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  1. I have 2 questions that must have been brought up before but unfortunately I couldn't find an answer in my forum searches... 1. the force selection options for QBs seems unnecessarily complicated , the scenario designer is much more streamlined. An example of what I am getting at is the Pz Div escort company is located in the infantry and mech formations tab for QBs but is only in the armoured formations tab (more logically in my opinion) in the scenario designer. Another example: armoured/ mech infantry are in infantry formations and mech formations in QBs, where in scenario designer they're only in the mech formation tab. This goes for all the other WW2 CMx2 games. Is there any reason why the scenario designer force selection menu wasn't/ can't just be copied for QB setup? 2. Related but slightly off the above topic: is the armoured engineer uniform option for panzer-pioneers not functional for the base game? I cannot seem to get it to work. It works in CMBN but not RT.
  2. These vehicle sounds as well as the Allied ones are really good. Not too loud and overpowering with nice varieties of sounds.
  3. mjkerner - That set is incomplete, it is missing the camo_peas uniforms. There also used to be uniform sets like these (http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=2766 , http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=3913) but specific for Normandy ( less camo and an additional set with a Pz Lehr mod tag/ insignia on the uniforms)
  4. Hello All, My hard-drive fried itself the other day and I am in the process of re-modding my CM games but I cannot locate some of the mods I had. Specifically EZ German uniform mods for CMBN, he had full sets for SS Das Reich (m43, camo_peas, pz/stug crew, and smock), the same (minus the camo peas, obviously) for Heer/ Pz Lehr Div., and Normandy fallschirmjagers. If anyone has these I would really appreciate having them back.
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