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  1. Another great pic! Thank you downloading now
  2. wow! what mod/shaders are u using @HerrTom for get that great quality? Thanks!
  3. Hope for the demo this week or news about it
  4. Vikingo

    Am I the only one ?

    Glad u are having fun there. I think we just need the promised demo for reach the end of month with some mental health for the big one 😉
  5. Vikingo

    Am I the only one ?

    F5. Another sad and boring weekend?
  6. Vikingo

    Am I the only one ?

    I think they said full game at end of the month and demo earlier for make the waiting less hard. We are there now. Please Release the Kraken! :)
  7. Vikingo

    Am I the only one ?

    Same. A little ETA can be nice for our mental health + F5 key 😄
  8. Vikingo

    CMSF2 Demo

    Hope the demo will arise soon Ready for upgrade original version after release.