chance to hit or chance to kill I think a range of percentages should be given, thus making the game "feel" more organic and less of just a numbers game (which I know that behind all the eyecandy thats ex
  19. OK I'd buy a CM t-shirt if it was black and it looked cool because it had, oh let me think, say a really BIG tank on it showing one of those BIG spectacular catastrophic secondary explosions and the BTS logo on it -tom w <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Wesreidau: Just a thought, how many of you would be interested to see CM T-shirts, mouse mats etc? This may help to solve the marketing problem for Charles and Steve, what with a coupla thousand rampant CM fans proudly swanning about showing off their BTS logos and CM caps etc! What do you think g
  20. Thanks Charles REALLY! Now I feel bad for all the posting and bitching I have done about the LOS though live AVF's I think I should now just shut up and play the game and wait for those spectacular Catastrophic Explosions. I mean that is really COOL! and that they happen rather infrequently is even better, (I think they are coded like that as part of the patented CM mind Control Algorythyms) so that you will have to Play MORE and MORE and Longer and Harder with even bigger weapons to see one and you can bet your asses all of us out here are playing the game to see BIGGER and more destruc
  21. "Now, are you saying that if the tank I tried to use for cover had been fully 'brewed up', I would have gained some cover due to the smoke?" Simple answer YES! Everyone needs to know this. If it is a vehicle and it is NOT smokeing it does not provide ANY cover! Every person who plays this game to win will really need to know this to play competitivly against anyone who knows this already. So Can I target my own ko'd vehicles to brew them up and make them smoke so I can use them (when they are smoking) to hide behind? Great Idea you say , well NO, that sounds "gamey" to me and I t
  22. This is a VERY good thread (see below), you should read it in its entirety before posting further to this thread. At that time before the most recent server crash I was "major_tom" (still the same tom w) and strongly advocated the Large 300/350 meg file download of the final version with a credit card. BUT in reading Steve's posts/replies it became clear to me that BTS has no intention of facilitating this kind of technology or delivery of their game. I respect their decision and it seems pretty clear to me that it is final. Oh well, I preordered and I'll wait like everyone else to get
  23. YES! I agree with that whole heartedly. I do hope everyone will read that post and respect its intent. Thanks Andreas -tom w ------------------ <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> "Have you thanked BTS by buying your SECOND copy of CM yet?" <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
  24. sorry to those who are new here but this one as been covered to death. I too was a strong advocate of a 300 meg download. And Yes SPW@W is a HUGE 300 meg file download and the statistics regarding how many times that file has been downloaded (in the Thousands by now I'm sure) is a testament to the fact that there are many many internet users out there with cable modems. BUT it must be pointed out that Matrix chose to GIVE that one away for free so no security or credit card authentication on a secure web server was needed. This is a large undertaking and Steve and BTS have concluded that it
  25. Agreed No burning from my original CD -tom w ------------------ <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> "Have you thanked BTS by buying your SECOND copy of CM yet?" <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
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