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Allied AAR: A Route to Ribera or "A Bridge Too Far" (CMPzC)

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Two images in my post #44 have disappeared for me. Not sure why, they are still up at imageshack and I haven't done anything with them. :(

Any clues? Also, do you think I'm to image intensive?

I used Imageshack for my pics for my AAR and I found that sometimes a pic I upload just wont show. Although I think it's just on my browser as others seem to be able to see them - in this very AAR, some pics - and it's always the same ones no matter when I view the page - just don't show.

In my AAR I just kept uploading the thing until I could see it in preview - just to be sure.

It's quite possible that Imageshack are simply rubbish.

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I use flickr.com for my images, much better image support.

Too image intensive? Is that possible? ;)

I like your approach to this battle Fizou, everything seems to be going your way. Don't let up on the accelerator, now is the time to push!


Thanks for the tip Bill. Ill move over to flickr instead. Very disappointing to see more of my pictures disappear for what to me seems for no good reason. Ill keep the pictures coming :) . So far so good in this battle. If I'm able to get my opponent of balance I sure will try to take advantage of the situation.

I used Imageshack for my pics for my AAR and I found that sometimes a pic I upload just wont show. Although I think it's just on my browser as others seem to be able to see them - in this very AAR, some pics - and it's always the same ones no matter when I view the page - just don't show.

In my AAR I just kept uploading the thing until I could see it in preview - just to be sure.

It's quite possible that Imageshack are simply rubbish.

Thanks Baneman. I did preview all my posts and then it was fine. Some time after I had made the post the pictures disappear or are only shown as a small symbol.

Ill try my first pic with flickr below:


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As the 21 minute begins the Grille still operational immediately starts to reverse and exit NAI 2. At turns end its no longer in sight.


This is a very good outcome for me, spooking the Germans enough to pull back their Grille from the line.

Soon after The Grille leaving NAI 2, the two heavy MG34 teams also pack up and start to move away towards the back of NAI 2.


As the German heavy MG moves back to redeploy the forward most outpost, the house on the foot of NAI 2 is also abandoned as the German team occupying it also head for the other side of NAI 2.


The Germans seems to be in leaving NAI 2 for me to take. If I can take it, I will hold all the high ground on the map, with the exception of the winery. I am however anticipating a reverse slope deference on the other side. Reinforced by 75 mm guns and possible several Grille. I will pursue the withdrawing Germans but make sure Im not take my surprise if he counterattacks. Im also thinking I should adjust my artillery mission on call from USS Buck.. to hit further back on the reverse slope of NAI 2.

As the turn is about to end, two additional Grille are spotted. The total now up to four. I'm guessing all of them are counted for now. They are however moving on the right side of NAI 2. Towards the winery. Is this the first signs of a flank attack?


The overview after 21 minutes:


Blue arrows: Allied movement

Orange arrows: Axis movement


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As the enemy pulls back from NAI 2 the Rangers of 3rd Bn, 1st Platoon G Coy and 2nd Platoon H Coy starts to make their way up the hill. They have support from MG and 60 mm mortars to deal with any positions still held by the PzGrenadiers.


A few men are still left behind to slow my attack on the hill. These seem to be made up of a few teams. They are in good positions behind small stone walls. Unfortunately for them, they are still in range and sight of my MGs and mortar spotters. I will have them softened up before the final assault on their positions.


At the mean time, the Winery is getting reinforced from several locations. A truck carrying a HMG 34 pulls up just as the turn is about to end. The Winery offers excellent fields of fire and will possible open up for enfilade firing on my advance on NAI 2. I will have to reposition some of my own machineguns to counter this. I will also adjust the USS Buck artillery mission fram NAI 2 (where a spotting round just fell) to the Winery and the immediate area around it.


There are also more infantry moving in to take positions in and around the Winery.


Overview after 22 minutes:


Blue arrows: Allied movement

Orange arrows: Axis movement

Red bulges: Axis defensive positions


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Two minutes go by with little real action. My Rangers are assembling on the foot of NAI 2 to make the push up hill. They are waiting for the heavy/short barrage of 60 mm mortar fire to end so they can attack the first two know German positions from multiple angels. The softening up with mortar and MG fire will probably make the first stage of the assault pretty easy.


On the other side of the field, close to the see. My advancing Rangers, now moving at a slow hunt, spot a small team of Grenadiers moving on the beach in plain sight. Short cover arcs prevents them from opening up prematurely. Its time to slow down and let the Germans come to us.


The increased activity on and around the Winery feels good. Even though it gives the Germans good fields of fire and a perfect spot for a artillery spotter, I have a heavy/long USS Buck mission about to fall on them.

Overview after 25 minutes of combat:


Blue arrows: Allied movement

Orange arrows: Axis movement


During minute 26 and 27:

Again, on my left, close to the water, there are a lot of activity. My men from 2nd Platoon I/3rd Rangers are ordered to move forward a bit further. I'm using the hunt command with short cover arcs so that they wont open up to early and any enemy activity at close range will make them stop.

The Grenadiers further out on the beach becomes a lower priority as we suddenly move into advancing Germans in the middle of the wooded area running parallel with the beach. The Germans seem to be moving forward with the ordinary move command. Not aware of the close proximity of the Rangers they are caught right in my trap.

Can you spot the hunting Rangers?


The two small teams that I have leading this advance consist of seven men. Three of them sport the Thompson SMG. The odds for the Germans are not looking to good at this moment.


As a hail of fire is unleashed on the Germans the squad MG gunner tries to return fire. He is shot dead before he is able to open up.

As the first German goes down, several others start to run - panicked and confused they are moving further into the kill zone.

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As the Germans move forward they become easy targets for the experienced Rangers. They start to fall in quick succession.


As another soldier is shot down, the German squad leader understands where the fire is coming from. He shouts to his men to get back as he lays covering fire with his MP40.


The Grenadiers turn around running for dear life as someone screams Granate! Seconds later the explosion and shrapnel puts another man out of action.


For those interested, a peek at my UI. Mods from Juju among others.

Being the last man to turn around to withdraw, the courageous squad leader is also shot down before he can reach safety.


So much death in such a short period of time. The whole thing over in mere seconds.



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There are still Germans around. Just a few meters away but on the other side of the wooded area, opposite from the beach, a single rifle man is spotted desperately trying to provide covering fire for the team that was all but wiped out.


The slow ROF of the Kar98 isn't very suited for close quarter fighting.

Closer to the waterline, almost on the beach, several more Germans are spotted. They are moving in our direction but has not yet spotted the deadly ambush. The screams and close proximity of fire will surely have them seeking cover in the next seconds.


Overview after 27 minutes of combat:

Overall I think we are dealing with a reinforced company of Grenadiers supported by four Grille SPA. At least with


Blue arrows: Allied movement

Orange arrows: Axis movement


During the 28th minute:

The MG gunner on the by water reacts instinctively, goes to ground and starts to spray the wood line with lead. Its to late for his kameraden that walked in the ambush, but there are still Amerikanen to be dealt with. The smoke is from the grenade that went of earlier.


Luckily for the Americans in question, there are other Rangers, stationed further back on the beach, covered by shrubs they are now engaging the Germans and the MG34 LMG from some 400 meters. Their fire from Garands and BAR aren't very accurate at this range, but just the effect of sending lead down range towards Germans in bad cover will probably be enough to encourage the Germans to fall back. The visible German contact in the image below is the LMG 34 in question.



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The Kar98 not being ideal for close quarters doesn't stop it from being deadly in any situation. As minute 28 unfolds the Rangers are starting to take casualties, up to this point having only sustained one.


A good shot as the Grenadier takes out the SMG wielding Sergeant.

At the mean time, the Germans bring up more men to bolster their attack.


Moving on from my left to the right, covering the battlefield, in the vineyards east of the Winery, some 300 meters out, my forward scouts take fire. One of the two man team i shot and severely wounded. The team takes LMG and rifle fire. If will have to try and lose them in the vineyards before I attempt any buddy aid. You can see the red cross in the bottom left corner.


Further to the right, in the small wooded area, just north of the Winery a MG42 has set up and is now pouring fire on my men advancing down from my northern approach. This is the first MG42 I have spotted so far in this battle. Not sure if that indicates that this Grenadier unit is stuck with poor equipment or if the MG42 just isn't that common yet.


The deadly amount of fire from the MG42 is starting to hit home.


I will order my two MGs in the center to suppress the MG42 as soon as the minute comes to a close. Sometimes its so painful watching the clock tick down towards the end of the turn. Its also good to know that the area the MG42 has set up in, Is also covered by the USS Buck mission that is closing in on delivery time.

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Sadly, before the minute is out, another Ranger is taken down. I'm now up to four casualties. One dead and three severely wounded.




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On my far left:

As the Rangers further up on the beach keep sending lead down range the enemy MG34 LMG is forced to reposition with the rest of his squad. For the time being my forward elements on this flank, 2nd Platoon I/3rd Rangers are safe.


My center:

After some time spend deploying for the final assault, or rather the second stage of assaults on the foot of NAI 2. 2nd Platoon H/3rd Rangers and 1st Platoon G/3rd Rangers makes the push after the enemy has been softened up by a short 60 mm mortar barrage, as well as MG and rifle fire.


The experienced Rangers make quick work of the defenders who still are a bit shocked by the barrage of fire they have been taking. Its obvious that these small teams already took a beating as only three men are discovered here, dispersed in two teams.



As my Rangers advance and take the second line of defense on NAI 2 (or rather second line of outposts) we track movement higher up on the hill itself. A MG34 is redeploying here. Further back, way back in the valley, we can also see the 75 mm infantry guns. These guns have been missing since earlier, when they tried to set up on the other side of the hill, but where beat back and forced to withdraw.


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A closer look at the INF guns that are repositioned. Looking closely you can see that the truck to the back as taken casualties during the last encounter with Allied forces.


Overview after 29 minutes of combat:


Blue arrows: Allied movement

Orange arrows: Axis movement

A: The assault on NAI 2

B: Repositioned MG34 HMG.

C: Repositioned INF 75 mm guns (not deployed).

D: The ambush site, where enemy forces to the left of my forward element had to withdraw to cover as they came under fire from long range.


Minute 30:

On my far left:

Another good turn, as the PzGren tries to attack my Rangers that conducted the deadly ambush earlier they take further casualties.


Running parallel with the front on this section this Grenadier is taken out of action


The second MG34 LMG taken out in this part of the map. Two enemy squads have lost a lot of their fire power (they don't carry two MG34s per squad yet do they?!).


The Kar98 wielding Grenadier that took out a Ranger is finally shot (covered earlier in post 57 and 58 of this thread, first images in both those posts).

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As turn 30 comes to an end, a truck carrying a mortar is moving up on my left. Its on the beach and will soon be in range for the BAR further up on the beach.



Turn 31:

In the center, on NAI 2, Im trying to reposition my Rangers to find more enemy positions and how to best engage the ones I know of. During this process I run into another dead German. Part of the HMG team that occupied this part earlier, responsible for the first Ranger casualty in this engagement.


A German casualty, probably inflicted by 60 mm mortars

Some 30 seconds in to the turn, I get really disappointed as the spotting round from USS Buck falls a few meter short. Just so the spotters cant see it. Usually a good spot of a shell on target will result in full shell impact of that mission just 30 seconds later. In this case the that would mean rounds on target before the turn was over. Now the Germans will have time to reposition and get the heck out. All of them wont be able to get out but many will, I'm sure. This will render the USS Buck mission no as effective as it could have been. It takes time to call in, and I really need it to count, taking into account the assets on the German side.


So close, but yet so far away. A spotting round from USS Buck impact close to NAI 1, the Winery.

On my far left:

This turn also sees some death dealt to the Rangers. I see several spotting rounds from enemy 75 mm guns and/or 81 mm mortars this turn. One round impacts right on a Ranger belonging to a small team with the task of moving up to reinforce my units holding this flank. Needless to say, he is killed outright.


Further up, close to the enemy, two more Rangers fall to enemy small arms fire this turn. The platoon 2IC is among the fallen. He who just the minute before shot down two Grenadiers. He is "only" wounded so we will have to get him buddy aid when the situation allows.


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During the last seconds of turn 31 I get a spot on the man/one of the men responsible for wounding the 2IC and killing the radio operator of 2nd Platoon I/3rd Rangers.


Overview after 31 minutes of combat:


Blue arrows: Allied movement

Orange arrows: Axis movement

Red circle: USS Buck arty mission

Orange circle: Axis spotting rounds, 75/81 mm.

A: Spotting round kills Ranger of 2nd Platoon I/3rd Rangers.

B: Two casualties inflicted to 2nd Platoon I/3rd Rangers in the close fire fight in the woods.

C: Spotting round from USS Buck

D: Enemy truck carrying mortar moving up.

E: Enemy casualty from HMG team found in its last known position before it exited further back on NAI 2.

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Great presentation, really enjoying this!

Thanks for the encouragement Mutunus. Glad you like it.

The 32 minute..

On my left, the ambush site by the beach:

The fire fight in the woods continues but is losing in intensity. I try to suppress the Grenadier with the MP40 by a target ground command, some grenades are thrown and no more fire from this landser this turn. He is still around though..


Parallel to the man in the above picture, another Grenadier has snuck up close to my positions. Covered by the body of his wounded kamerad he starts to put fire on my position.


The wounded man was shot just a minute earlier - see my post 61 i this thread. The last picture in that post.

The rifle fire from said Grenadier force the two Rangers that wounded his platoon mate to fall back.


Two hundred meters or so, further back from the ambush site, the German truck carrying the mortar is forced to reverse back as it is engaged by the BAR further up the beach, close to the Rangers assembly area. Several penetrating hits are inflicted, but no sign of damage. I can no longer spot the mortar onboard though..


Closer to the center, but further back, I spot the IG 75 mm disembark and start to move to deploy. This is a bad sign for me. Im out of 60 mm mortar ammo, the MGs are to far away to put down effective fire and the USS Buck is to slow to call in for effective fire. As you can see the guns will have a perfect view of my approach and also my exit. Luckily it will take some time for the guns to deploy before they can fire.


I now start to think seriously about pulling out of this engagement. Without my mortars my force is no longer as effective as it can be. The flexibility lost because of this will make it hard fore me to inflict any more serious damage as well as preserving my force and move it off map. If I wait to long this could turn into a disaster. Timing is everything and I could use the USS Buck mission about to commence on the Winery to cover my escape.

I have pushed up hard on NAI 2 and it will take some time for the enemy to realize that I am pulling out. The fire on The Winery will cover my escape as well. With some luck I will be able to get out without to many casualties this way. The Grille and IG 75 mm could of course make this a bloody day for the Rangers. If I stay any longer it could get worse though..

Tough decisions..

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The 32 minute continues..

In the center, by the Winery. The second spotting round is dead on target. In some 30 second the heavy/long mission will impact on and around the winery. This is however, as I mentioned earlier two order phases more that I hoped fore. One would have been OK, but almost two minutes of warning is enough time for the Jerry's to move out to safety. As seen below a truck full of Grenadiers are reversing to safety just as the spotting round impacts.


More bad news during the 32 minute as I take another casualty - KIA. The total is now up to 8. This time its MG fire from the winery that does the damage. I'm very happy that the bastards that operate the MG soon will be engulfed in fire from USS Buck. Just next to the squad that took the casualty, you can see a MG putting down fire on the woods just next to the Winery. This wooded area housed a MG42 that caused a casualty (page 6, post 58 and 59 in this thread) earlier. My MG was probably the intended target, I had a Ranger squad to close which made the enemy ground target order more effective. I will try to spread out more.


Also in the center but more inland, on NAI 2, my squads are enveloping the hill, trying to flank and hit German positions from the sides. On the right side of NAI 2 my advance team encounters a small German team. The Grenadiers tries to take the head off one of the Rangers with the Kar98´s.


Bullets whistle by the Rangers head - see white circle

And from the Rangers perspective. I will have a hard time taking this position out. Its covered on both its flanks. To the left by a HMG 34 and on the right by another team. I wish I had more 60 mm mortar ammo. My MG's will have to put down suppressing fire instead/on their own.


This Ranger checks his weapon at the wrong time. He is lucky though.. the Germans miss by mare inches.

On the left side of NAI 2 the Rangers are more successful. They find a hole in the enemy defense and can flank a enemy position. Only one Grenadier is found here. His team mate/es likely killed by MG fire, 60 mm mortars or heavy 127 mm naval shells as this area has been bombarded with all kinds of ordnance during the last 10 minutes.


The Grenadier is barely able to react before he is shot.

Its now time to start to think of pulling out with as few casualties as possible.

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The 33 minute..

In the center on NAI 2:

The extraction begins. Most of the men on NAI 2 are pulled back. As I'm doing this I still haven't fully figured out what routes to take to the exit zones. My men will be very exposed as they are going up hill in the Mediterranean summer heat. I'm lucky that the clock hasn't passed 9 AM yet so the temperatures hasn't peeked.


Conducting a fighting withdrawal is very tricky, timing being the key. In this case it will be even harder as the terrain isn't working in my favor.

The Winery is hit hard by USS Buck.


In the top right, in the wooded area moving along the beach, the men conducting the ambush can be seen deploying smoke grenades.

The bombardment from the other direction, with a bit more birds eye view. The extraction from NAI 2 can be seen in the background.


On my Left:

By the ambush site, smoke grenades are deployed to cover the withdrawal of the beat up HQ team. The others are staying put, I'm hoping that the smoke will lure the Grenadiers to storm forward trying to catch me as I retreat. Another ambush would be an excellent outcome.


Further back, close to my deployment zone, the BAR squad that has scared of a truck and MG34 wielding Grenadiers have a 81 mm mortar shell impact very close to their position. I will have to redeploy.


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As the 33 minute draws to an end..

In the center, well away from the Winery in the vineyards. My scout who had his team buddy shot and wounded has been crawling away and back, to lose the enemy fire from the Winery. As the enemy MG just got hit by the heavy barrage from USS Buck the Ranger has returned to his friend to give him buddy aid (Page 6, post 58, third picture in this thread shows when he got hit).


No man is left behind. If I can help it.

Overview after 33 minutes of combat:


Blue arrows: Allied movement

Red circle: USS Buck Artillery mission

Orange arrows: Axis movement

Orange circles: Axis spotting rounds 81/75 mm. The enemy has both organic 81 mm mortars and a off map 75 mm battery with Italian guns. Still I have only seen spotting rounds, they are falling all over the place. Looks like they are adjusting a lot.

A: At the ambush site, smoke grenades are deployed. I want them to cover the withdrawal of the HQ team and maybe even lure the Grenadiers into a second ambush.

B: The scout performing buddy aid to his wounded team mate.

C: Forward element on NAI 2 takes out a enemy team (only one man).

D: Grenadier, forward element that almost shot up my team that was moving on the right side of NAI 2.

E: I think hard about where to put the last USS Buck mission. On NAI 2 to trap the pursuing enemy as they try to catch my withdrawing force, or on the position where the enemy has started to set up his IG 75 mm. I finally decide for the latter as they will have a harder time to move out of harms way when the spotting rounds start to fall, and also because it would be much sweeter to get rid of them for the reminder of the campaign if I'm able to KO them. For NAI 2 I still have 6 MG teams that are ready to suppress any Germans that try to keep up with my withdrawing force. I hope its a sound decision.

F: I'm now in a full withdrawal on this side of the map. My men have to traverse 300 meters of hill in the Italian summer heat. I have spread their exit routes as much as possible, using defilade wherever its found. I hope that it will take a few minutes for the Grenadiers to realize whats going down. The scouts, MGs, etc in The Winery are probably gonna keep their heads down for a minute or so.. then I can expect a lot of fire coming my way.

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Some great pics you have there.

Thanks Bradley. CMx2 is beautiful, playing WEGO brings it out in its full glory when you can rewatch and don't have to miss any of the coolness going on anywhere on the map.

The 34 and 35 minutes..

On my LEFT, close to the water, at the ambush site. The enemy decides its time to pull back to lick his wounds. I spot three different teams moving away to break contact. They opt to move out of cover and concealment to move faster. In this case it pays off as my Rangers are not able to take anyone down. Maybe he is leaving a couple teams to try to lure me into an ambush of his own?


Among the withdrawing PzGren are a HQ team, and two MG34 LMGs.

Two Rangers take pot shots with their Garands.. they are not able to hit any of the withdrawing PzGrenadiers. No confirmed casualties anyway..


One of the withdrawing PzGrenadiers is highlighted with a white circle.

Further back from the ambush site, on my side of the map, the two teams of Rangers providing long range fire support and overwatch with their BAR's receive more 81 mm mortar fire. I have already tried to relocate but the 81 mm bombs keep getting closer.


Pure luck had these Rangers hug ground just before this 81 mm mortar bomb struck.

In the CENTER. At the Winery, the dust and smoke from the USS Buck mission is still heavy over the entire site. I spot a truck speeding off from the Winery unscathed. A bit disappointing I have to say. Looking closer, the truck carries a HMG team, and a unknown infantry team. There are six men in the truck, including the driver, that must mean they have taken casualties I figure.


Are all Germans spotted in this truck? Is it possible to get a partial spot on riders in a truck? I hope I have the full picture..

More disturbing news, also in the center but further up on the hill (NAI 2), I spot another truck driving up carrying a mortar team. Its a bit reckless as Its in my MG sights. I will probably be able to scare it off but the enemy is surely making his way back onto NAI 2. He must know we are pulling back..


A truck carrying a mortar team pulls up on NAI 2. In the background another truck carrying infantry seems to be heading to the same hill.

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The truck carrying a mortar to NAI 2, is closer to the center or left side of the hill. On the right side more infantry is moving up. I will try to slow them down with the four machineguns I have in overwatch.


A Grenadier speeds forward to take up position on NAI 2. In the right corner on the slopes of the hill opposite to NAI 2, smoke is deployed to cover my withdrawal.

These units are almost out of reach from the Germans. I deploy smoke to help the men further down the hill to have a better chance to stay undetected, or at least, harder to hit as they run towards safety.


It can be a bit tricky to combine movement and deploy smoke grenades in WEGO.

Overview after 35 minutes of combat:


Blue arrows: Allied movement

Red circle: USS Buck artillery mission

Orange arrows: Axis movement

Orange circles: Axis spotting rounds, 75/81 mm.

A: Infantry moving in on NAI 2.

B: Mortar truck moved up on NAI 2.

C: Truck with HMG escapes the inferno that just unfolded on the Winery.

D: The enemy moves away from the ambush site.

E: In the center, I believe this to be the 75 mm off map Italian guns. They are still only sending in spotting rounds. To the right, and further back, this should be 81 mm mortar rounds from the mortar that was moved up on the beach a couple of minutes earlier.

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The 36 minute..

In the CENTER:

There is a lot of activity in the center as the enemy again is moving in to occupy / strengthen his positions in and around the Winery.


Two trucks moving parallel with the front line move up behind the Winery, a hundred or so meters out. In the background the Rangers withdrawal can be seen.

The Winery also get more direct reinforcements, here on the left side (if seen from my side) another MG34 LMG is brought up.


And on the right side, additional infantry with MG34 LMG are also moving in to take up positions on or around the winery. I'm tempted to shift the USS Buck artillery mission from the IG guns to the Winery again. But I decide to leave it as is. The additional delay is just to long at this stage.


In the CENTER, but closer to my positions, another 75/81 mm spotting rounds strikes. They are coming in with less delay now. I believe we soon will have fire for effect. Lukily for the Rangers, they have already vacated this area.


A spotting round falls close to the house that was stormed earlier by the Rangers.

On the back side of NAI 2, spotted by my units at the ambush site (on my left flank) a Grille moves out. I'm not sure where its headed.. at the moment its moving directly away from the front.


The Winery can be seen in the background.

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The amount of casualties that are in the end removed from the PzC OOB will also affect the units morale in PzC (which in turn translates to the CM motivation). For every 20% of casualties from the original force, 1 level of morale is dropped. In this case 13/44=0.29, resulting in a morale drop of one level. The unit will go from Morale B to C in PzC (In CM from high to normal).

This never made sense to me. Just because a unit loses men, doesn't mean their morale will go down. For example, if the unit that went from 44 to 31 men lost these men while successfully defending a position, their morale would increase IMO.

Morale, if used as a soft factor, should be determined by how well, or badly, the unit, or side, thought it performed it's task, or, if the unit used exit zones too early.

Nice AAR by the way.

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The 36 minute continues..

As the enemy is strengthening his positions in and around the Winery they are moving away from NAI 2. I guess my intensive MG fire on the hill has something to do with this. The truck carrying a mortar that was brought up the last minute backs away immediately. I also watch two teams run towards the back side of the hill, away from my withdrawing units.


HMG 34 redeploying away from my forces.

Overview after 36 minutes of combat:


Blue arrows: Allied movement

Red circle: USS Buck Artillery mission

Orange arrows: Axis movement

Orange circles: Axis spotting rounds, 75/81 mm.

A: USS Buck artillery call stays put on the enemy IG 75 mm.

B: Enemy trucks carrying infantry brought up behind the Winery.

C: Infantry moving in on the Winery.

D: Enemy infantry moving away from NAI 2.

E: Spotting rounds from 75/81 mm. They have been falling all over the place. The one closer to the center was hazardous to the Germans themselves.


The 37 minute..

On the LEFT:

As the enemy has been pulling back from the ambush site, I decide to hold my withdrawal and start to treat the wounded.


Two men being treated for their wounds. A third, dead, is also taken care of.

Further back on the LEFT, I get a good spot on a HMG 34 that is putting fire on my CENTER withdrawal.


This HMG 34 is nicely positioned in a "hull down" position. Its harrasing my withdrawing Rangers from some 800 meters.

Overview after 37 minutes of combat:


The HMG 34 shown above has been marked, as has the Grille spotted last turn. Also the buddy aid activity on the left (my left - so in the picture right side), at the ambush site.

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This never made sense to me. Just because a unit loses men, doesn't mean their morale will go down. For example, if the unit that went from 44 to 31 men lost these men while successfully defending a position, their morale would increase IMO.

Morale, if used as a soft factor, should be determined by how well, or badly, the unit, or side, thought it performed it's task, or, if the unit used exit zones too early.

Nice AAR by the way.

Thanks for the input noob. The reason for the morale drop to units taking to many casualties are in effect because that's how units are affected in PzC when they take casualties. If a unit takes a beating it will drop in morale. We have however changed our approach somewhat since I made that post.

At the moment we are not tracking each unit individually, instead we are tracking the force taking part in any given battle as a unison entity. If the entire fore lose 20% of its starting strength it will lose one level of morale. This way units wont be affected so easily and I also think it will work pretty well with how they perform in the field. We will see how it works out and if we will make additional changes later. This battle is the first that will use this new rule change.

I'm following the Caen operation closely. Looking forward to the first battle!

The 38 minute..

I get an early spot of a Grille this turn.. its the thunder of its 150 mm gun that gets my attention. Its parked very close to the location that the 75 mm IG are set up. My USS Buck mission covers it. Still a few minutes out though.. I'm in trouble. The Grille as an excellent field of fire. Covering much of my withdrawing route. Im starting to think that deploying smoke grenades might be a mistake. It will attract attention as much as it conceals my movement..


The 150 mm round highlighted with a white circle.

The Rangers are lucky as the shell falls short, exploding on the top of NAI 2. In the background the intended target.


In the CENTER the 75 mm mission starts. My men are out of harms way.


As the turn draws to a close the Grille fires again..


The impact kills one Ranger and sends the rest to ground. With only one man down, with six men close by, I consider myself lucky. I'm sure the Grille will continue to pound my position. I will have hard time saving these men.


The Grille can be seen far to the back.

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