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  1. Thanks. I do like the winter setting.
  2. Just not seeing them. Here is the results of a search for screens for CM:FI https://www.google.com/search?q=Combat+Mission:+Fortress+Italy&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=nF30UuybK-jgyQGlroCoDw&ved=0CAgQ_AUoAg&biw=1760&bih=831
  3. Does this engine support winter maps? I own CM:N but I never devoted much time to it. It seems that I don't really recall seeing any winter maps screens. Another similar product handles them very well and I assume they are a must for the East Front.
  4. Sadly she went with the hair. Wow, I can't believe it's been nearly 15 years. A toast to the guys that changed Wargaming forever.
  5. A little late but my suggestions would be Comrade Mission Combat Mission: Rokossovsky Unchained or maybe Combat Mission: Beyond Uranus Best of luck with the release.
  6. Excuse the bad screenshot but here you go. My sherm fired at a mg position when Hans took a 75mm round right through the chest. No word yet of his recovery.
  7. Absolutely awesome. So good I am having a hard time forcing myself to play another vaguely similar game that was released and purchased today, a good game in its own right. It's like being out to dinner and ordering the special, a very decent plate of country fried steak. Meanwhile the wife is enjoying a 10oz. Fillet Mignon. So I take a bite of hers. And another. I just can't stop wanting another bite yet I know if I continue I'll never go back to the deep fried gravy goodness. O.K., just one more bite. Maybe I'll just save mine for a take home sack. At least I'll not go hungry. Did I mention great steak...er..demo. My compliments to the chef. von shrad
  8. Wow. I didn't know they both batted for the same team. Well I knew Rosie did but Joan Jett? Talk about your strange mascot's!? What was it, a flannel clad Iceroad trucker gal?
  9. I remember this same thread from '99. My answer then was a youngish 29 and already thinking myself old. Such a fool. BTW, do I get a senior citizens discount?
  10. Ah, it was just a post. All of it doesn't amount to a hill of beans. Welcome back as I have just recently returned also. Maybe we should strike up a game once we get it? Take care friend.
  11. OK dodger....way to be a buzzkill. May I suggest surgery to remove that stick from your arse? Nice first post.
  12. I think Mr. Emrys is quite right. It seems with this release counting the many old timers who've wanted a return to the theater coupled with all of the CMSF fans excited about a 'new' experience with an engine already close to them that it will in fact result in a demand 'unprecedented in BFC's experience'. I also believe they have indeed connected the dots and it spelled out SUCCESS. The anticipation here is very high. von shrad
  13. Welcome back from someone just back. So sorry for your loss.
  14. Thanks Steve. It's good to be back. Oddly enough I have just become a grandpa at the ripe old age of 41. My son-in-law was and is in Afghanistan so he couldn't even be there for his son's birth. Dang...41. Where does the time go? BTW,CMN looks great. I can hardly wait.
  15. Who ya callin old sonnie? In my day we'd gather our wooden nickles for a Combat Mission:Beyond Overlord winner take all. Heck we'd even play while listening to the phonograph sippin our sassafras cola. We'd send our troops to the VP's and back, uphill both ways. Those were the days. I want to watch Matlock
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